Soup puree – the best recipes. How to andвкусно приготовить супы mashed potatoes.

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Soup puree – general principles and methods of cooking

Almost everyone likes mashed soups – for a velvety consistency, tender
taste, ease of preparation and beyond surprise. It can be easily
rename to “guess the soup-ka.” After all, eating such an appetite
soup, without knowing the ingredients, it is sometimes very difficult to determine from
what is it welded. And now, ardent opponents of zucchini and onions,
wrapping a second plate of unhealthy vegetable soup, not even
guess the catch. Vegetable and fish soups are used for cream soups.
or meat broths. If you cook a dish with meat, then most often with
chicken. Soups are made from one or several types of vegetables, sometimes
add legumes – peas, beans or cereals – rice or barley.

Soup puree – food preparation

Before boiling the vegetables, they are peeled and coarsely cut.
A characteristic feature of the puree soups is the grinding of boiled
products to a state of homogeneous mass. Next mashed potatoes divorced
broth to the desired consistency, brought to a boil and bottled
on the plates. �”The right consistency” means that the soup is necessary
dilute to such a density that is more to your taste. Products
fray through a sieve, or more often, ground by a blender, with
the help of the food processor or the mixer with nozzles.

Soup puree – the best recipes

Рецепт 1: Грибной soup puree в хлебном горшочке

I want to start with this recipe. Because the soup turns out
very, very tasty, and serving dishes right restaurant. Although cooked
this soup is very fast, it is better to cook it on a day off,
to not rush anywhere. Baked or bought bread bun
Better rye, small size (300-400g). The pulp is removed,
the walls and bottom of the bread pot are soaked inside with garlic and
fill with soup. Eat soup with bread, pinching off pieces
straight from the “plate”. Ingredients рассчитаны на четыре порции.

Ingredients: грибы любые — 500г, одна большая
onion, 2-3 large potatoes (400g), 0.5 l of heavy cream (20%),
100g of any hard cheese, salt, pepper, two cloves of garlic,
vegetable oil, 4 rye bread.

Cooking method

Onчать можно с подготовки посуды для супа. With buns cut off
top of the head. This will be a lid for the bread pot. BUTккуратно, чтобы
Do not perforate the bottom or sides of the roll, remove the bread flesh.
Cleaning the crumb should not be zealous and leave too thin
the crust. Then тарелочки на 15 минут нужно отправить в духовку, чтобы
they are slightly dried (180C).

Grind garlic with vegetable oil and brush
coat the mixture with the cooled down inside. And the lid too.

Put to boil finely chopped potatoes. Water owes her
just lightly cover. Fry onions and mushrooms in a skillet
put in a bowl with potatoes, continuing to cook. You can leave
a few whole sized boiled mushrooms for decoration.
Soup pepper and salt, bring to readiness. Drain broth.
When it cools down, you can freeze the cubes and then use them for
other dishes.

Chop mushrooms and potatoes to a puree state, pour in
сливки и поставить на the fire. As soon as the first ghosts appear,
signaling that the liquid will soon boil, turn off the fire. Those.
soup does not boil. This is important because affects the taste. Hot soup
pour the pots, sprinkle with cheese, put a pair in each
whole fungi, previously hidden, close the lid and serve.

If you suddenly take a chance while cooking soup in pots, here’s another
рецептик одного замечательного грибного супа-mashed potatoes. You will need:
a pound of fresh champignons, a glass of cream (15-20%), chicken broth
600 ml, 2 onions, 50 grams of butter, two spoons
sunflower, 2 table. spoons of wheat flour, pepper and salt to your

Cooking method

Onion and mushrooms arbitrarily chop and fry until soft, not
forgetting to salt and sprinkle with pepper. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Then в
mass pour a glass of broth and grind in a blender.

Heat the butter in a saucepan and fry the flour in it.
for two minutes. Next, add chopped mushroom flour
mass and remaining broth. After boiling boil for about seven
minutes, pour the cream, dosolit to taste and bring to a boil. Not
boil. To the soup is recommended to file croutons or crackers.

By the way, and to the soup in the bread pots necessarily
come back.

Recipe 2: Zucchini Puree Soup

Whoever tastes this soup for the first time cannot always determine
from which it is prepared. Many say that from mushrooms, although mushrooms
there is not at all. Notжная бархатистая консистенция супа-пюре со
creamy taste fascinates with the first spoon.

Ingredients: 4 молодых кабачка, овощной
(chicken) broth – 1 liter, 180ml cream 15-20% fat, 2 large
potatoes, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic, vegetable oil –
two tablespoons, salt and pepper, water – 250 ml.

Cooking method

Heat oil in a saucepan, add chopped onions,
chopped garlic, potatoes, and zucchini coarsely chopped.
Stir in vegetables for five minutes, stirring burned. Then
pour broth and a glass of water. As the mass boils, turn down the heat and
boil for 20 minutes. The main thing is to make potatoes soft. Remove from
fire and grind blender into mashed potatoes. Pepper-salt, add
cream, bring to a boil (no need to boil, just warm it up).
The soup is ready!

Recipe 3: Chicken Cream Soup

Easy, both nutritious and healthy first course, because
chicken has always been considered a dietary meat, easily digestible
by the stomach. Vegetables saturate the soup with essential trace elements and together
with chicken give it a stunning taste and aroma.

Ingredients: мясо курицы (филе) — 300г, 2
small carrots, 3 potatoes, fleshy petiole (stalk)
celery, dried dill, allspice – 4 pcs., 3 cloves of garlic
and, if desired, a handful of walnuts.

Cooking method

Vegetables and meat, cut into large pieces and put in the pan. Salt
add peppercorns, garlic and pour water flush with vegetables and
meat Cook until ready – 20-30 minutes. Drain and broth
strain. Grind vegetables and meat in a blender, dilute with broth until
the desired consistency, add the dill and bring to a boil. Serve,
sprinkled with chopped nuts.

Recipe 4: Tomato Cream Soup with Beans and Bacon

Rich and nourishing soup rich, bright red color with
multiple flavor notes intertwined into a single
fragrant bouquet. Having tried at least a spoonful of soup, you can not
stop until you empty the whole plate. He raises
mood, gives strength and warms the blood. if you
fatty foods are contraindicated, or you stick to a bacon diet
You can exclude from the composition. In season use fresh tomatoes.
If you do not find Tabasco, add a pinch of hot chili pepper.

Ingredients: по 1 луковице, стеблю (черенку)
celery and carrots, tomatoes in their own juice – one jar
(400g), 2 cloves of garlic, 1 can of canned beans any –
white or red (400g), vegetable or meat broth 1 liter, 150 g
rice, Tabasco sauce – a few drops, 1/2 tsp. sugar sand 4
strips of bacon (one per serving), salt, pepper, crackers and
greens on request (in a plate).

Cooking method

Onions, garlic and celery cut and fry meticulously. To add
grated carrots and a little stew. Next, put chopped tomatoes,
salt, sugar, Tabasco and spices as desired to your taste. Ingredients
mix and simmer a little.

In boiled broth (or water) put rice, beans from the jar
(pre-drain liquid) and tomato paste with vegetables. Brewed
soup without a lid for about 20 minutes from the moment of boiling. Periodically
it must be stirred. Grind the finished mass to the state
mashed potatoes. This will be conveniently done with the help of an immersion blender. Still
bring to a boil and serve with bacon, herbs and crackers.
Bacon slices are pre-fried in a crispy state.
and break into pieces.

Recipe 5: Cauliflower Cream Soup with Cream and Cheese

This soup will appeal to even those who do not like cabbage because of the smell.
Cream and cheese, muffled taste of boiled cabbage and sate soup
new tender, creamy and pleasant taste.

Ingredients: цветная капуста 1,0 кг, по 1
carrots and onions, 2 medium sized potatoes, 30g cream
oils, 1.3-1.5l of water, 100ml of 10% cream, salt and pepper, 100g
hard cheese.

Cooking method

Rinse the cabbage, divided into florets and boil, water
salt. It will take about 15 minutes. Throw in a colander.

Chop the onions in a saucepan until transparent, add
coarsely chopped carrots and potatoes and a bit together
put out Pour water and cook until soft vegetables. Next add
Cabbage, boil a couple of minutes and, removing from heat, chop with a blender.
Mass pepper, salt, pour hot cream, add grated
cheese and boil for two or three minutes. Serve with croutons.

Recipe 6: Eggplant Renoir Cream Soup


300 g of eggplants;

olive oil;

fresh tomato;

salt and hot red pepper;

onion head;

spices “Provencal herbs” – 7 g;

4 cloves of garlic;

30 grams of creamy soft cheese;

300 ml vegetable broth;

cream – 150 ml.

Cooking method

1. Peel eggplants, cut into small slices and
cover with salt water for half an hour.

2. Dip the tomato in boiling water, remove the skin from it and cut
quarters. Garlic free from the peel. Make from foil
basket and put in a tomato and garlic cloves. We send it to
preheated to 200 C oven for 20 minutes.

3. Pre-peeled and chopped onions roast in hot
olive oil to ruddy.

4. Drain the eggplant water, squeeze them and put in the pan
with onion. Lightly fry and pour in a glass of broth. Sprinkle with
boil, roll up the fire and simmer under
lid minutes 10. Turn off the heat, cool and put in the bowl

5. Take out the baked garlic and tomatoes, add them to the eggplants,
Sprinkle with red pepper and grind. Add soft cheese and pour in
hot cream Salt it. Blend until smooth.
Pour into the tureen and serve.

Recipe 7: Japanese carrot soup puree


processed cheese – 100 g;


350 g carrots;

fresh parsley;

onions – 200 g;

liter of any broth;

30 ml of vegetable broth.

Cooking method

1. Peel the vegetables, wash them and finely chop them.

2. In a deep skillet, heat the oil and fry the onions in it until
golden hue, but do not fry. Add to this a carrot and
fry for another minute.

3. Pour the broth into a saucepan, add chopped cheese.
Salt and pepper. Put the vegetable fried in the broth. Cover
cover and cook until the vegetables are fully cooked. Turn off
fire and leave the soup for ten minutes. Then пюрируйте его погружным
blender. Spread the soup in plates and decorate with sprigs

Рецепт 8: Морковный soup puree с крабовым мясом


65 g butter;

130 g onions;

25 ml of lemon juice;

carrots – 400 g;

180 grams of crab meat;

50 grams of white rice;

a pinch of lemon peel;

spices and sea salt.

Cooking method

1. Put a thick-walled pot on the stove. Turn on moderate
fire and melt the butter.

2. Clean and wash the vegetables. Crumble into small pieces of onion.
Cut the carrot into thin circles.

3. Put the shredded vegetables in the pan, pour the washed
rice, salt and pepper, add the bay leaf. Fry all together
about six minutes. Pour six glasses of water into the pot. On
intense fire will bring to a boil. Then скручиваем огонь и
cook for another 25 minutes. Remove the bay leaves.

4. Pour soup into the blender tank, and puree until smooth.
states. Pour back into the pot, put the lemon zest,
mix and cover with a lid.

5. Mix crab meat with chopped onion and juice in a bowl
lemon. Put this mixture in plates, and pour it hot.

Рецепт 9: Чечевичный soup puree из чечевицы по-турецки


350 grams of red lentils;

120 g onions;

25 g paprika;

black pepper;

450 grams of potatoes;

spices and dried mint;


60 g of flour;

tomato paste – 70 g;

garlic toasts.

Cooking method

1. Thoroughly wash the lentils, and fill it with water. We put on
the fire.

2. We clean the potatoes, wash them and cut them into cubes, medium

3. Peeled carrots and chopped onions. Onions – small
slices, carrots – large shavings.

4. Add to the lentils potatoes and other vegetables. We will cook
about an hour.

5. Cool, pour into a blender tank and whisk until
homogeneity. Drain back into the pot and boil.

6. Fry flour in hot oil. Then добавляем
tomato paste, pepper and salt. Put it in the pan. Stir,
season with spices and mint. We will cook минут пять. Pour into
plates, put garlic croutons and serve.

Recipe 10: Creamy Cream Soup


4 carrots;


50 grams of hard cheese;

5 potato tubers;


bow – head;

cream or sour cream;

chicken breast.

Cooking method

1. Peel all vegetables and cut them into large chunks.

2. Place chicken breast in a pot of water. Here also
shift the vegetables and cook over moderate heat until the vegetables are soft and
chicken readiness. Take out the breast and cool.

3. Transfer the vegetables to a blender tank and beat until
пюреобразного states. Pour in a glass of broth and continue
beat another minute.

4. Put the vegetable puree in a saucepan, stir and boil.
Soup poured into plates. Put in each piece of chicken meat and
sprinkle with grated cheese. Serve with sour cream or cream.

Recipe 11: Chicken Pasta Soup


2 handfuls of pasta;

7 potatoes;

500 grams of chicken drumstick;

60 g butter;

соль и spice;


80 ml of soy sauce;

2 carrots;

10% cream is an incomplete glass.

Cooking method

1. Boil broth from chicken drumsticks. Remove and cool the meat.
Separate it from the bones, and tear it with your hands.

2. Clean and wash all vegetables. Cut carrot and onion
small cubes. Melt butter in a saucepan, and
fry the vegetables in it until soft. Pour in soy sauce, mix and
выключите the fire.

3. Onрезанный кусочками картофель выложите в бульон. Add a
fry vegetables and cook until the potatoes are soft. Pepper and
salt it.

4. Separately boil the pasta, rinse them under
by crane.

5. Remove the saucepan from the soup from the heat, and mash it submersible.
blender. Pour in the cream and heat it over low heat.

6. Spread the soup into plates, put macaroni and pieces into each
meat. Serve, tapped with chopped greens.

Soup mashed potatoes – useful tips from experienced chefs

– Если свежеприготовленный soup puree по какой-то причине сразу
can not be served, the pan must be put in a water bath: soup
will not boil, and, at the same time, will remain hot.

– To soups, mashed potatoes served toast, fried in butter, crackers,
oven-dried or small pies with various fillings
— с капустой и яйцами или meat To fish soups – pies with

– To enhance nutritional value, vegetable soups can be mashed
add cream or egg dressing. In two or three raw yolks pour
an incomplete glass of hot cream or milk, add a lot to the soup and


Andre 11/03/2016 In broccoli puree soup I add before
chopping a leaf of pickled ginger. Cheese do not bother
in small cubes and put in ready soup before serving. Onтуля
17.01.2016 Приготовила вчера рецепт№3 Куриный soup puree – просто
delight! Onм с мужем очень понравилось, обязательно теперь буду
cook this soup and experiment with other soups, mashed potatoes! BUT
in the stomach such grace after him! Thanks for the recipe!)))

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