Why dream of a blanket: hide and lie underblanket, cover the child with a blanket. Basic interpretations: why should wedream blanket

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A person in reality seeks to live in comfort and convenience, therefore not
it is surprising that in his sleep he tries his best to improve the quality
own life. So if in a dream you saw yourself covered with a blanket –
nothing surprising. This dream has many interesting

К чему dream blanket – основная трактовка

Sleep is a must for any person. During sleep
restores the basic functions of the body. But the quality of sleep
plays a huge role. It’s one thing to sleep on a soft bed, hiding
warm blanket, another thing is not to be able to relax

In dreams, a huge role is played by symbols and signs, which
may seem trivial, but in fact have a huge weight in
human life. In the classic interpretation of dreams to see in a dream
huge warm blanket – to patronage. Patron will
self-confident person financially independent. His patronage
may promise rapid enrichment and promotion.

If in a dream the blanket is crumpled, torn, with stains – in reality
possible huge losses and a series of disappointments. Also worth
look at other dream signs, as it may
point to a protracted illness. In this case, rely on
support is not necessary, you should only rely on your

What dreams cover a blanket – the main interpretation

In a classic dream book, it is said why dream of hiding with a blanket –
to all-round success and recognition. Auspicious moments literally
will cover you with your head. If the blanket at the beginning of the dream was clean and
ironed, and in its completion it became dirty and ragged – it costs
wait for betrayal. It is inevitable.

If you dream in a dream, how you originally sheltered dirty and
a torn blanket means you have no opportunity
realize your plans. They are constantly crumbling and stopping.
This situation will continue. If before
dream to hide a blanket you dream that you bought it – in reality you
too concerned about the empty case you too much attention
give empty talk. Perhaps a sharp deterioration
emotional and mental state of man.

Cover the baby with a blanket – such a dream promises the birth of a new
union, the birth of ideas in business. If you covered with a blanket and you
insanely stuffy and hot under him – someone oversees you over care. If a,
on the contrary, you feel cool under the blanket – it means that you are not real
lack of confidence and protection.

What dreams lie under a blanket covered them? To success and fast
arrived. If you have long dreamed of a promotion at work – so it is
will happen. If in a dream you are sheltering a baby blanket – it’s time
take care of their offspring, give children proper attention. For
this is the right time. If you do not live with your children
– such a dream speaks of the great possibility of their imminent arrival.
The meeting will be warm and joyful.

If you hide someone in a dream, it is your nature
profligacy and in reality it will lead to sad consequences. Speech
not only about financial waste, but also moral. You are too
Spend a lot of energy on other people’s issues.

К чему dream blanket по соннику Миллера

In Miller’s Sonnik, they are rather laconic.
interpretations of dreams about a blanket:

• Old, worn, stained – to betrayal. Traitors
there may even be close people, so it’s worth to be smart and

• A new blanket – to success, victory, dispute resolution. Also for
those who are ill – such a dream promises a speedy recovery;

• If the blanket is too hard for you and weighs heavily on you – you
destined to fall ill;

• Red blanket – to the bloody events in life, to large

• If in a dream you carry in your hands not only a blanket, but also a pillow –
possible serious illness;

• Quilt in a dream – maybe a quick marriage, a meeting
with narrowed;

• If there is a hole in the quilt – love will be

• a mud-covered blanket – someone is trying to tarnish you;

• Hiding in a blanket is bad to stand on your feet, to be afraid of everything and not
allow change to come into life;

• Wet, or completely wet blanket promises no
mutual understanding in pair and support;

• White blanket with laces – only life will occur
positive change.

If in a dream you are drawing a blanket towards yourself, it is logical to assume that
such a dream speaks of your egoism and complex character, perhaps
you should reconsider your attitude towards others, otherwise you
lose true friends.

К чему dream blanket по соннику Фрейда

If in a dream you pull a blanket over yourself, you will be involved in
despotic relations that do not bring you proper
pleasure. It is better to immediately abandon communication with a partner
which does not value you. Cover yourself with a blanket in your sleep – you need
caress and care. If your partner is cold to you – talk to him
about this, maybe he will change his attitude.

Cover someone with a blanket – you give away more in a relationship than
get it Worth review roles in them. If you dream that
you sleep under a baby blanket – it is worth taking care of the future
offspring – it’s time for him.

If the blanket all the time falls off from you in a dream – it is worth fearing
treason and separation. For того чтобы они не произошли — нужно больше
Pay attention to your loved one.

К чему dream blanket по другим сонникам

In the female dream book it says that a dirty, battered blanket in a dream
means betrayal and machinations. A blanket that smells fresh –
indicates that everything will work out for you. You reach the goal
easy, but you shouldn’t relax after that – sharp
changes in life and they need to be ready.

В Велесовом же соннике сказано, что одеяло
dreams to ailments, separation. In the esoteric dream book presented
a similar dream interpretation. This disease will cover a person with
head and will not give him the opportunity to fully live. Worth опасаться
influence from the outside, which will forever change your life.

В украинском же соннике сказано, что одеяло
dreaming of separation. That is, to fall asleep under him – such a dream means not
establishing relationships, and their imminent completion, collapse. If you
take cover with someone else’s blanket — the alien partner will become your partner.
This applies to both personal life and business. Cover with a blanket
bed – to a new love adventure. The man promises such a dream
new earnings, part-time job.

В лунном соннике сказано, что оно снится к
the fact that a person finally decides to complete a long-standing case.
In the dream book of Medea, it is said that the blanket dreams of having to be
protected. Why dream of lying under a blanket – to insecurity,
diseases. Torn blanket – to poverty and grief. Beautiful or new
blanket – things will go up, health will return.

In the dream book Y. Longo said that the blanket in a dream

• Immediate meeting with native people;

• If in a dream you get cold and start to cover yourself with a blanket – you
too actively react to a certain person, and to him it

• Buy a blanket – to the desire to hide from the problems and household
troubles. You do not want to face it and see all the nuances
own life.

В эзотерическом соннике сказано, что толстое
a blanket in a blanket cover or a plain blanket dream of disease with
high fever. They will be caused rather by external influence,
which you will be difficult to avoid. If the blanket is variegated
colors – nothing serious disease will not bring you. Take cover
a blanket with your head – hide yourself with happiness and grace that will
sent over.

В весеннем соннике указано, что тянуть одеяло
over – to the speedy division of property. Worth хорошо взвесить все за
and against and only then make decisions. In the dream book A. Meneghetti
it is stated that the blanket symbolizes tender love and emotional

В ассирийском соннике сказано, что одеяло из
shreds means that a person’s life is made up of little things that
it is necessary to change, they must be abandoned, otherwise there will be no success.

Well, if the dream had worn extremely joyful
shades, if in a dream you committed only bona fide deeds.
Then in reality you will receive a maximum of life. But how to be in
If the dream was exclusively negative? Not
it is worth getting upset and immediately wait for troubles. Not всегда негативный опыт
in a dream is treated as something negative in life. Need sleep
interpret entirely, taking into account all the objects and the behavior of people in it.
It is better to know in advance that something terrible could happen than later.
sorry that they could not take the necessary measures.

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