Why does tingling occur in the hands? What kindtingling in the hands may indicate diseasesthe onset of the disease?

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Many, if not all, at least once in their life experienced
discomfort in the arms (hands, arms, shoulders), but few
paid attention to this manifestation.

Usually the discomfort does not last more than a few minutes, such
violations are transient in nature and are caused by mechanical

Meanwhile, tingling in the hands may indicate a very
serious diseases threatening disability or even fatal
the outcome.

To understand such a difficult problem and not to miss
The moment you need to sound the alarm should clarify three important
of the moment:

• Why is there tingling in the hands?

• When is discomfort in the hands a dangerous symptom?

• How can you help yourself and is self-medication acceptable?

Tingling in the hands: causes and symptoms

Short tingling in the hands (in the hands, forearms,
shoulders – it does not matter) is observed even in healthy people.
Probably everyone knows the state after a long stay in
the same not too comfortable position (for example, after sleep):
the hand is “taken away”, “buzzing”, there is not just a tingling sensation,
the needle seems to be pierced by a needle. But it takes 2-5 minutes and
state of health again normalized. After limb
«затекла» покалывание может наблюдаться до
half an hour. In this case, there is no danger to health, and
more life does not exist. The problem is
blood circulation is disturbed, and since nervous tissue is “gluttonous”
(requires huge amounts of oxygen and nutrients), she
the first one reacts to the smallest circulation disturbances

Другие причины заключаются в патологиях костно-мышечного
самой руки либо других частей опорно-двигательной

Остеохондроз. Gives similar symptoms
osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic spine. Disease
accompanied by the destruction of the bone structures of the spine. On
late stages, nerve root infringement develops
pain syndrome. Tingling in this case is more often observed in
forearms, hands (especially in the area of ​​the thumb).

Травмы костей, сухожилий, надрывы мышц и др.
Any traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system in the area
the hands are accompanied by a tingling and numb feeling.

Вывих позвонков. Dangerous pathology. Has those
same manifestations as cervical osteochondrosis. The difference lies in their
intensity: when dislocated, they are stronger.

Туннельный синдром. Represents
infringement of the nerve by inflamed surrounding tissues. May affect
median nerve (located at the base of the wrist with the inner
side), ulnar nerve. Therefore, localization tingling – fingers,
wrists, forearm.

Onрушения кровообращения в области

Tingling in the hands may be due to illness.
internal organs:

• Заболевания сердца. As a rule, in this
In case of tingling, it is localized in the left hand. It can be about
ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris.

Опухоли головного мозга различной

• Рассеянный склероз.

Almost never mentioned pathology is not accompanied
exceptionally tingling. Tingling in the hands is one of
немногих симптомов
, входящих в комплекс. By attendant
manifestations doctor may suggest the probable cause of trouble
and develop an effective diagnostic strategy. Important to yourself
the patient carefully listen to the signals of his body.
What are the manifestations characteristic of various diseases:

• Cervical osteochondrosis is accompanied not only by tingling, but
and numbness of the limbs, pain in the neck and / or chest,
symptoms of cerebral circulation (fly in the eyes, ringing
in ears, reduced visual acuity, impaired coordination), headaches

• Tunnel syndrome – the symptomatic complex includes:
nagging pains at the base of the wrist, numbness of the fingers, reduction
motor activity of the hand, elbow. Tunnel syndrome –
occupational disease office workers, musicians.

• Heart disease. It is necessary to especially closely monitor
possible manifestations of the cardiovascular system. If a
in addition to tingling, there are:

A) pain in the chest pressing, sharp, pulling character;

B) pulsating pain behind the sternum, radiating to the left shoulder blade,
arm (up to fingers);

C) aching pain in the jaw;

This is the direct basis of an emergency call. Speech can
go about serious conditions, like a heart attack, etc. And any of
The indicated triad of symptoms is a reason to be wary.

• Multiple sclerosis is characterized by poor coordination,
the gait of a person changes (it becomes shaky, it is difficult for a person
go in a straight line).

• Brain tumors (both benign and
malignant). In this case, tingling and discomfort are caused
neurological deficit. Discomfort is accompanied by weakness in
limbs (usually violations affect all four limbs)
painful headaches that are not removed by any
drugs. Other focal symptoms may develop:
hallucinations, visual impairment, loss of language sensitivity,

Despite a fairly clear picture of most pathologies,
self-diagnosis is not worth the risk of making a mistake all the same
is great.

Tingling in the hands: diagnosis

Given the impressive list of possible causes, the diagnosis
It seems difficult. First you need to determine which
which specialist contact:

• Therapist – if in doubt about the source of the pain, it is better to start
his “journey” with the therapist. He will tell the further plan

• Surgeon.

• Orthopedist – treats pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. If a
tingling in hands due to malfunction of the musculoskeletal
structures – it is in his competence.

• Traumatologist. If a дискомфорт связан с полученной травмой,
contact should be a traumatologist.

• Cardiologist. At the cardiologist observed with suspected
pathology of the cardiovascular system.

• Neurologist. If a причина проблемы заключается в заболеваниях
spine or pinching of the hand nerves, help alone
an orthopedist is not enough. In such a situation, an interdisciplinary
an approach.

• Oncologist. In extreme cases, only an oncologist can help (if
more precisely – a neuro-oncologist).

Diagnostic measures are varied.

Typical survey strategy looks like

• Collecting anamnesis. Any doctor first interviews the patient, sets
standard questions: what are the complaints? How long have you appeared? And others. This
helps the specialist to get a general idea of ​​the situation, with
which he is dealing with.

• Functional tests. Include tendon check
reflex (all familiar neurological hammer), check
sensitivity (using a small needle).

• Palpation – to determine the pain reaction, deformation
anatomical structures (for injuries).

• X-ray. Method for assessing the condition of the bone structures of the arm
(brushes, etc.). Used mainly to identify pathologies
joints, exclusion of injury. Also assigned as method
identify osteochondrosis.

• MRI / CT diagnosis. By its nature, CT is close to X-rays,
with the exception that tomography gives more detailed
Images. MRI is used to detect changes from
soft tissue, blood vessels.

• ECG, ECHO KG. Methods for assessing cardiac activity. Help
identify the pathology of the body in the early stages.

• Dynamometer. It consists in measuring the compressive strength of a special
apparatus. Based on the results, we can talk about violations
nerve conduction or lack thereof.

This list of events is in most cases sufficient for
identify the source of the problem. The main task in the next stage
prescribe an effective and safe treatment.

Tingling in the hands: treatment

Treatment of pathologies affecting the hands is reduced to resolving three
main tasks:

• Relieving inflammation (to eliminate nerve compression).

• Elimination of pain and neurological manifestations.

• Restoration of limb motor activity.

To solve these problems, conservative therapy is carried out (in
exceptional cases, surgical treatment).

• Onзначаются противовоспалительные препараты (нестероидные).
Ketorol, Nurofen, Brustan and others. Independent use
permissible, but with caution.

• For pain relief, analgesics are prescribed:
Kolfarit, Maksigan, etc.

• Used drugs that restore normal
blood circulation: pentiline, etc.

• In severe cases, resort to taking steroid drugs.
means: Prednisolone and others.

• Muscle relaxation medications (muscle relaxants). Often pain
caused by spasm of surrounding muscles. Muscle relaxants are intended
for relieving spasms.

Restoration of motor activity is a more complicated problem.
It involves the complete or partial immobilization of the limb,
conducting specialized gymnastics (a set of exercises
depends on the nature of the pathology). Practiced

Surgical treatment is rarely prescribed, usually for
eliminate the effects of injuries (complex fractures,
tendon ruptures, etc.).

Tingling in the hands – can pass by itself?

If a дискомфорт обусловлен патологическими причинами, само по
tingling in the hands of his “pass” can not. Symptom can
fade away to let know about you later. Therefore, if no visible
causes unpleasant sensations in the hands – you need to contact
to the doctor. It is not known how this can end.

Thus, tingling in the hands of the symptom is very
common, but not always pathological. Yet if
it came into being for the first time, for no apparent reason, it makes more sense
Treat your health and consult a specialist.

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