Why does not weight go with regulartraining?

ne-uhodit-vesQuickly get rid of extra pounds with
using regular exercise is not as easy as it is
may seem at first.

Sometimes the end result is somewhat discouraging – it happens that
instead of the expected weight loss you may find that you are the opposite
scored another couple extra pounds.

As a result, you are disappointed and can not understand why
It happens that you gain weight during workouts. But
really happens …

In such a scenario, many begin to torment their unsuccessful
Consciousness in search of a possible reason, one and the other
same questions, you are trying to find the right solution. Either
it is necessary to train more intensively, or replace the exercises with more
effective, then you need to eat less …

I would like to advise you just to stop panicking. Below i
I will try to outline all possible reasons that may
promote weight gain with regular workouts.

Increase muscle mass

Weight gain during workouts with a diet for beginners
is quite common.

This is because active muscle building is underway.
mass under the influence of physical activity. While you lose
fatty tissue, muscle fibers take its place. And since the muscles
heavier compared to fat, as a result you will see new
�”Unpleasant” numbers on home scales.

But the extra body weight is associated with an increase in beneficial
muscle mass, and not due to unwanted fat. So your
the body becomes healthy and strong than it was before

You do not eat enough calories

ne-dostatochno-kaloriiWhen you use low-calorie
diet for fat loss, it often happens that in the end you
start to consume significantly less calories than you need
your body for normal life. This is serious
mistake and should be avoided.

Due to the lack of enough calories, your body
will slow down the rate of the main metabolism in order
energy conservation. As a result, the reserves of fat in your body
increase and you gain weight.

Therefore, a well-organized diet is very important,
which should include all the nutrients that
necessary for the normal functioning of the body, including
fats and carbohydrates. They give us useful energy and therefore not
may be excluded from our food.

You can reduce the portion size, but increase the amount
meals, respectively, so that you do not feel
hungry too often.

Incorrect exercise selection

Not every exercise at all will help you burn quickly.
excess weight. Suppose a short walk in the garden for
45 minutes does not help you spend a significant amount of calories.
Rather, you will have to walk at a more intense pace for
all 45 minutes at least 4-5 times a week. Then you
be able to see some results through, approximately, 3
of the week.

As you improve fitness, you should increase
also the intensity of the training so that as much as possible
burn calories in one session. Walking, dancing, aerobics are
one of the best forms of exercise that can help in losing

But! Do not focus your exercises on any particular
muscle group Because the greater the number of muscle groups
included in the work, the more energy will be burned.

The appearance of extra calories

When we start practicing regularly, many of us
control “dropping their sleeves” or generally refuse
daily counting the “eaten” calories. As a result
it turns out that we easily consume more “new” calories,
than burn through exercise.

A healthy balanced diet and regular exercise should
go hand in hand for success in a program to reduce
weight. If you decide to increase your daily calorie count, then you
must make sure that you have planned the activity correctly
workouts or an increase in their number so that these
extra calories you had the opportunity to completely
use up

Health problems

Some people perform scheduled physical activities.
regularly and with full dedication, take healthy and wholesome food,
but the weight does not go away and at best stands still.

The reason for the increase in body weight may be some problems with
health, for example, thyroid disease or menopause
older women.

Even some hormonal problems can make weight loss.
extremely difficult task. Under these conditions, you should
consult with your doctor to identify and treat your problems
with health. Also some weight gain can lead to weight gain.
drugs, birth control pills.

Emotional depression

Stress can be another important factor that prevents
lose those extra pounds as a result of exercise.

If your mind and body are not free from internal stress,
that вполне вероятно, чthat вы не получаете достаthatчного количества
have a good night sleep. Исследования показали, чthat хороший сон
помогает в потере weight. Try to get rid of the anxious
сосthatяний и добавить один дополнительный час сна в that время, когда
вы тренируетесь – эthat поможет вам сбросить excess weight.

Я искренне надеюсь, чthat вы сможете определить, по какой причине
физические упражнения не приносят вам сthatль желаемого результата.
Постарайтесь проводить тренировки регулярно, и, я уверена, чthat ваши
efforts will pay off very soon. Good luck to you!

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