Why can not fried potatoes: the mainmistakes

Why can not fried potatoes: the main mistakes

Fried potato with a golden crust – excellent
dinner and even lunch. The dish is cooked quickly and simply, but not always
it turns out. Sometimes the potatoes do not want to brown, it goes dry
or limp, unusual taste may appear. It’s not all
problems that can be encountered in the kitchen. Why aren’t potatoes
is obtained?

Why do fried potatoes stick to the pan

Very often the potato sticks to the bottom, does not brown, its
hard to tear off.

Case may be in the pan.

Perhaps she has already served her. If so, then you have to
change the pan, nothing else will help.

But there may also be other reasons:

  1. Little oil. Cook without fat or with a little
    the amount can only be on a non-stick frying pan. If
    the coating is normal, you have to pour the oil with a layer that will cover
    all bottom.
  2. Frying pan with fat is not warmed up. As a result
    pieces of potatoes fall to the bottom and stick.
  3. In a lot of potato starch. He goes out in places
    slice along with the juice sticks. If the variety is starchy,
    It is recommended to rinse and dry the potatoes after cutting.

Also the reason that the potato is stuck, can be a lid.
If you cover the pan immediately, the cold vegetable begins to produce juice and
starch, be sure to stick.

Почему картошка «вареная»  или «как каша»

Есть сорта картошки, которые не пригодны для
. The pieces contain a lot of starch and very quickly
fall apart.

Если к тому же высыпать овощ на непрогретую сковороду
или сразу накрыть
, то она начнет тушиться. Naturally,
nothing is fried.

Также вареной получается картошка, если ее очень часто
. As a result кусочки размягчаются со всех
sides, the crust does not have time to form, slices
break down

Also badly browned young and very juicy
It is not suitable for frying or you can vegetable after
rinse the slices, pour on a towel, dry with napkins.
Only after that we send to the pan.

Sometimes potatoes after washing with cold water additionally
poured boiling water out of the kettle, you can do so.

Why do fried potatoes taste bitter

Another problem you may encounter when frying
potato is the appearance of unpleasant bitterness. The most common problem is
rancid or burnt oil, burnt cracklings or onions, but
There are other reasons. Sometimes it’s green tubers or just
lay on the light potatoes. Even a slight color change.
peel affects taste. Do not try to trim the damaged
places this dish will not save.

By the way! Green potatoes are harmful to health, it
you can even get poisoned. The reason is the accumulated corned beef. The same
Appears in overripe eggplants. Smarter from such tubers
get rid of, but you can put them on the seeds.

Why do fried potatoes get dry

It happens that the potatoes are beautifully roasted, appetizing, and
crisp, but the taste of the dish is not very good, it is dry or even
hard, resembles cracklings. It may have several

Why do potatoes turn out dry:

  1. Little oil. Potato loves him a little
    absorbs. If you save fat, the pieces will not grill, but
  2. Овощ слишком мелко нарезан, быстро прожарился.
    Thin straw instantly cooked, it is important not to overdo it.
  3. Not covered. To make the potatoes turned out soft
    and juicy inside, you need to cover the pan for a few minutes. But
    It is important to do this in the middle of the frying process, not from the very
    the beginning.

Dry potatoes can be reanimated. To do this, add to
pan a little butter or sour cream, cover and
give extinguish on a small fire for a few minutes.

Why do fried potatoes turn black

Potatoes in a pan may turn black. She appears
blue-gray shade. But также может почернеть или посинеть вареный
vegetable. Все дело не в способностях кулинара, а качестве самой
. Most likely, it just froze
incorrectly stored.

Кстати, подмороженный картофель помимо цвета
changes and taste. There is a kind of sweetness that not everyone likes. But
есть люди, которые специально при жарке добавляют в
сковороду пару щепоток сахарного песка
. As they say, on
taste and color are all markers different?

Why fried potatoes are not ruddy, not crispy

Crispy potatoes are always cooked in large quantities of butter and
on high enough heat. Ideal – deep-fried. At once
Do not fry a large amount, the vegetable is poured into small batches.
If there is little oil and a lot of potatoes, then it will be slow.
warm up and not crunch until the crunch.

If you want to cook just fried potatoes, not fries, then
monitor the thickness of the layer. Pour out to the pan a maximum of three
centimeter and fry. The larger the diameter and the thicker the bottom, the better and
more beautiful roast potato slices.

The secrets of cooking delicious fried potatoes

The main thing in cooking potatoes is to take good and
suitable tubers. If the vegetable has wilted, then it is better to put it in the soup or
in mashed potatoes. Also do not use frozen potatoes or
one with a lot of starch. If necessary, you can soak in
cold water and then dry.

Secrets of frying potatoes:

  1. Potatoes need to be cut not large, but not
    It should be roasted outside without
    dry up inside. Ideal – straws or wedges
    4-5 mm thick.
  2. Potatoes need to pour in a well heated
    , дать ей подрумяниться до корочки с нижней стороны,
    then stir and only then cover.
  3. No need to cook the potatoes under the lid until soft
    , даем ей лишь слегка пропариться минут пять или
    seven. Then again open the pan, add fire and
    fry until crust.
  4. You can not stir the potatoes often, but it is important to do it
    . Give the pieces a good light brown and then
    turn on the other side and do not touch, until again
    a crust will appear.
  5. Do not salt the potatoes at the very beginning.
    , иначе она выпустит сок. Better to do it
    near the end of the process. To all dissolved and absorbed, we take
    fine salt.

If you want to get tasty and ruddy potatoes, then
after cutting the tubers need to be washed, dried with a towel, and then
lightly sprinkle with flour, one spoon per kilogram is enough. Flour
will not be felt, but will give a good crust and beautiful

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