Who is Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is a member of the American Association of Professional
Aerobics trainers, certified trainer, and also a TV star,
own company owner and finally author tough and
effective weight loss program.

Gillian has gone from frankly fat teen to
relief and slim girl whose physical shape is admired
millions of viewers.


And she manages to balance on the thin line between hard
treatment with students in the style of “well, do, loser!” and
truly professional approach to diet and fitness. how
Gillian deals with his charges, you can see

Rough, but it works.

Gillian Michaels Slimming Technique

making_the_cut It’s simple – you must really want
change your life, be ready for a new style of food, and
training 5 times a week for 30-60 minutes.

In the book of Jillian Michaels Making the cut is given the most
effective motivation in the world – no, don’t “become slim and
desirable “, but simply” become alive. ” Gillian thinks she wants to
you can lose weight only if you realize that fullness, even
small – direct risk of diabetes, heart
failure, hypertension, and, as a result, the cause of the majority
early deaths in the civilized world.

The Gillian Michaels Meal Plan is quite challenging for newbies. AT
The book offers formulas and tables to accurately calculate
how many calories you should eat per day.

To begin with, you calculate your main exchange, that is
the amount of calories you need daily to just
to survive. You calculate it according to the following formula:

For women = 655 + (9.6 x your weight in kg) + (1.8 x height in cm) –
(4.7 x your age)

Approximately how much you spend per day, if you will all day
lie in bed.

Then you multiply the resulting number by the coefficient of your

1.1 = sedentary lifestyle, for example, office work

1.2 = little physical activity, for example, you walk
on foot, you are a young mom, seller or doctor

1.3 = average physical activity, for example, you move
most of the time, your work is related to movement

1.4 = high – you work in the field, at a construction site, and so.

The figure that came out is the amount of calories needed
you every day to cover all needs, that is, to your
weight did not change.

Then you figure out how many kilograms you want to lose in
a week For a loss of 2 kg per week you must create a weekly
a deficit of 3500 kcal. AT среднем это минус 500 ккал ежедневно. But
Gillian Michaels advises to distribute calorie unevenly
to save yourself from the plateau effect.

So, you have calculated in detail the amount of calories in the book,
which one you need to get to lose weight. But это еще не все.
Then Jillian proposes to determine what type of oxidizers you
treat. That is, how quickly your body absorbs carbohydrates,
how much you get better from carbohydrates.

ATы определяете свой тип по тесту в книжке, а дальше смотрите по
the book in what proportions you should eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
If you have a normal oxidation, and from carbohydrate food you do not
get better, you can eat carbohydrates and proteins in the ratio
1.5 parts of carbohydrates to 0.5 parts of protein + 40 g of healthy fats.

Eat you should only natural products with low
glycemic index. Excludes all sweets, pastries.
industrial production of white flour, pancakes, etc.

AT книжке приводятся подробные рецепты с калориями. Exemplary
food intake is 120-200 g of chicken breast, white fish or cottage cheese
plus vegetable salad with butter and a couple of spoons of quinoa (cereal, sold in
supermarkets), lentils or beans. Coffee and tea can be drunk, but
limiting yourself, tk. more than 2 cups per day increase the level
cortisol and inhibit fat burning.

Yes, it is difficult, and without benefits you can not figure it out. Unfortunately,
The book the making the cut has not been translated into Russian, but if you are reading
in English, you can buy it on the Ozone in the original. If not,
then just reduce the calorie intake, saturate the diet
proteins and go to exercise.

Exercise for weight loss with Gillian Michaels

The problem with most household benefits is that
the aid of “standard aerobic steps” they cannot achieve
the intensity of exercise required for fat burning.

Gillian has developed her own high-intensity method.
interval training She proposes to combine into one
sequence of exercises that involve all muscles
body, and 1-2 jump aerobic movement.

ATыглядит это примерно так:

Squatting with a dumbbell bench press

ATстаньте, стопы на ширине таза, гантели в руках у плеч. ATтягивая
belly and pushing the buttocks back, sink into a squat, dumbbells squeeze
head over, return to starting position. Knees during
squats do not go beyond the level of socks, dumbbells rise and
go down smoothly;

Push up

Take an emphasis lying, palms under the shoulder joints. ATтянув живот
and taking your shoulders away from your ears, bend your arms until you touch your chest
floor. Squeeze in initial position. Do not hold your breath.

Straight press curl

Lie on your back, pressing your waist to the floor and putting your feet near
buttocks, arms behind head, elbows – to the sides. Reach bottom
ribs to the pelvic bones, keeping the stomach in, go back

Jumps with imitation of rotation of the rope

ATстаньте на ноги, выполняйте довольно высокие энергичные прыжки,
rotating hands in the elbow joint.

ATыполняйте каждое упражнение в течение 1 минуты, переходите к
the next without rest, repeat the cycle 2 times.

Following this principle, Gillian Michaels has developed a series of
workouts of varying complexity. Butвичкам фитнеса подойдет программа 30
Day Shred, more advanced can deal with No More Trouble
Zones and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.

Those who are tired of traditional training with dumbbells can
try a lesson with kettlebells – Shred it with KB, and a lesson in style
Yoga – Yoga Meltdown.

In addition, there is an application for mobile devices with
exercises, recipes, and everyday tips, and
The official site, however, is only in English.

The system of Gillian Michaels is interesting, first of all, for those who want
to become slim, without resorting to the services of a trainer and nutritionist, that is,
at home. Those who want to put the disk and engage
front of the TV. ATсе диски с ее тренировками можно купить или
Watch for free on YouTube.

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