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Wed, 09 Dec 2015 There are diseases that are not
to talk. These include hemorrhoids — our disease
of modernity that lurks many of us, and especially those
who is forced to stand, sit at work for a long time and moves little. how
avoid complications and is it true that hemorrhoids never
do not disappear without treatment?

Who among us did not feel discomfort in the anus due to constipation,
diarrhea or “suddenly” a small nipple that appears
while not very worried, but still unpleasant? Unfortunately, attempts
to endure, the expectation of “let it pass by itself” and the refusal to appeal to
always leads to the doctor one thing – the disease develops further,
seizes new territories and can lead to serious
deterioration in the quality of life.

If a
in time not to treat hemorrhoids and other proctological diseases,
this can lead to anemia, incontinence, feces and necrosis.
tissues. If a вас пугает такая перспектива — самое время
listen to yourself and in the presence of symptoms discard all doubts
and sign up to the proctologist.

Symptoms that should not be ignored

For diseases of the large intestine, rectum and anus

  • Blood in the feces, mucus and purulent discharge. And blood can
    be quite a bit – in the form of thin veins.
  • Discomfort in the anus when sitting, walking,
  • Chronic abdominal pain.
  • Ощущение неполного опорожнения кишечника при defecation.
  • The appearance of tubercles, bumps and other tumors in the area
    the anus.
  • Frequent constipation and diarrhea, flatulence, regardless of diet
    power supply.
  • Sensation of the presence of a foreign body in the rectum.
  • Частые ложные позывы к defecation.

If a
you have found at least one of the above symptoms –
You need the help of a proctologist today. In extreme cases –
tomorrow. Therefore, do not hesitate, it depends on your health.

And, of course, it’s worth getting rid of the myths as quickly as possible.
which force to delay the appeal to the doctor.

Myths in proctology

Myth one. Hemorrhoids are able to resolve

Unfortunately, permanent knots and bumps that represent
enlarged vessels of the hemorrhoidal plexus themselves are nowhere
do not fade. Pain can periodically subside, but it
does not mean at all that self-healing from hemorrhoids and nodes has occurred

The second myth. Pain and discomfort in the anus is
always a sign of hemorrhoids.

This is one of the most common misconceptions, when
the presence of any neoplasms and pain in the area
Anus man for some reason sure that it is hemorrhoids. But after all
pains can cause inflammatory diseases, anal fissures and
even malignant neoplasms. It is worth recalling that cancer
it is necessary to begin treatment as early as possible.

The third myth. Treat proctological diseases very

The imagination of particularly sensitive patients often draws terrible
paintings – treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other similar
diseases seems bloody and with traumatic
operations that require long months of recovery. At the very
For a long time there is modern equipment and effective
treatment methods, which are carried out without pain
diagnosis and therapy.

Myth Four. Hemorrhoids can turn into straight cancer
and colon.

At the very деле колоректальный рак практически никогда не
develops due to the presence of hemorrhoidal cones. But the symptoms of these
diseases are very similar and independently, without the help of a doctor,
The diagnosis is impossible.

The fifth myth. Doctors proctologists – rude and harsh people,
who are not familiar with delicacy.

A lot of jokes and anecdotes on the topic of proctology made their
case – patients with problems in the anus often
fear visiting the coloproctologist for fear of a rough examination and
�”Indecent” questions from the doctor. At the very деле специалист,
working in a trustworthy clinic will do everything possible
so that communication with the patient is passed benevolently, and inspection

Address to proctologists of HE CLINIC

At the International Medical Center HE CLINIC are receiving the best
Moscow proctologists: candidates of medical sciences, authors of many
scientific papers, which are guided in their work by doctors from
other clinics. And it is very important that in the HE CLINIC are receiving
proctologists men and women.

Contacting our clinic for help, any patient
guaranteed to be able to undergo a diagnosis and a course
treatment of proctological diseases using modern,
professional and scientifically based approaches. how результат —
get rid of unpleasant symptoms as quickly as possible and return

Its branches are located in the center of the city, not far from
underground. Work schedule – from 8.00 to 20.00, seven days a week and

HE CLINIC: they trust us! And we justify

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