When to start a sport after childbirth?

  • 1 When can you play sports after giving birth?
    • 1.1 After Caesarean
    • 1.2 After natural childbirth
    • 1.3 Breastfeeding
  • 2 Why not play sports immediately after childbirth?

Pregnancy and childbirth affect the figure of a young mother. Often
after giving birth, a woman gains extra pounds, and fat
mainly accumulates in the abdomen and thighs. Restore
its former form will help sports. Doctors strongly
recommend caution in training, increasing the load
gradually. Equally important is a positive attitude. Worth practicing
only in a good mood, and in a period of fatigue or
lack of sleep is better to postpone classes in favor of recuperation.


When can you play sports after giving birth?

How long after childbirth can I go in for sports? This
The question is the most pressing among women. All individually and
depends on many factors: how was the birth (naturally
or using a cesarean section), were there any complications (breaks,
cuts, injuries), whether the young mother feeds the child with the breast.
Having dealt with the main risks you can figure out for yourself when you can
start playing sports after giving birth to
recovery form.

Regardless of whether the birth was without complications or
as such, should begin sports activities in stages. Important
perform exercises in comfortable clothes, better linen or

Exercises with weight loss (weights, dumbbells) in
avoid possible bleeding. 

Stages of sports after childbirth:

  • Simple breathing exercises. Performed in
    any position (lying, sitting). Begin with 3-5 breathing
    exercise, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.
  • Charging. Includes: swing hands, slopes
    and turning the torso, squats, pushups, stretching. Required
    start with the easiest exercises and perform them with a minimum
    repetitions. Important делать зарядку систематически. Increase
    load is gradually increasing the level of intensity and the number
  • Intense занятия для recovery form.
    Preparing your muscles with daily exercise can begin.
    do swimming, shaping, gymnastics, yoga, etc. At the beginning
    should be conducted one or two workouts a week, which
    It is recommended to combine with daily exercise to achieve
    maximum performance.

After cesarean

When can I start playing sports after a cesarean? Process
recovery after cesarean section is longer
compared with natural childbirth. Elementary workout with
minimum intensity recommended not earlier
one and a half to two months after the birth of the child. Before proceeding
to the most simple exercises (incline, swing, squat)
It is necessary to undergo ultrasound and consult with a doctor. In some
In some cases, doctors recommend performing the exercises in a bandage, as well as
process the seams with special creams or oils for speedy
tissue healing after incision.

Intensive loads (shaping, gymnastics, swimming, running)
рекомендуется начинать не раньше 4-6 месяцев после кесарева
section. In this case, the danger lies precisely in the sharp physical
load. There may be pain in the seam area and even bleeding.
To avoid possible risks, you should gradually increase
load. It should start with simple exercises, the main thing to perform
them systematically. Before any intense sport
It is worth at least two weeks to undergo light physical training.

After natural childbirth

Sports at home after natural childbirth
will help not only to get rid of back pain and gradually
restore its former form, but also reduce the risk of developing postpartum
depressed. Systematic exercises improve well-being and
mood thanks to the production of serotina, which is also called
hormone of happiness.

When can you play sports after natural

  • Если роды прошли без осложнений, то врачи
    allowed to start playing sports, or rather, recovery
    gymnastics, already a day later. Rehabilitation gymnastics
    It aims to stabilize the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, chest.
    The load should be minimal. After 2 weeks you can go
    to light physical education and only after 4-6 weeks to intensive
  • При разрывах или разрезах в процессе родов
    should start elementary sports no earlier than
    a month later, after having consulted a doctor. Intense
    loads are shown no earlier than 7-8 months.


When can I go in for sports after giving birth to a nursing mother?
Regarding the start of sports activities, frequency and level
exercise intensity should be used
The above recommendations.

An important nuance for nursing mothers is the time of
workouts. The fact is that after playing sports
lactic acid in muscle fibers. Due to acid production
молоко приобретает неприятный вкус, что может послужить
refusal of the child from the infant feeding. In order to avoid negative
последствий, следует кормить ребенка грудью спустя 1,5-2
hours after training.

When losing weight, the amount of milk can decrease dramatically, and
therefore, during lactation, one should not overdo the struggle with
overweight, eat right and balanced. For,
in order not to reduce the amount of milk, you must also monitor
the level of daily fluid intake. With increasing intensity
load should increase the amount of fluid consumed. Drink
non-carbonated water is recommended, compote from dried fruits are useful.
It is also important for the nursing mother to do sports in quality
a bra that will hold the shape of the breast and not squeeze

How long after birth does the abdomen return to normal without
playing sports?
All individually. In many cases
woman loses weight and regains its shape after completion
breastfeeding With proper nutrition, the body
normalizes metabolic processes, so what happens
losing weight If a woman after childbirth scored only 4-5 extra
kilograms, and after losing weight, the skin of the abdomen does not sag and comes
back to normal.

In some случаях причиной оставшегося после беременности и
childbirth convex abdomen is a diastasis. This discrepancy is direct
abdominal muscles that can be removed with a surgical

In other cases, you should go in for sports. Special
The following exercises are effective: lifting torso, twisting,
подъемы ног, выпады,  «велосипед», «бабочка».

Why not play sports immediately after childbirth?

Immediately after the birth of the child can not play sports.
Required время для полного восстановления тканей брюшной стенки,
uterus, pelvic floor. We should not forget that childbirth is first
turn injury, with an abundance of cracks, sprains and tears. Physical
the load immediately after the birth of the child can provoke abundant
bleeding, disrupt the process of uterus recovery, which is fraught
serious complications.

After how many after childbirth can you play sports?
 It is recommended to start light workouts only later
6-8 weeks. Before they start you should consult with
a gynecologist. You must first perform the most simple
exercises, gradually increasing the number of repetitions, and then
intensity. Daily 20-30 minute classes will bring their
fruits and help you quickly recover their shape. Intense
loads (Pilates, fitness, swimming) are shown only after 4-6
months after giving birth.

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