What zodiac signs prefer “freerelationship “and what is legal marriage

Какие знаки зодиака предпочитают "свободные отношения", а какие законный брак

While supporters of traditional values ​​are nostalgic
according to the classic patriarchal marriage, the society where with joy,
where with a creak takes new forms of relationships. Now everyone can
to equip personal life to taste, choosing between traditional
family, civil, guest, “Boston” marriage, “Swedish”
family, polygamy and different variations of these official and
informal types of family device.

The main thing is that you have the same views with your chosen one. BUT
to understand what is closer to your partner, will help his zodiac sign.
The sign, where the Sun is at the time of birth, contains in
himself a lot of information, including, and about his relationship to the family.

Signs of Fire – Aries, Lions, Sagittarius

Мужчины-Огонь в любви искренни, темпераментны и
are immediate. They quickly fall in love and are ready to immediately lead
beloved by the crown. They don’t need that much: they believe in
feelings, not stamps. But they so want to prove their love, so
I want to do some feat for my beloved! BUT что в
our time will better prove the seriousness of feelings than the offer of a hand and
heart and willingness to take responsibility for the family? Here they are
and make an offer shortly after dating. BUT женщинам нужно
to keep in mind: do not try the patience of Fire Men. If long
keep them in suspense, saying neither yes nor no, they will get bored
and they will find another object of passion.

Женщины-Огонь  когда-то выходили замуж в
among the first. But not because they were so drawn to the hearth, but
quite the opposite: marriage allowed them to move away from
parents and live the life of an adult, because these girls are early
grow up and want independence. Now when there is nothing
Especially in that girl separated from their parents, living
on renting one or with friends, Fire signs do not rush at all with
by marriage. But they do not deny the full official marriage either. Aries
will marry because they have fallen in love, Lionesses – because pride is not
allow them to be in a relationship with obscure status, and Sagittarius –
when much travel and make a career.

Signs of the Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Мужчины Земных знаков тяготеют к официальному
marriage They love stability and respect the proven
time traditions. It would seem the perfect suitors for those women
which is important to get the coveted ring. But alas, no one
perfect! If you start living with Taurus before marriage, he will be so drawn into
it is that he no longer wants to destroy the established life of the wedding.
Why make a difference in life when everything is fine? Virgin often
turn out to be hardcore bachelors. BUT Козероги за реализацией
their business ambitions can forget about the family. So if you
interested man sign of the Earth, take the organization of marriage in their
hands and don’t let him back down!

Женщины Земных знаков тоже ценят традиционный
way of life. They, like the men of this element, want sustainability from life.
and reliability. And they see this reliable harbor for the broad male
back. Formal marriage gives them confidence in the future and financial
guarantees. They become wonderful wives and housewives when
They know that in this house they are not on bird’s rights. Moreover, they
prefer to have children in wedlock. If the marriage is not set,
they do not dare to repeat for a long time and can be left alone,
but they will not be interested in cohabitation (if only from their first husband
did not get a solid bank account and a second marriage is not profitable for them:
what-what, and they know how to count money).

Signs of the Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This is the least who care about conventions, so it
мужчин ATоздушной стихии. Even incredibly high
Partnership Libra who value partnerships do very well without a stamp, which
talk about more frivolous and freedom-loving Gemini and
Aquarius! Their ideal is a relationship based solely on desire.
partners. In a relationship, they are modern: they willingly share the budget and
duties around the house, they see in a woman not only her beloved, but also a friend,
and like-minded person, and interlocutor, respect her interests. It is good
partners for women who are not eager to immerse in family
life In the Air Men family it is always interesting, free, fun,
noisy, so as not to understand, whether it is a family house, or
student freemen.

Женщины-Близнецы тоже не любят связывать себя
commitments. It is important for them to know that no one can put pressure on them and
fetter their freedom. They will enter into an official marriage only when
make sure that the man is ready for an equal partnership.
Aquarius women are not averse to experimenting with forms.
marriage. BUT замуж они выходят за тех, чьи идеи разделяют, как,
for example, the famous Aquarius Yoko Ono and Elena Roerich. Women Scales –
exception among both men and women of the Air element. They like
harmony and peace. They like when life is ordered, in that
including official statuses. Therefore, they will strive for
официальному marriage

Signs of Water – Crayfish, Scorpios, Fish

These deeply emotional, impressionable men are drawn to
spiritual warmth. Family ties are important to them. And to become your own
среди родни своей «половинки», они идут в ЗBUTГС. Also they
prefer to raise children in a full official family. Although they
The stamp itself, as a proof of love, is not needed. They are fine
intuition is developed, and if the wife loves them, they immediately
will feel. After that, the family for them will be just a formality.
(although they will not immediately officially divorce).

Fear of betrayal in general often makes men Water
to keep to the one and only family that will not give up –

Женщины ATодной стихии способны любить глубоко и
selflessly. They give themselves a partner without reserve, and they want
get a response feelings. Love for them comes first,
fake marriage, marriage of convenience, marriage based on friendship and respect –
not for them. It would seem that a stamp is not needed for the senses. But with Water
this is not true. They tend to worry about the future, and
official marriage they need as proof of love partner. AT
free relationship, they are constantly not confident in the future. BUT
впавшие в тревогу и меланхолию ATодные женщины – это что-то. So that
a man should sign his woman Cancer, Scorpio or
Fish at least for the sake of their own peace of mind.

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