What zodiac signs are prone to theft. From whomNeed to hide silver spoons?

What zodiac signs are prone to theft. From whom Need to hide silver spoons?

Blaming people for theft based on their date
birth will be a big mistake. Adverse indicators
horoscope can be smoothed by strong moral attitudes. BUT
even an accurate horoscope, built taking into account not only the date, but also
time and place of birth will not show the spiritual level of development
man and the principles by which he decided to live.

Another thing is the inclination to steal as
certain traits and abilities. Sleight of hand, sharpness,
cunning, disrespect for alien borders and other people’s property – these
qualities are developed in zodiac signs in different ways. Therefore, if all
signs of the zodiac forgot moral guidelines and decided to steal, then
that’s what would have happened …

Not caught, not a thief

There are several signs whose success in the world of thieves would be
secured. To do this, they have all the data: agility,
ingenuity, courage and cunning. It’s good that most
people of these signs are law-abiding and direct the ability to
good deeds

What zodiac signs are prone to theft. From whom Need to hide silver spoons?

Близнецы. This is the undisputed number one. Equal
they are not. They are clever and witty, find non-standard
decisions and clearly notice who has what is where. They have deft hands.
If they want, they will steal the purse unnoticed, and if they want,
they will bail you so that you yourself will give them all. In addition,
Gemini has no strict moral principles. Sagittarius sign in charge
for ethics, morals, and convictions, is the opposite sign to Gemini,
so these qualities are developed in them to a minimum. If twins
want, then make the impression sociable, simple and
friendly people. They love to invent jokes. Why not
children of the unforgettable Ostap Bender?

What zodiac signs are prone to theft. From whom Need to hide silver spoons?

Дева. They have few inner qualities needed for
theft. They are cowardly, fussy and suspicious. If they forget to give
a lighter, then they will not be able to sleep at night, and not from remorse,
but from waiting for the police to knock on the door. But they – unsurpassed
Masters in financial frauds with accounting. They are so masterly
handled with figures that it is unlikely anyone will notice the fraud.
Moral remorse with this kind of theft Virgo does not suffer.
For them, this is not a way to profit, but a mind game, interesting, pure
theoretical financial combinations. They will be offended if
call things by their proper names. What are they thieves? Thieves are dirty
drunken and rude criminals, and they are decent people.

What zodiac signs are prone to theft. From whom Need to hide silver spoons?

Скорпион. This danger sign pleasantly tickles
nerves. They love to test themselves in extreme situations.
Classic Scorpio – Raskolnikov with his “I am trembling creature or
I have the right? “Most Scorpions ever
offense. Stealing from people is too small for them. Them
enough in adolescence to steal a bar from a supermarket,
to understand that this is not their level. If they steal, then
in a big way: organizing financial pyramids and turning frauds
for billions. If Scorpio is on the path of crime, more often
�”Works” not alone, but as a member of a group, or even heads

What zodiac signs are prone to theft. From whom Need to hide silver spoons?

Рыбы. Pisces has a vague understanding of the bad and
good Therefore, they are easily influenced by criminals. They
can steal something, not understanding at all what they are doing, or considering it
good, noble deed. Fishes easier other signs go
on the curved track. It is very important who will become their authority in
childhood and adolescence. Parents should be vaccinated from an early age.
Little Pisces have high moral principles. There is one more
category Pisces. These understand perfectly well what is good and what is bad, but
believe that the rules are not for them, and use their gift to confuse
людям голову для theft. These are the classic station gypsies and
psychics quacks.

A thief should sit in jail

BUT есть знаки, которым воровать противопоказано. They don’t care
nothing will come of it, except for a solid comedy, like the hapless
thieves from “Home Alone”.

Овен. This sign differs not only wide
sincere smile, but also as sincere and ingenuous
character. Aries are fighters, warriors and knights. They способны пойти
against the law, but only with an open visor. Aries can be arrested
for a street fight, but not for theft. Them в голову не придет украсть
something from another person. They редко размышляют над абстрактными
concepts of honor, morality and norms of behavior, but such an act is deep
disgusted with them somewhere on an instinctive level. As for
financial fraud, it is not at all the path of Aries. �”Let the horse
she thinks she has a big noggin! ”- the words of a caricature rogue from
�”The Adventures of Vasya Kurolesov” reflects the attitude
Aries to ingenious fraudulent schemes.

Стрелец. Sagittarius are endowed with congenital
moral and ethical guidelines. They are interested in questions of the world order,
they reflect a lot on philosophy and religion, and in every system
beliefs are confirmed by the fact that they themselves know: what
steal badly They уважают правосудие и справедливость. Them важно,
what others think of them. Them нравится быть образцом для
imitation. They make good politicians, priests and
big businessmen. BUT вот воры из них плохие. Stealing for them –
completely alien, completely nasty to everything that forms the basis
their personality act. Exception – they can steal something
ideological considerations, considering theft is ethically justified.

Водолей. This sign is so not of this world
that when someone notices that with their abilities they might
cranking the original and unconventional fraud, especially in
Networks, and the case just recently was suitable, for them it
станет откровением: «BUT что, так можно было?» Счастье, что
the opportunity to take someone else does not fit in their head at all. Otherwise
society would have a big problem in the form of elusive and ingenious
criminals that Moriarty would not hold true.

As for the remaining characters, they do not have specific data for
to steal, but under certain conditions they can
to do.

However, here again it must be said about the possibility of man himself
choose to be on the side of the law or on the opposite, and no
zodiac sign cannot force him to do what he believes

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