What workouts burn fat

Most of us, or rather about 99%, are waiting for one from fitness
result – weight loss due to the reduction of body fat on
stomach, waist, hips, legs and other “problem” areas. Trainers in
one voice says that sport helps burn fat, but at the same time
no one specifies what the sport is and what it is eaten with.

What workouts burn fat

You start reading smart literature and find phrases like:

– fat begins to “burn” only after 20-30 minutes of continuous
– aerobics is best for weight loss, –
strength training only strengthens muscles, but does not affect fat, –
The most effective fat burning training is training.
on an empty stomach, – the heart rate must be between
60 to 70% of the maximum – before the fat burning workout can not be eaten
2 hours, and after it is also two hours, it is also impossible to drink
the body consumed water from fat, so quickly lose weight …

You can continue this list indefinitely, but what’s the point? I
I propose together to understand what types of fitness are best
contribute to the burning of fat and how to do them correctly, so as not to
waste time and your strength.


What types of workouts burn fat

1. Aerobics (dancing, running, cycling, walking, etc.)
Aerobic exercise has long been considered, and is still considered
The best sporting way to lose weight.

During aerobic exercise, oxygen consumption increases
and it breaks down fats (when an oxygen molecule interacts with
fat molecule, the latter breaks down, and the decay products are derived
from the body). In an hour of aerobics, 300-500 is spent.

2. Strength training. Exercises with burdening or
few people regard resistance as a way to burn fat,
because it believes that the main function of such training is
strengthen and build muscle. In fact, everything is a little different. Developed
muscles themselves make the body waste energy due to
this is what happens slimming. Another kind of power
workouts are relief exercises that are necessary
for burning fat. Multiple repetition training forces the body
waste fat to support muscle work.

3. Breathing techniques. Not so long ago, the world of fitness replenished
Techniques that have become very popular are bodyflex
and oxysize. They promise a stunning effect – up to 5-7 kg per
week, and weight loss will occur due to the burning of fat.
According to the ideologists of respiratory practices, the process of global
�”Melting fat” occurs as follows – during exercise
A special breathing technique saturates the body with oxygen, which supposedly
gets to the right place for us and it is there that burns fat. Ability
bodyflex and other respiratory techniques to burn up to 3000 Kcal per
the occupation was refuted, because it is simply impossible. But,
These workouts have a good effect on metabolism and are beneficial for
digestion, but to call them fat burning would be very brave

4. Static exercises – callanetics, flexislim, pilates,
power yoga. Improvement occurs during muscle contraction.
protein synthesis, that is – building muscles, for which
uses energy derived from fat. Do not be afraid of the word
�”Construction”, it does not mean that you will grow big muscles,
they just get stronger, but the calories are spent on it, so
static exercises also contribute to weight loss.

Here is a brief overview of the most popular fat burning workouts.
Now let’s talk about how fat actually burns and how
use exercise correctly to reduce weight.

Fat Burning Conditions

1. Duration of training. First 20 minutes from start
training the body uses glucose as an energy source,
and only then goes on to burn fat. How I told before,
aerobic exercise helps to use fat as the main
energy source, but it has virtually no effect on muscle tone,
and an excess of aerobics can lead to slower metabolism
due to decreased muscle mass.

Hence the conclusion – be moderate, 5 hours of aerobic exercise in
a week is a limit (I’m not talking about professional
athletes). Losing weight, you should not run for 2 hours in a row,
because you bring yourself to physical exhaustion and

Now some will have a question – if less than 20
minutes, for example, 15 minutes twice a day, then you can lose weight
forget? Not. Short workouts, though not burning fat right away, they
help the body to spend it after due to the fact that the muscles
will need energy to recover. Therefore, short power
workouts, though not called “fat burning”, but to lose weight from
they can, if given them at least 3 hours a week. To burn
fat during exercise is better to do from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Pulse rate. Heart rate is another
important point. Fat becomes the main source of energy only
when working with low intensity when the pulse fluctuates in
limits from 60 to 70% of the maximum (I remind you – the maximum
heart rate per minute is calculated very simply – from
220 subtract your age in years). With lower pulse
energy consumption will be extremely small, and high heart rate values ​​will lead to
that the body begins to use glycogen stores (this
a substance that is formed from carbohydrate residues and accumulates
in the liver and muscles). In order not to keep abreast of all occupation,
watch your state of health – you should feel the load, but
be able to keep up the conversation, that is, you should miss
of air.

3. Mode and diet. Excess nutrition can reduce to
zero all efforts in the gym, so you need to reduce
the amount of calories derived from fat and simple carbohydrates. there is
people who practice training on an empty stomach to
burn more fat or make a big gap between the last
food intake and exercise. There is a reasonable grain in it – when you
Do not eat for a long time, the blood glucose levels are reduced and exercise
causes the body to burn fat. And after training there is no
It is recommended that it does not violate the process of burning fat.
Hard mode, and it is relevant only for professionals who
tend to reach the lower boundary of the body fat. Everybody
I do not advise starving, I just need to be moderated
eating and eating lots of protein foods.

How to effectively burn fat?

So what does this do? Fat burning is necessary
constantly monitor the pulse, limit food and do not engage
less than half an hour? Not at all. To make training work you need
just do not gorge on her, and during classes engage
maximum number of muscles. Every type of fitness is good in its own way,
therefore, combining them can achieve excellent results. The best
indicators of interval occupations that combine strength and
cardio load, they stimulate the metabolism and lead to
increased calorie consumption. And this is the most effective and
safe way to lose weight.

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