What women like men (resultssurvey)

Fri, 05 Feb 2016

Whatever anyone may say, but women have always sought to please
men When a woman understands what makes an impression
the opposite sex, she feels more confident, she rises
mood and even, according to scientists, performance and
creative potential. But in order to like men, you need
to know that they consider attractive in girls, and that

Portal “Women’s opinion” decided to finally turn to the opinion
men and find out which girls they like. To this end, we
staged biased interrogation of participants of various male
online communities have collected opinions of men aged 25-35.
To be honest, in some cases the answers surprised us a little.
However, about everything in order.

At the first stage, there were no surprises. Talking about
preferences regarding female appearance 60% of men agreed
opinion that they are attracted to women slim and well-groomed. And in this
It would not be surprising, because it is such an image
beauty is formed today by all the media.

However, the clarifying question is whether the surrounding women
In general, these criteria, we heard quite sharp opinions and
assessments, which clearly followed: level of grooming and
slenderness of Russian women does not meet expectations
a significant portion of men. And this despite the time
precious women spend on diets and beauty salons.

Among the main and most common shortcomings were
identified: bad breath, carelessness in clothes (and this
say men to women!), unkempt hair, poorly applied
cosmetics, flabby unsporting figures (again who would say!).
A separate line of men identified women who smoke. Smoking women
according to the absolute majority of men produce repulsive
impression. Even more negative evaluation received
women using beer. In the eyes of men, girls with a bottle of beer in
hands looks so feminine, like a woman with a cigarette.

Certain requirements for the breast expressed 40% of respondents. And here
again without surprises. The chest should be big. But not too much.
Most of those who are concerned about the size of the breast found the ideal 2nd
and 3rd bust size. At the same time, 20% were in favor of the chest
more is better. “Only 15% prefer small breast size

About hair color – opinions are divided. Looks like dominance
Blondes are a thing of the past. Though they occupy the first place in
male preferences, but with a minimum margin from brunettes. AT
a minority of red-haired beauties and women with blond hair. BUT
as for haircuts, the “long-haired mermaids” are still
more preferable than girls with a “haircut under the boy.”

Tanned or dark-skinned men are considered more attractive,
than fair-skinned.

Talking aboutб использовании косметики 30% мужчин высказали
categorical position – the smaller the better. And in general, men
were unanimous in the rejection of beauty “obtained by artificial
by “:” A stylish girl should not … have anything to add or
glued “- such was the opinion with which the majority agree
of the respondents.

The conversation about women’s personality traits highlighted some
unanimous position. Thus, only 12% of men admit that
independent self-confident women (but honestly!)
The rest of the men say that they would rather prefer
those who are characterized by modesty, appeasability, conservatism.
From this we can conclude that the “home” girls are obviously more
prettier to men than avid party girls or advanced
business woman

Another point on which the men agreed was that
femininity sociability. Sometimes men criticize women for their
“excessive talkativeness”. However, they unanimously recognize that
it is sociable girls, not silence.

BUT вот стервозных женщин на дух не переносят все мужчины без
exceptions. Under the bitchiness of a man understand the desire of a woman
always settle scores, find fault and scandals on any
even petty reasons, regularly recall old grievances.

And it is not surprising, among other things, the survey is completely
confirmed the popular wisdom that says that the path to the heart of a man
lies through his stomach. BUTбсолютное большинство мужчин (86%)
consider it an important quality for women to cook deliciously. Hopefully
that in this Russian women do not disappoint our capricious
современных men.


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