What to do to lose weight

If you are new to the huge world of weight loss, and for you it seems
so huge and rampant, then in this article we will answer all
your questions about what to do to lose weight. For this we
today we will give you general recommendations regarding nutrition and more
tell you in detail how to lose weight in a problem part of the body.
What to do to lose weightThe most problematic places in women
which we most often grow fat are: thighs, legs, abdomen and arms.
Let us consider why we are getting fat in certain places.

Why do we have problem areas?

The biggest challenge for girls and women is fullness.
belly, hips and legs. This is due to the fact that these places
accumulate the so-called fat reserve for the birth of offspring, either
same for the production of certain hormones.

Therefore, if we lead a sedentary lifestyle, we are exposed
stress and eat fatty foods, all this contributes to the appearance
объёмных форм в области belly, hips and legs.

As for the hands, it is impossible to clearly say what is
the reason for their completeness, in each case the reasons
are individual. The reason for this may be specific
feature of the body, malnutrition, in particular
consuming large amounts of sugar, not necessarily in direct
form, but also through a variety of products.

If you set yourself the task of losing weight only in a certain
place, it is initially wrong. Even if you have trouble
the place is only the legs, it is limited exclusively
squatting is meaningless. It is necessary to do an integrated approach
at the same time with maximum consideration of problem areas of the body.

It should be said that any weight loss must begin with an analysis
and revising your diet. First of all you should exclude all
products from your menu that adversely affect your
weight and interfere with the normal operation of the digestive system.

Then you can either use the diet or simply
adjust your diet by setting a balanced

Learn more about how to eat to lose weight,
You can in one of our past articles.

Now let’s go directly to the places where
we need to lose weight. Зарядка чтобы похудетьWhat exercises to do
lose weight at home

Below we offer you an exercise for quick
weight loss, which are divided into groups.

What to do to lose weight legs

  • Exercise number 1

Ходьба на месте Первое упражнение должно быть
kneading is walking on the spot. Stand straight, straighten your back and
shoulders, head looking straight. Now we start walking itself, during
exercise exercise observe proper breathing: inhale through
nose, exhale through the mouth. Exercise duration 1-2 minutes.

  • Exercise number 2

Бег на месте Теперь немного усложним предыдущее
exercise running on the spot with the knee high. For this
stay in the same position. While running, lift your knee to
waist level, but not higher. Do the exercise for 1-2

  • Exercise number 3

Withседания с гантелями Для выполнения данного
exercises we need dumbbells. We take dumbbells in hand, bend
them in the elbow so that the dumbbells are near the shoulders. Legs apart
on the width of the hip joint. On the inhale crouch on the exhale
straighten up. Exercise performed slowly and smoothly. To start
10-15 squats will be enough, then the load can be

  • Exercise number 4

Выпады с гантелями Оставайтесь в предыдущем положении.
We take a step with the right foot forward, we descend on the whole foot and bend
her knee, the left leg stays in place and rests on the toe. With
This back should be flat. Going down, try to reach
buttocks back, until you touch the floor with your left knee.
Then swap the legs. Exercise performed 10 times 3

If you exercise is not enough, we recommend that you study the general
reconstructions for weight loss in the legs.

Что делать чтобы похудели бёдраWhat to do to
lost hips

• Exercise number 5

Выкидывания ноги Чтобы выполнить данное упражнение
get on all fours. Head looks straight, then do
take a deep breath and straighten your right leg, leading her back, trying to
at the same time raise it as high as possible. We return the foot to the original
position and repeat the exercise with your left foot. Do 10 repetitions on
every leg.

  • Exercise number 6

Exercise для ягодиц Лягте на пол, руки положите под
buttocks. Raise legs up and then we part and we reduce them in
parties. With выполнении данного упражнения ноги должны быть
straight, and the muscles are constantly in tension. Repeat
exercise 10-15 times.

  • Exercise number 7

Exercise от целлюлита Лягте на правый бок, согните
arm in your elbow and lean on it. Bend the left leg at the knee and
move it forward, then we try to raise and lower as much as possible
above the lower leg. Having made 4 repetitions, we change position and we make
exercise with the other leg.

What to do to похудел живот

  • Exercise number 8

Качаем пресс Withмите положение лёжа. Get your hands on
head and take them to the castle. Legs bend at the knees and top
part of the toes hook on the sofa or battery. On exhale
поднимаем корпус и касаемся им ног, на exhale опускаемся. Exercise
need to do quickly and vigorously, the abdominal muscles should be constantly
are tense. For the exercise will be enough 10-15

The following article will learn the best set of exercises for

  • Exercise №9

Упражнения для мышц живота Остаёмся в положении лёжа.
The arms are extended and are located along the body. Raise your legs up,
so that between the body and the legs formed a right angle, and then
bend them in the knee. Onпрягая мышцы живота, приподнимаем верхнюю
part of the body, namely the shoulder area, a few centimeters from
floor. To start 15 повторов будет достаточно. Что делать чтобы похудели рукиWhat to do to похудели
• Exercise number 10 Exercise для рук с гантелями
Stand straight, legs slightly apart. We take in the hands of dumbbells and on
exhale сгибаем руку в локте и поднимаем её с гантелей на уровень
плеча, на exhale – опускаем, после чего проделываем это упражнение с
other hand. 10 repetitions on each hand will be enough.

  • Exercise number 11

Exercise для рук Для выполнения упражнения нам
need a bed or pouf. We sit on the edge and put the brush on
thigh level Move the body forward and try to keep the legs
at an angle of 90 degrees, shoulders straightened. Next, we begin to perform
push ups: crouch down and come back. With этом корпус
must move vertically, the entire center of gravity needs to be shifted to
arms. Повторяем отжимания 15 time.

Для наглядной инструкции предлагаем вам видео:

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