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In simple terms, hiccup is a contraction of the diaphragm,
bringing discomfort not only in physical terms, but also can
put a person in an awkward position in front of those around him

Just for this reason you need to know how to behave in order not to
get into such an unpleasant situation.


What to do if you hiccup: where does hiccups come from?

Perhaps, each of us at least once heard from someone from friends
rubber phrase “I hiccup all day. Probably remembers someone. ”
The person who came up with this strange prejudice, to find already
unlikely to succeed, but people who sincerely believe in it are just today
great amount. Naturally, anything can happen
coincidence, but look for a connection between these completely unrelated
between the moments, perhaps, not worth it.

What actually causes hiccups? In fact all
simple enough. Our body has X a pair of cranial nerves,
referred to as the vagus nerve. It is needed to ensure
innervation of most muscles of the mucous membrane and the whole body.
The vagus nerve is the link that unites the inner
organs and central nervous system. From the chest to the abdominal
cavity to the other internal organs, he goes through the narrow
hole in the diaphragm, the partition of which is very narrowed. Exactly
this is the main reason people hiccup.

If there was no food in the body for a long time, and the person begins
hastily absorb large pieces of food, they pass through the esophagus and
can injure the vagus nerve. When he is pressed, he starts
annoyed that is fraught with disruption of the majority
internal organs. That is, if something is not with the vagus nerve
so, the body begins to send alarming to the nervous system
nerve activating signals that is responsible for reducing
diaphragm, which leads to familiar sensations when hiccups.

Simply put, hiccups are a result of the activity of the diaphragm nerve,
which pulsates and leads to its sharp reduction. Process
also accompanied by a sharp overlap of the glottis, and in the end
we can hear the sound characteristic of hiccups.

What to do if you hiccup: causes

In addition to the quick and rough meal there are some other reasons
by which a person can hiccup, such as:

  • receiving large amounts of cold water;

  • binge eating;

  • uncomfortable posture, due to which the nerve can shrink;

  • fear (as a result of which there is a sharp sigh);

  • in a small child, hiccups can begin if he is cold.

There are more serious causes of hiccups, for example, weakened
nervous system, very strong stress or nervous breakdown. Besides
This hiccup can be accompanied by such unpleasant consequences
like nausea, abdominal pain and excessive salivation. It may
to be a consequence of the occurrence of liver disease in humans,
gallbladder, pancreas, or ulcers.

What to do if you hiccup: deliverance methods

С точки зрения медицины избавления from hiccups еще не придумано, но
There are a large number of methods by which you can
get rid of her. Among them are the following techniques:

1) trigger the gag reflex by simply pressing your finger
based on language;

2) try to hold your breath as long as possible;

3) tilt the body parallel to the floor and drink in this position
sip a cup of water;

4) eat some bitter or sour fruit;

5) make a mixture of 2 tbsp. l beer and 1 tbsp. l sugar and drink

6) breathe in the paper bag;

7) shake the press or push off from the floor, very often

8) pull the tip of the tongue with your fingers and hold it in this position
8-10 seconds;

9) ask someone to tickle or frighten you;

10) put your hands in the lock behind your back, stand on tiptoe and
be curved. Staying in this position you need to ask someone
to get you water from a cup.

In fact, there are more such tips, here
presents the most popular and effective.

What to do if you hiccup: some more effective

Below are some more effective tricks.
способствующие избавления from hiccups. Since this phenomenon
often manifested due to pinching the esophagus wandering
нерва, с помощью следующих ways можно попробовать устранить
effects on the vagus nerve.

1. Can попробовать избавиться from hiccups методом воздействия на
vagus nerve using special respiratory techniques. Do
It can be this way: we pull the maximum amount of air into the lungs and
try not to breathe as long as possible. You can still breathe air
bend your head forward and stop breathing for 15–20 seconds, after
then let the air out and drink plenty of fluids right there. Can
also use a plastic bag. For this you need a little
breathe into it, resulting in an increase in the body
carbon dioxide and hiccups will stop.

2. Try something to eat or drink. If a drink immediately
too much fluid, hiccups can become even stronger. Can
drink cold or sweet water slowly or eat something
small, for example, a piece of bread. If a реакции не последовало,
make a few more attempts.

3. Sometimes it’s easy enough to stop hiccups.
reach out properly, hold your tongue or even rub your eyes.
You can also curl up and lie down in this position for some time.
time, it happens sometimes very effectively.

4. Many centuries ago, folk healers recommended
try to pee the person who started hiccups. it
It looks very strange, but in some cases it may be
very effective. But before using it, it is advisable
to consult with a specialist.

All you need is to choose the most convenient and effective
прием из вышеперечисленных ways. Here, perhaps, all that you
you need to know if a hiccup unexpectedly attacked you, and how quickly
get rid of this problem.

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