What to do if you do not want to live: to drown indesperate or trying to swim out? Simple advice: do not want to live -look around

Чт, 02 июн 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

When the world loses its colors, you don’t want to see anyone and go anywhere,
nothing terrible happens.

In the life of every person there are situations of crushing
defeats and terrible losses.

Slightly sit out alone, cry about the departed – and smart
the body will gradually take its own, align the emotional background. But
what to do if you don’t want to live? It’s time to take urgent

What to do if you do not want to live: an analysis of the situation

First of all, you should understand what is happening. Analysis of the situation
will help you make the right decision, outline concrete actions and
Generally a little distract from thoughts.

It is important to distinguish between depression, or discouragement, which
quite fit into the concept of norms, from the truly terrible
its effects of depression. With gloom it is possible to cope
alone, but depression requires serious treatment with
attraction of specialists.

If a person completely loses interest in life, loses
social and physical activity, you need to urgently turn to
to psychologists. Depression can last for years, and recognize
disease can only be a psychiatrist practitioner. Extremely difficult
cure yourself.

If a person plunged into the abyss of experiences after
a particular event, you can and should try to get out of it
the state itself. If you do nothing, you can loop
on the problems and gradually get depressed. What to do if live
do not want? To get started, deal with yourself.

An obsession with a negative event is the most frequent.
cause of gloom. Constantly scrolling in my head failing, leading
endless inner monologue with an ephemeral opponent, imagining
how could it be, if not …, a person is driving himself into
an unbearable trap for the soul.

Impossibility to correct what happened and craving everything
change anyone will bring to distraction. Stop it all
right now is the goal of a healthy mind. It is difficult, but not
is impossible. We need to take an example from the children: in their mentally healthy world
just can not be long to be sad.

It is the children who have the amazing ability to fill
emotions every minute of your life. They easily drop everything
what’s stopping them, and moving on. Experiencing every day the strongest
emotions, they are not obsessed with any. It just doesn’t make sense.
– because a whole life ahead.

What to do if you do not want to live for some far-fetched reason?
For example, if suddenly on the threshold of the thirtieth man begins
rush around in search of the meaning of life and urge that, well, they say
thirty years have passed, and nothing is done for eternity, it means
it’s time to do business. In the literal sense of the word. Free time
gives rise to free thoughts. And this is not always good.

What to do if you do not want to live: do you need to fight?

Despondency is accompanied by a gentlemanly set of negative emotions.
Here and a feeling of helplessness, and resentment, and anger. And this is good,
because if the emotional sphere is alive, there is something to work with.
All you need is: change plus for minus.

But if it came to indifference, loss of the desire to get up, somewhere
go, work, listen to music, read your favorite books, things are bad.
Usually it is in this state that a person wonders what
do when you do not want to live. And this is good again! Because
man is still able to ask himself and the world constructive

The easiest option is to start contacting the world.
The simplest everyday questions will initially cause irritation,
denial, and all the wisdom and patience that is
in the shower. This will soon pass, because any wound heals. Is not
empty words: tremendous is hidden in banal verbal formulas
the power of age-old wisdom.

If a person is discouraged, ready for dialogue, the easiest way
ask for help. Reach out to those you trust. Is not
Must be close people. On the contrary, sometimes the easiest
speak out to an unfamiliar or non-close person with whom
binds neither common pain nor common joy.

Internet forums are not the best place to find like-minded people, but
And this option can also be considered. Who knows maybe
there is a person who was in the same situation or is experiencing it
now. Common experience, advice, easy non-binding
communication will help get rid of longing. I wonder what the network will say
незнакомцы, если спросить их: what to do if you don’t want to live?
Answers may surprise, make you think, evaluate what is happening.
otherwise. Sometimes it is very useful to look at yourself.

You need to fight for your life, for your happiness. Otherwise, why all

What to do if you do not want to live

The key to success is an awareness of the problem and a strong desire
stop the senseless state of despondency. Without this desire nothing
will not work. The easiest and most effective advice that can be given in
such a difficult situation – try to get out of the depressive
states in the literal sense of the word. Only motion,
physical activity will quickly and effectively return lost
peace of mind.

Scientists have found that with strong physical exertion in
The body produces a lot of endorphins – the hormones of happiness and
bliss. Walk, run, swim, go to the multi-day
hike, to conquer any peak – this is what you need to do,
to get out of depression.

You can do something with your hands – it also distracts and gives
pleasure. The simplest things about the house, the garden can be salvation.
It is not necessary to devote this whole future life. But чтобы
to shake emotions, put your thoughts in order, make your soul wake up
It’s enough. Not by chance people who can not find a solution
Some work tasks often use the simplest technique:
go on a long walk. Monotone movement
switches the brain, and the solution is by itself, somehow
by miracle

You need to force yourself to give up the role of the victim. it
humiliating in the end! Nobody and nothing has the right to take away.
God-given life. Start chatting in fun, easy,
positive people. If necessary, change the environment.

When the time comes, it’s good to work out the situation.
alone or with the help of a psychologist. Worth asking yourself
the simplest questions: why did I need this situation? Which one
I learned a lesson from it? How can I use the received priceless
experience? it на самом деле очень действенный способ переоценить
what happened You need to learn to take responsibility for your
a life. it единственный способ прожить ее счастливо.

What to do when you do not want to live in the same life situation
still the scenario? Gradually change it. Change of situation –
This is primarily a radical change in their thoughts. Once
the brain will begin to emit new signals, life is miraculous
will change. The technique is described in many books on psychology,
written in accessible language. Once появятся первые результаты,
It will be interesting to continue to change reality.

And you can start with small goals. For example, put them in front
yourself in the morning and chastise yourself in the evening. Reach
the nearest stop and come back, bring some
trophy: maple leaf, matchbox, street cat photo. Let be
At first it will be something small, insignificant. Gradually
tasks can be complicated, and there, you see, and in the group on the conquest
Elbrusa want to sign up.

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