What to do if the lymph node is inflamed in the neck, behindear, armpits? Lymph node inflamed: first aid at homeconditions

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Lymph node is a kind of lymph transit point, where from
body fluids are filtered out and foreign bodies are removed and
harmful substances.

Thus, the lymphatic system is an important part of the system,
responsible for immunity and protecting the body from various

In addition to lymph nodes, its structure includes lymphatic vessels,
spleen, thymus (thymus gland) and tonsils.

Inflammation is a signal of excessive lymphatic performance.
node and the rapid increase in the number of white blood cells, and the
The inflammatory process is called lymphadenitis – it can be
purulent and purulent.

The latter is more dangerous because without timely
treating inflammation can spread to the entire body.

In addition, lymphadenitis is acute (lasts up to two weeks) and
chronic (lasts more than a month).

During the examination, doctors usually feel the lymph nodes, since
their increased condition signals the presence of infection or even
cancer education in the body.

Symptoms of inflammation of the lymph node in the neck (lymphadenitis)

Often the inflammation of the lymph nodes is accompanied by other
signs of disease:

• Pain when you feel sore
lymph node, with purulent lymphadenitis strong constant and
throbbing pain.

• Immobility of lymph nodes.

• Redness on the skin.

• General weakness.

• Chills, fever.

• Loss of appetite.

• Rapid pulse.

• Pale skin.

• breath.

• Headache.

If the lymph node is slightly enlarged, however
not accompanied by painful sensations and other symptoms –
This is a sign that this lymph node is working more actively.
the rest. In this situation, especially do not need to worry
it is enough to send strength to strengthen the immune system. But if
inflammation does not pass a long time, you must necessarily
See a doctor.

Sometimes several lymph nodes can become inflamed, which
signals an active infectious process in the body. AT
In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible, so
how the disease can be very serious.

What to do if the lymph node is inflamed in the neck

Causes of inflammation of the cervical lymph node may be
are different:

1. The common cold.

2. Diseases of the throat and oral cavity (sore throat, acute pharyngitis
and etc.).

3. Infectious diseases (toxoplasmosis, herpes, rubella and

4. Ear and skin diseases.

5. Tooth abscesses, gum disease.

6 Cancer of the larynx, cancer of the oral mucosa, cancer of the tongue.

7. Cancer of the thyroid gland.

Since inflammation of the lymph node may signal
serious infection and even oncological processes in the body,
it is imperative to consult a doctor and follow
his treatment recommendations. Usually it is to eliminate
the primary source of the disease, antibiotics, painkillers and
antimicrobial drugs, visits to physiotherapy
procedures. AT случае гнойного лимфаденита требуется хирургическое

Along with the actions prescribed by the doctor, it is recommended:

• Dissolve soda and salt in hot water, cool to acceptable.
temperature and gargle with this solution throat.

• You can also use echinacea extracts to gargle,
chamomile, calendula, sage, mint.

• Drink a tablespoon of fresh aloe juice daily.

• Gently massage the lymph nodes with eucalyptus essential oils,
tea tree or lavender.

• Eat bactericidal products, such as onions, lemon,
garlic and others

• Under no circumstances should you heat the inflamed area,
take hot baths, go to the bath or sauna, as this
will lead to complications and suppuration.

What to do if the lymph node is inflamed behind the ear

Lead to an increase in the lymph node behind the ears can:

1. The common cold.

2. Ear inflammations (otitis, neuritis of the auditory nerve,
furunculosis of the ear canal).

3. Fungal infections.

4. Less often – diseases of the oral cavity and throat.

As in the previous case, if the lymph node is inflamed behind the ear,
you must consult a doctor to identify the cause
diseases, and then proceed to its treatment in accordance with
by the diagnosis. You can take additional measures to
accelerate healing and pain relief, such as lung pain
massaging with essential oils, adding products to the diet,
strengthen the immune system. It is forbidden to use heat

What to do if an armpit lymph node has become inflamed

ATоспаление лимфатического узла подмышками может предупреждать о
following problems:

1. ATоспаление волосяного фолликула вследствие закупорки пор.

2. Allergies to used cosmetics, such as
deodorant, shower gel, moisturizing body milk, etc.

3. Damage to the skin, such as scratches, where due to
the lack of timely treatment hit the infection.

4. Infectious process in nearby organs.

5. The common cold.

6 Respiratory tract infections.

7. Breast cancer.

8. Melanoma.

If the lymph node is inflamed in the armpits, first of all
it is necessary to abandon the use of cosmetics,
applied to this area. ATо-первых, они могут закупоривать поры
– in principle, the action of the majority is based on this
deodorants and body powders. ATо-вторых, если вы не пользовались
earlier products of this company or cosmetics with some specific
extract, inflammation can be caused by allergic

ATажно сразу обратиться к врачу, так как только специалист может
make an accurate diagnosis and possibly identify early
stages such a dangerous disease as cancer. Then you can follow
the above recommendations to relieve painful
sensations and help the body quickly stop the inflammatory
process: gently massage the inflamed area using oils,
eat bactericidal products. In no case can not
heat the inflamed area by applying warm compresses, taking
hot bath or visiting the bath.

Prevention – the best treatment for inflammation of the lymph nodes

In order not to inflame the lymph node, you must follow the same
preventive measures that are prescribed to avoid
infectious diseases.

1. Hygiene

AT первую очередь — соблюдать личную гигиену, регулярно мыть руки
and the rest of the body. At the same time choose proven
cosmetics for which you can not be allergic.
Try to use deodorants as little as possible and always wash off.
their remnants before bedtime so as not to cause blockage of the pores.

2. Power

Health организма и сильный иммунитет во многом зависят от
nutrition of the person and the state of his digestive system.
Compose your diet correctly so that it includes all
essential vitamins and minerals, fiber. AT периоды, когда
the probability of catching infectious diseases is greatest,
take vitamin and mineral complexes. ATо время эпидемий можно
take antiviral drugs for prophylactic purposes.

3. Hormonal balance

One of the reasons for the increase in lymph nodes is
furunculosis, which in turn is caused by a violation in
hormonal balance of the body. If you have symptoms
hormonal failure, you need to contact an endocrinologist.

4. Isolation

Avoid contact with sick people, because first of all
viral diseases are transmitted from person to person.

5. Timely help

Если вы чувствуете признаки простуды, ОРATИ или гриппа,
Immediately begin treatment, and do not expect that everything will pass by itself.
So you can only worsen the situation and start the disease.
If it was not difficult to cure him at an early stage, later
This can lead to various complications, such as inflammation.
lymph nodes.

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