What to do if the husband drinks. Husband drinks every daybeer is fixable! Answers to the question: what to do if the husband drinksregularly

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Today, a person who does not drink alcohol at all –
great rarity.

In most cases, citizens use low alcohol
drinks that cause less and more harm
to the body.

How to help in this situation?


General information about the dangers of alcoholic beverages. And what if
husband drinks

Alcohol consumed and our distant ancestors. In those times
many drinks, for example, red wine – had a number of positive
for health properties. But such a drink was used exclusively in
therapeutic purposes. That is, his dosage was minimal. Of
red wines were made various elixirs and healing
strong drinks.

Beer is also known to mankind for a long time. This is a fermentation drink,
therefore, it is worth to drink it fresh and use it in limited
quantities. As scientists prove – drinking beer in
unlimited quantities can cause intoxication of the body,
diseases of the liver, kidneys, bladder, and tumors
in any of the organs of the body.

Doctors are also trying to help young people not to go through the beer
alcoholism and conduct explanatory work, indicating that beer is
calorie drink and has a diuretic effect. With urine
beneficial microelements are washed out of the body, and extra calories
cause obesity.

Modern society has no culture of drinking at all.
of beer. Most men of mature age suffer from beer
alcoholism. Doctors believe that if an adult drinks
more than two half-liter bottles of drink per week, he is already dependent
From him. And beer addiction is the most difficult to cure.

Usually the question of stopping beer is a mature person.
is set only when it hits the surgeon’s table with a disappointing
diagnosed either when his liver begins to die. For youth
beer alcoholism is also relevant and beer is a drink that
paves the way for young people to drink stronger. So that
if my husband drinks beer every day?

You need to try all available methods to help the member.
his family to unlearn from such addiction. Many families
suffer from violence from a drunken husband. And it’s scary.
Psychologists point out that in most cases the cause
beer alcoholism is the problem of exactly psychological
character Why can’t a person refuse a drink by himself?
Because when the addiction goes from a psychological level to
physiological level, then the beer becomes a drug,
the use of which is necessary for the body like water and food.

Что делать, если husband drinks — традиционные методы помощи

Traditional medicine offers a number of methods for removing a person from
beer alcohol addiction. If a man is in a beer
binge drinking, and this often happens, then the medical staff
rehabilitation center or local clinic in the mandatory
order will put him a drip with a special solution, thanks
which toxins will be taken from the patient’s blood and instantly
sober up.

Cleaning procedures can last a single day, everything
depends on the severity of intoxication. When this stage of therapy
will be completed – the medical staff will offer the patient treatment in
hospital for alcohol addicts. Today, a huge number of techniques
treatments offer similar clinics. It is worth noting that initially
Doctors aim their work at eliminating psychological

A huge role in this issue is played by the psychological climate in
family. In what atmosphere did a man live, what factors led to
stress, as a result of which he began to drink beer. Many beer
alcoholics indicate that thanks to beer, they relax and
enjoy life. Therefore, in any rehab
The program has a tremendous psychological work.

If a person has decided to independently abandon the use
beer, then all family members need to support this initiative
stop drinking themselves, limit the communication of the person
with drinking companions. Many men alone reduce to a minimum
drinking beer without giving it up completely. This is the right one
a psychological move that allows you not to create stress for
organism, sharply limiting the consumption of beer, and gradually its

Some patients of the clinics are offered a special diet,
which allows you to replace the pleasure of drinking beer
pleasure from using another product, for example,
sweets. Если husband drinks не только пиво, но и другие спиртные
напитки, а особенно, если он это делает с завидной regularlyстью,
then the wife needs to be ready for a longer process

What to do if a husband drinks beer every day – unconventional
treatment methods

Что делать, если husband drinks каждый день? You can try to help
he alone or supplement the complex of medical events
personal help. Of course, home treatment is very
It is difficult for households, so many women are looking for a way
help your beloved unnoticed.

For this there are a number of methods that were used by our
ancestors for a long time. Women in the old days whispered to drink
husbands conspire to those from alcohol boom. Worth pointing
some of them:

�”Your drinking (Name) is bitter, baking, it is odd in veins, Like myself
damn it goes to bed at dawn

So you (Name) sleep on the bed, but the bottle is not more
are applied.

Drink with water, wash with water. Truly

Need to read the plot over alcohol 9 times, then give a drink
to my husband The reaction to the conspiracy may not occur immediately. Man can
start to drink less, maybe sober faster. The main thing is to have
Patience, until his addiction subsides, must wait. If in
For two weeks there are no obvious improvements, then you should try
another conspiracy.

This conspiracy has a more powerful energy and calls the genus on
help. It is necessary for a woman to defend the entire morning service in the church with
open bottle of liquor. When the pop censer will wave over her
сказать про себя — «ладаном окуриваю, беса из (Имя)
, после креститься нельзя. At the end of the service you need
put a funeral candle to relatives and ask for tears about
healing assistance. For the strength of the case must be left on the altar
something in the form of the same bottle of liquor.

After all you need to drink three days to drink the sick.
The method is strong and effective. When on the third day alcohol
end – you need to take the empty bottle to the intersection and leave
it has an empty container and a similar one, but filled and odd
amount of silver coins. You need to leave without looking back
словами — «бесами делано, церковью отделано, больше не при деле
you. Truly
. You should not be afraid of this ritual, as in
most cases on men drinking negative is demonic
plan, which is thus easily removed from them.

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