What to do if suddenly began period. whatto do if periods begin at school, at sea, in a camp

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Menstruation does not always begin when it is convenient.

Until the cycle is established, they may come suddenly or
start for the first time in unfamiliar surroundings.

what делать, если случилось нежелательное и непредвиденное?

How to behave in a critical situation at sea, at school, in
the camp?

what делать, если начались месячные на море

Rest on the sea will not be spoiled if you prepare in advance to
all the surprises. Monthly is no exception. Lose a few days
waiting for time, or refuse to travel is not necessary. what
to do if you started monthly at sea?

Хорошая новость: купаться можно, но только в
If a tampon is selected as protection. If a girl is yet
did not live sexually, we need special tampons with an applicator
(it adjusts the depth of entry) and small (labeled
mini or two drops). Women may prefer
menstrual cups. They are comfortable, do not leak, impede
seawater penetration.

In any case, after bathing you need a tampon
to change.

The water in the sea, though useful, but on the public beach is still
dirty. The penetration of bacteria into the vagina can cause
inflammation, so beware. Change used tampon
The easiest way is in the toilet, but you can do it in the stall.

Take a small bottle of water to the beach, wet
intimate hygiene wipes and pads or tampons.

After replacing the tampon, rinse the intimate area, blot with napkins and
use fresh hygiene products.

Rules of swimming at sea during the month

• swim for no longer than 15 minutes to ensure that water is not guaranteed
got inside (the tampon will start to get wet);

• Do not sunbathe under the active sun for the first three days. Tan can
lie unevenly as menstruation affects melanin production.
You can simply burn, even if the skin responds well to the sun.
whatбы этого не случилось, для загара лучше выбрать раннее утро, до
10-11 hours, or evening, after 17 hours.

There are medical methods for the correction of menstruation,
but you cannot use them yourself.
birth control pills can be delayed for several days
the onset of critical days, and blood clotting
bring the end of a special period. If there are any problems with
blood clotting is prohibited.

what делать, если внезапно начались месячные и под рукой
just no pads or tampons?
whatбы дойти до
store or pharmacy, use any available tool. Our
mothers and grandmothers learned about the existence of gaskets after the collapse of the USSR,
and nothing, felt great before this happy
revelations. So in an emergency you can use
As a gasket, any clean cloth: old linen, a diaper,
several folded handkerchiefs.

what делать, если начались месячные в школе

Teenage girls with unsteady menstrual cycle can
get into trouble. It is especially important for them to know that
to do if menstruation suddenly began. whatбы одноклассники ничего
not noticed, you need at the first sign of the beginning of menstruation to go to
toilet and independently make a “strip”.

what можно использовать в качестве импровизированной прокладки?
Here are a few options:

• a few meters of tightly rolled toilet paper.
Tear it off the main roll, fold the crotch to the size
shorts and use;

• a handkerchief, a woven napkin, any clean cloth;

• a piece of cotton wrapped in a bandage (you can ask
health worker).

There are other options. For example, you can cover the gusset
plastic bag, and on top to place any absorbent
basis: cotton wool, bandage, handkerchief, the same toilet paper. whatбы
�The “gasket” did not move out, it can be fastened with a pin, but very
neat and not in the crotch area.

what делать, если начались месячные в школе? You can refer to
health worker not only for cotton and bandage, but also for the gasket.
Share other means of hygiene and other girls. Surely
someone in school has already begun menstruating.

If a trouble has occurred and there are traces on the clothes, you need to
cover them as you like: a sweater, tied to the hips, a scarf,
bag, ask for leave from the class teacher, call mom and
wait for her or go home by yourself.

what делать, если начались месячные в лагере

Country camps often scare teenage girls
uncertainty, especially if you have to go far from mom or
go to the sea. what делать, если месячные начались в лагере
first? Immediately tell everything to the medical professional. A business
that the first periods can have not only abundant, but also
painful. The doctor will not only offer the girl hygiene products, but
and soothe, will give, if necessary, a pill for severe pain.
In addition, with heavy periods you must be under
supervision by a specialist, since severe blood loss can
lead to the tragic to the end Menstruation is the same bleeding
they are not joking with him.

Can I use tampons? If critical days come
For the first time, it is better not to do this. Of course, zapet to use
tampons girls who do not live sexually, no. But the thing is
that it is better to monitor the amount of blood secreted. It will help
learn the features of your cycle. It happens that tampons cause
intoxication, and if you hide their use from adults, you can
to get not just unpleasant, but also in a life-threatening situation.
Away from the city is extremely undesirable.

If your periods have been before and mom gave gaskets with her,
need to use them. The teacher and the counselor must necessarily
say that in the next three to five days you will not walk
on the sea and do physical exercises. All water treatments and
physical activity these days should be canceled.

It happens that a girl is embarrassed to tell a sports instructor about her
problems. You still have to do it. It is possible through another
educator, a woman or through girls from his squad. If a
malaise is very strong, it is necessary to turn to
health worker camp.

what еще можно сделать, чтобы чувствовать себя комфортнее? To wear
dark skirt, you can pareo. Avoid direct sunlight. If a
very hot, it is better to stay in a darkened room. Often
wash, use wet wipes for intimate hygiene,
change gaskets. Panties should be tight but not

what делать, если начались месячные: важные нюансы

whatбы критические дни не застали врасплох, важно вести
special calendar. Someone is comfortable doing it on paper
(for example, to get a small notebook), someone prefers
use a special program on your phone or tablet.
It is necessary to note the duration of the cycle, start and end dates,
compare with previous periods. Thanks to the calendar you will
know exactly when to wait for the next menstruation.

Waiting for the onset of the cleaning cycle, you need to use
daily pads. The bag must be thin
pad “normal” or a tampon just in case. So helpful
habit is the best solution to the question, what to do if suddenly
began monthly.

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