What scratches the right elbow: omen. Whatexpect a sign of what it is left to bear

Чт, 23 июн 2016 Автор: Виталий Шеломидо

Each of us many times faced with unpleasant blows of parts
body, especially unpleasant when you hit your elbow.

It feels great discomfort, and I want to itch faster

Since ancient times, people have been invented to smooth the situation

Most often they turn out to be true, however, unfortunately, not
every time they make us happy.

So, why does it hurt the right or left elbow, and what
Are there signs for this?


Signs, what is it right elbow?

If you feel an itch in the area of ​​the right elbow, you can not worry –
this is a good harbinger. Most likely, very soon you will be able to
get the news for yourself. There is also folk
a sign that if you have an elbow itching after a small
bruise, it means that just at this moment the beloved is thinking of you

There is another sign when you feel an itch right after
waking from sleep. In this case, you need to be very attentive,
as probably someone close to you can make an attempt
cheating. If a young girl wakes her elbow after waking up –
This is for a romantic trip. If such an itch after waking up
for a married woman, it means that she is soon preparing for an ambulance,
and, most likely, not the most pleasant journey.

According to other sources there is a different interpretation of this omen,
which says that you need to wait for big trouble, to
For example, there will be a serious quarrel or scandal. There is another option –
most likely, you will have to be in someone else’s bed. It does
does not mean that betrayal will necessarily happen
circumstances will be such that you will be forced
spend the night at a party, with friends and so on. Right elbow can
to itch before a quarrel, and it can be as small
controversy, so and the big scandal.

Of course, the signs of the elbow are valid only when
a person does not have any diseases, such as, for example, a rash or
allergy. If the itch does not go away and continues for
a few days, then you need to go to the doctor who will help
establish the correct diagnosis.

If the itch in the elbow did not arise due to health problems,
then he may promise the following points in the near future:

 happy moments, delight;

 pleasant chores;

 moving to a new place or spending the night outside the home.

Signs, what is left elbow scratched for?

As for the itch of the left elbow, then everything is not so
optimistic. Since ancient times, people have viewed the human body as
symbol, defining the set of its laws. Division of the body into
the left and right side implied the impact on the soul of the good and
evil forces. The left side is the domain of the demon, the right side is the angel. From here
by the way, and send phrases and phrases that we heard with
childhood “walk left”, stood up with his left foot. “

Left-handers are always perceived with apprehension. During the time of their inquisition
everyone despised, some even burned at the stake, considering the supporters
evil spirits. In Islam, the left side of the body was considered dirty.
Therefore, it was necessary to enter the house with the right foot, to take
food from the plate with your right hand and so on. Doing any action
left hand was perceived as a manifestation of disrespect for
to the owners.

In Judaism, it is considered, the thanksgiving of the Most High gives man
right hand, and punishes – left. Hebrew word for “left”
interpreted as “gloom.” Very similar attitude to the left side
and in Orthodoxy. Itching in the left elbow means you have to wait for losses
and troubles. Nature seems to prompt man: watch your
close people and property. It does not hurt to also ask
their relatives, is everything in order with their health and affairs?

Hands are the most active part of a person’s body, which is why
It is associated with them most will. Practically hit with elbow
always means the coming trouble. This is a sign of a medical
justification. A strong blow can damage the joint or
tendon, simply put, there are real reasons for the development

Signs, what is left elbow scratched, changes in life

The elbow is one part of the body that helped a person protect
yourself at the right time, be prepared for upcoming events,
predict the future. Itching in the left elbow can mean you
envy someone. Things you do have increased
competition, and such a foreshadowing can help you foresee
the moment when your noble people will become mercenary. So
Thus, ancient signs make it clear that itching in this part of the body
there is no accident.

Itching on the left elbow can mean unexpected, serious
changes in life. This may be an unplanned cruise or
unexpected act of the second half. If a problem occurs
immediately after waking up, it may mean that the day is coming
promises to be difficult. It can be an unpleasant conversation with a loved one.
man, he can cheat and hurt.

So, itching in the left elbow can mean:

 unpleasant event;

 frustration and misfortune;

Quarrels, scandals.

Of course, not every itch should be considered as a sign. Here
need to pay attention to the time of its action. If itching is prolonged
and does not leave – in this case, you need to visit your doctor, perhaps
it is associated with any skin disease or may be a sign

So образом, если зуд появился в правом локте — это может
foreshadow joyful events, in the left – to trouble. If
both elbows are scratched – this may promise some unexpected
surprise, for example, a romantic meeting, a long journey or
great gift.

Signs about the elbows are different, but to smooth unpleasant
or painful sensations from a strike better remember only about
Positive explanations of the situation, but not about the negative ones
at all. After all, as you know, thoughts tend to materialize,
so believe in the best, and it will definitely happen to you!

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