What scratches his right heel: folk omen. TOwhat is scratched left heel omen – the main interpretation

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Superstitious people were from time immemorial.

This especially applies to the superstitions associated with the legs.

TO чему чешется правая или левая пятка? We will understand.


TO чему чешется правая пятка примета, суеверия

Our ancestors had legs associated with movement, travel,
so every sign that touched the feet, one way or another
spoke about the fact that a person can or cannot move to his
goals Of course, do not confuse omens and prejudices,
superstition. Some people develop phobias and become afraid
what happens to them something really scary if they have
combed any part of the body.

In such cases, superstitions really interfere with life. At first they
interfere only with minor inconveniences, then they develop into phobias and
chronic fatigue. But what to do to prevent this from happening?
It is wise to approach the case. First, it is worth exploring all interpretations.
will take itching-related heels and then make decisions and
active actions.

It is also worth pointing out the fact that quite often itchy
heel area, can serve not only as a signal to the body about
the upcoming event, but an absolutely objective problem. So he
may be caused precisely by the general malaise of a person. If that
overheated, or overcooled, then due to impaired blood flow in the legs
the heel will itch. Itching is also possible due to fungal
diseases that can affect not only the foot, but also
heel area.

Allergic reaction to unnatural shoes, creams and other
irritants can also cause itching. Seasonal Avitaminosis Leads
to the peeling of the skin, and he, in turn, to the cracks on the heels, to their
itching. Often foot injuries cause itching during healing.
muscle and soft tissue.

Those girls who love high-heeled shoes are practically
should not react to heel itching, because it can objectively
due to improper distribution of foot pressure during
walking In ancient times, people did not have problems with shoes on high
heels and fungal diseases, so if itching occurs,
especially short-lived, they clearly knew that his
the reason is precisely the signal of the body about upcoming events.
But good or bad? Worth to understand.

The right side of the human body, and strictly speaking – the right heel
symbolize the positive side of human nature, his life,
so if itching occurs right there, it means that only
positive change. TOакие именно?

TO чему чешется правая пятка примета

TO чему чешется правая пятка примета сулит путешествие и весьма
even quite good. On the way, only friendly people should meet.
people and good events.

Also it promises:

• Meet nice people;

• Welcome guests with gifts;

• Hike to visit those who have not seen for a long time;

• Meeting with an old friend, with a sudden.

She can also itch to fast news from afar, they say that
completely unexpected people will bring this news. For those who decide
This sign promises success for admission to study. Also worth without
no doubt marry. If you are already a few days
hesitate and can’t make a decision, then really
it is worth legitimizing the relationship, because the omen promises you
rapid progress in life with his soulmate.

If the trip or event was scheduled well in advance,
itching in the right heel can mean exceptionally good
friendly communication during the meeting. It is worth noting that I will accept
should be interpreted immediately before the conduct itself
events or expect the implementation of plans in the coming days.
Signs of this kind do not work for the long term, they
implemented almost instantly.

Therefore, if your right heel was itching from a month ago, and
today you met an old acquaintance and pleased with him
talked, then the meeting is rather random. If you hesitate in
making a professional decision is not worth it. Better right away
voice all your wishes. If itching right heel is active and
arises when thinking about changing positions, going on vacation – it means
such an event is very rational.

If a child has scratched right heel, then it will be active.
and stand firmly on its feet. If you have shod someone else’s slippers or shoes and
felt an itch – it means that a person is far from you and a pleasant one is waiting for him

TO чему чешется левая пятка примета

If you stand up with your left foot, then the whole day will go wrong. This knew
still our ancestors. It was impossible to start a new journey with your left foot, on
Wedding towel also made to stand with his right foot, and not with

But why are our ancestors so superstitious about their left foot and
left side of the body as a whole? It’s simple – it was believed that he knows
the left side is the evil spirit and it’s not worth waiting for it.
It is believed today that on the left shoulder of each person sits
his evil spirit, his vices and troubles. Therefore, the left leg, namely
heel personify movement in bad, not the right direction.

TO чему чешется левая пятка примета сулит:

• Stop cases;

• Gossip and barriers;

• Fears and phobias on the way to the goal;

• Closing roads.

Of course, a person’s thoughts are material, so it’s worth choosing
them carefully. And every time it itches, and especially
left – do not sound the alarm. You need to fully weigh all the pros and
against the event where you gathered either way
which you have chosen.

Itchy left heel omen may indicate a need
commit the wrong, but such a necessary act. Mistakes
definitely not avoid but minimize their effects

If a child has his left heel itch – this means that he
will fall and get hurt. It is better to delay the active
leisure and a variety of entertainment. Sometimes a child starts
itch your left heel as a sign that you need to leave the house,
to whom he was met with hostility.

Children are more sensitive to energy promises and to
negative impact. If a child has both heels, it means
better to sit out at home. If an adult has decided
dramatically change your life, itchy both heels – it means
that none of the options is true. Worth thinking. Find the third
way to resolve the issue.

In fact, you need to listen to the signals of your body.
is always. Sometimes the brain due to the impulses sent to a specific
The body warns people against stupidities and empty actions.
Doctors say that spontaneous itching can also be a sign
incipient mental disorder. But it is rather an exception to
the rules. Often itching encourages a person to be more attentive to
his body and the work he is busy with.

It is necessary to reconsider their attitude towards others and their relationship to
you are very likely that among them there is a traitor and that person
who wants to block your path. But, if it itches fifth heel –
should bravely embark on this path. Psychologists advise not to be afraid
superstitions, and a couple of times to check their own experience
efficiency, make independent inputs and only then
judge. The main thing – the mood for a positive resolution of all
exciting issues and problems to eliminate barriers to
of life.

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