What is useful bay leaf for weight loss?

chem-polezen-lavrovyy-listIt would seem, so what
special in bay leaf? We often use it for
cooking and do not suspect the benefit he gives to our
to the body.

Bay leaf is widely used in cooking – it gives soups,
sauces and various drinks special flavor. Fresh leaf laurel
It has a brilliant rich green back and matt
light green inside.

If you break it, you can feel the sweetish spicy
aroma, thanks to which a fresh leaf also likes to be used
in dishes like spice. Drying, laurel loses its shine, acquires
Green-brown shade and exudes a rich aroma.

However, the plant has proven itself not only
due to strong smell. It is a source of valuable
elements that encourage the process of losing weight.

Why use a bay leaf?

The leaves of laurel in dry and fresh form are used by many nations.
the world as a fragrant spice as well as for controlling pests
and some insects.

Essential oil of laurel, which is usually called on
Latin – Bay (Bay), manifests itself as super effective
remedy in the fight for long strong shiny hair, as well as
strong cure for bruises and muscle sprain. But
Laurel leaves give the greatest benefit to our bodies in the form
flavored additives to your favorite dishes.


What is the strength of bay leaf (for weight loss and the body in

  • For the stomach. Laurel has a beneficial effect on the digestive
    system, providing a calming and cleansing effect on the walls
    stomach. Broths and infusions of bay leaf help rapid absorption
    food, protein digestion, eliminate digestive disorders,
    for example, constipation, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, that
    It is very important for successful struggle with excess weight.
  • To save energy balance. In bay leaves in
    A large amount contains vitamins A and C. Also the plant is rich
    manganese, potassium, calcium and iron: all these trace elements
    necessary for our body to recover quickly after
    physical activity, maintaining an active healthy life and
  • Relief of some states. Symptoms of arthritis, arthrosis and
    rheumatism, which are accompanied by inflammation, you can
    greatly facilitate by adding to the daily diet
    leaves of laurel.
  • For the heart and blood vessels. The aromatic leaves also contain
    phytonutrients, caffeine and salicylates, which are incredibly useful for
    maintain the health of the cardiovascular system – they are effective
    protect it from chronic stress and early aging.
  • For women. Due to the high content of folic acid laurel
    very useful for maintaining women’s health and enhancing
    reproductive function.
  • Butрмализация сахара в крови. The leaves of the laurel tree are fine
    have shown themselves in the fight to restore normal levels of sugar
    in the blood, and scientists have proven their effectiveness in the treatment of diabetes 2
    type In addition, in the form of spice laurel will appeal to all who observe
    diet and fighting for a slim figure – it reduces the craving for sweets and
    perfectly speeds up the metabolism. Also this spice helps a lot.
    remove harmful cholesterol and unwanted salts from the body.

Contraindications and correct dosage

But следует помнить о том, что во всем необходимо знать меру.
Even the most useful grass or plant can play a cruel joke:
It is proven that pregnant women should limit their use.
spices from bay leaves as this can lead to

The benefits of bay leaf for the human body is undeniable –
it helps to fight the many symptoms of the wrong image
life and prevent the development of certain diseases. Only 1-2
a leaf of dried laurel will give any soup or sauce a special charm
and increase appetite, while the body gets a huge dose
vitamins, micro-and macronutrients, as well as antioxidants.

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