What is the dream of the police: get to the police, runfrom her, serve in the police. Basic interpretations: why dreampolice

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Anyone like to see a picture of rest in a dream,
love relationships, other pleasant moments of life. But what does
сон, в котором является police? Worth to understand.


К чему снится police — основное толкование

К чему снится police – зависит от образа жизни человека. If a
he is often depressed and does not feel solid ground under his feet – such a dream
may mean that he needs protection and in the role of the police she
is to him in a dream.

  • If a человек занимается бизнесом и ему во сне явилась картина,
    how he is arrested – unsuccessful deals await him, unscrupulous
    partners. Terms of the contract will be violated in a strict form.

  • If a вас во сне грубо задерживает police без веских на то
    reasons – you have to fight with unbridled force, this struggle
    will be in vain. Hear in your dreams snap on your hands
    handcuffs – to repent in a previously committed case. Wine gnaws at you
    You regret a lot. You can make a mistake, which
    ruin your reputation for long. But if you react promptly
    – there will be no more misunderstandings, all problems will be resolved.

  • If a во сне вы убегаете от полиции — наяву вы станете искать
    out of a rather difficult situation, but it’s worth solving
    legally. If a police глумится над вами во сне — наяву вас
    waiting for a trick, the authorities will look for flaws in your work and yet
    will find What to do in this case? Be sure to act on
    situations. If a вы будете действовать активно и оперативно — вам
    avoid surprises.

  • If a во сне мимо вас проезжает полицейская машина, у которой
    flashers are included – such a dream could mean that everything in your life
    events will simply turn out incredibly fast. If a во сне вы
    start calling the police – in life you are very worried
    future events, your anxiety plagues you. To your health
    may soon not sustain such a rhythm of life.

  • If a во сне вы совершаете побег из полиции — наяву вы,
    you will certainly be involved in a case that violates the law. Not worth in
    risk coming soon – the risk will be unjustified. If a во сне вас
    разыскивает police — впереди полоса неудачных событий. Often
    such failures relate to professional activities.

К чему снится police по соннику Миллера

В соннике Миллера сказано, что police снится в большинстве
cases to luck. This is especially true of those dreams in which
arrested you illegally. This dream is especially good if it
had a dream before an important business or a deal – everything will go even better
than well.

If a же арест обоснован — ждите трудностей, которые надолго
take root in your life. You can also expect sharp turns.
destinies and unexpected expenses. If a же вы во сне долго
you explain to representatives of the law that you are innocent – in reality you
You will long explain your point of view to another person.

If a во сне вам явится как вы пытаетесь защитить кого-то от
police – you should be attentive in your actions, perhaps
you took the wrong side, you protect the wrong person.

К чему снится police, останавливающая вас для проверки
of documents

  • If a во сне вас останавливает police – такой сон говорит что
    it’s time to collect all thoughts and make an informed decision. It’s time
    review the list of outstanding cases and complete them.
    You may have made many promises and none of them

  • If a при проверке of documents полицией у вас не хватает какого-то
    of them, it means in reality to get an answer to a question, or for
    completion of the case you lack just one little thing. At the same
    time should not be sprayed on small things, it is worth the emphasis
    on large projects. In love, be sure to take from life

  • If a документы проверяют у вас в помещении полиции и при этом
    the ministers of the law are very friendly – such a dream foreshadows
    you patronage in all matters. Do not be afraid of changes in
    life, it is worth taking them with joy, otherwise time will be lost and
    you can never get everything at once again.

  • If a же блюстители закона к вам относятся предвзято — такой сон
    foreshadows you retribution for recent sin, for recent misdemeanors.
    You should be alert because the envious and the enemies will be happy
    take advantage of your wrongdoing for your own selfish purposes.

К чему снится police по другим сонникам

В соннике Хассе сказано, что если вам снится
police — вы будете втянуты в чужое криминальное дело, чужие
Problems. It should beware of this, as damage will be dealt to you.
huge. For a long time you will not be able to move away from

Также police может сниться тем, кто наяву пытается скрыть
truth from others. You may not want to advertise some
their actions and rightly so. You may have dreamed you
are a police officer. If a наяву это не так — значит, вы
want to have power over people, manage them. But do you have to
this is right and can they manage without causing harm?

Возможно, police приснилась вам как предупреждение о том, что
It is worth living on the basis of social norms of morality
trying to break. It is worth thinking maybe you really
too categorical in their affairs. Also such a dream may indicate
on the possibility of being dragged into a dubious incident.

В женском соннике сказано, что видеть во сне
the police who are trying to solve your case – you do not have a hard
position in reality. You really need help. Who asks her
– to that it is given.

В эзотерическом соннике сказано, что обращаться
to the police station in a dream – such a dream can in reality
point out that you need it. Perhaps you are afraid of someone –
it’s time to end the fears. Also such a dream may say that you
amazing and unforgettable events await.

В соннике Дениз Линн сказано, что police
dreams of the necessary protection that will be provided to you. With
this help will come from an unexpected source. Just want to
and help you.

If a во сне вы долго разговариваете с представителем
the rule of law means that you have not been deciding for some time
event. It is worth carefully remembering all the details of the conversation in it
in addition to the direct meaning can be laid and hidden meaning, to which
worth listening to.

Дениз Линн в своём соннике указывает, что
police во сне является знаком силы и защиты. Soon you will come on
power over and you get what you want. Defenseless condition
and helplessness will no longer touch you. Dream Interpretation advises to stop
engage in self-flagellation and look for your business in life.
Its place in the sun. It is much better than sitting and

The police dream of those who fear pressure from influential
people – so says family dream book. If a вам приснится что
the police have no grounds for arrest, but she is trying to do it – you
go around. all obstacles in reality and you will have nothing to fear at all.
If a арест вполне обоснован — в вашей жизни наступит затяжной
a period of frustration and loss. You will lose not only position in
society, but also the location of close people to you.

If a вас во сне условно освободили и конвоировала вас police до
the house itself – this means that your business will not go up. Everything
it’s your laziness and lack of ability to calculate
the situation.

If a во сне вас арестует девушка — наяву вы предадите друзей и
You will repent for a long time. If a вы во время ареста долго, но
confidently communicate with a representative of the law – you really
need advice and help of a man of higher rank.

В соннике Менегетти сказано, что police во сне
is like a harbinger of physical abuse. With этом стоит
pay special attention to the little things that accompany sleep.
Perhaps they contain a hint about who will make
illegal actions in your address. Police in a dream is also
to the fact that you can confront ill-wishers. For you this

The world of dreams fascinates with its versatility. Not always with
Accuracy can remember your dream, but dream books will help
exactly interpret the dream. The main thing is to heed the advice and not
waste time – act. Not always negative dreams, dreams with
неприятным сюжетом на деле сулят Problems. Sometimes they give accurate
tips on how to improve life, how to translate it into high quality
new level. Believe dreams or not – you decide, but let them promise
only joy.

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