What is the difference between salmon and trout?

What is the difference between salmon and trout?

Red fish called salmon family. On
the counter you can see a variety of names that leads to
confusion. On самом деле лосось – это не рыба, а
the gastronomic name of the whole family. Trout and salmon to him
only relate. Both one and the other fish can be called salmon. But
Is there any difference between them?

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featured. It is important to be able to do this, as there is often one in the store.
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by chance.

Size matters?

What else! The larger the fish, the smaller the bones in it, the more
profit, less waste, easier to use in cooking. And here
championship belongs to salmon. The weight of adult carcasses may be
7-10 kg. Usually oriented in length. As soon as the fish reaches
1.5 meters, it is slaughtered. It is the slices of this fish that can be observed on
shop windows of large stores. Huge chunks of red fish attract

Unlike salmon, trout has very modest
sizes. Carcass weight rarely exceeds 3 kg.

You can often buy small fish up to 1-2 kg, length up to 30
see, sometimes it is cooked entirely, which is not possible with salmon.
Large trout carcasses are used for steaks, but less often than salmon.
An inexperienced buyer is advised to rely not only on
size, should be examined and other signs.

By the way, under the name “trout” several
fish species that have similar characteristics, but live in freshwater and
saline ponds. It is believed that the trout lives only in pure
environment. In the dirty water, this fish is not found. It is recommended
give to children.

What does trout and salmon look like

Outwardly, trout and salmon are also different, it is not about size.
Each fish has a different carcass shape. Salmon is more streamlined,
smooth, horizontal cuts in different areas not much
differ in size. Trout has extended patches.

What are the other differences:

  • The scales of trout are smaller than those of salmon. This is largely due to
    the size of fishes.
  • Salmon has a more oblong head, front part of the skull
    (rostrum) is more prominently advanced. In trout, it is less pronounced,
    able to slightly truncated form.
  • Salmon has a relatively even silver color scales throughout.
    the carcass, only on the abdomen a little lighter shade.
  • The trout is unevenly colored. Also affects the habitat. More often
    total back has greenish shades, silver scales on the sides,
    sometimes white or light gray. This combination creates
    faint bands.

The color and type of meat

Often in stores they sell cut fish, you can buy already
salted (salted, salted, smoked) salmon.
It is clear that a piece of fish 150-200 grams determine the size
carcass or scale color is impossible. In this case, we look at the very
pulp or fish meat.

Main features and differences:

  1. Salmon always has white streaks. it
    fat, which gives juiciness, tenderness to this species. Do trout such
    no veining.
  2. If the salmon fat is evenly throughout the carcass in the form
    the light net, then the trout has more on the belly. By this she is similar
    with many types of white river fish. Layers of fat in adults
    practically crowding out meat in the lower area. In stores you can
    meet separately smoked belly, usually they are from
  3. Salmon meat has a light pink color with orange
    . it и есть лососевый оттенок. Onзвание часто
    found in the field of fashion and beauty. By the way, it is salmon
    The shade will be fashionable in 2019, the color institute says so
  4. Trout meat depends on the fish’s habitat. If she
    caught in freshwater, it has a light shade. Sea
    the trout is more saturated, very similar to salmon when cut, but
    we remember about the veinlets, they are not in this meat.

These signs are more suited to fresh salmon. If salmon and
the trout are frozen, they have almost the same shade, and
veins can not see under the ice crust. That is why
It is recommended to pamper yourself only with fresh delicacies.
Frozen fish, fillets and steaks from it are much easier to fake
as are unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers.

Important! Red fish should not have color,
corresponding to the title. Bright scarlet and orange shades in nature
does not exist. Such an intense color of meat should be alerted. More often
in all, it is achieved by artificial coloring, by this
dishonest manufacturers to improve the commercial
product type.

How much does salmon cost?

Pricing depends on various factors, place of purchase,
страны проживания, но семга обычно гораздо дороже trout Still
Cheaper or freshwater trout, it is found in the Norwegian
rivers. The catch of local fishermen can be bought for a penny, which is not
say about salmon. Sea рыба ценится больше, содержит в себе
other substances, although they have a similar taste, as well as flavor.

By the way, salmon is no longer caught, this fish is brought
in the red book. Everything we see on the shelves grown in
artificial conditions (with the exception of poaching products).
Мировым лидером производства является Butрвегия.

What is healthier and better: trout or salmon

About the benefits of red fish, you can write books. But какой лосось
it is better? Salmon is considered a true delicacy in all respects.
River trout does not belong to it, it is poorer in composition of valuable
substances contains less fat.

For comparison, in salmon there are 15 g, in trout only 4.5 g per
100 g. Calories 220 kcal and 150 kcal

So, the conclusion:

  • salmon is more expensive, trout is cheaper;
  • salmon contains more essential fatty acids;
  • salmon meat with fatty streaks;
  • trout can be sea and freshwater, which affects
    the composition and color of meat;
  • the trout is smaller, more bones are made in the piece.

Despite the difference and advantages of salmon, both species
red fish are useful for humans. Still большей ценностью обладает
fresh product that has not been dyed, frozen,
transported and stored in proper conditions. If there is
the opportunity to purchase quality trout, farms are available in our
country, it is better to give preference to it, rather than imported salmon
of dubious origin.

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