What is the best sport for weight loss?

sport-dlya-pohudeniyaQuickly lose weight is not quite easy
because you have to burn about 7,700 calories to lose
every kilogram.

But you can lose more than 800 calories per hour if
pay attention to these types of sports for weight loss,
like boxing, cycling, canoeing, handball, running,
speed skating and squash.

Football, judo, karate, badminton, swimming and water polo also
are good sports for weight loss, allowing to burn
significant amount of overweight, according to
recommendations from Harvard University.

Effective sports for weight loss is:

Running and bike

Running and cycling dominate our list of the best.
sports for weight loss. Running at 16 km / h and riding
cycling faster than 30 km / h are incredibly efficient
activities for weight loss and allow you to burn
about 570 calories in 30 minutes at your weight in 80

Team sports for weight loss

sport-dlya-pohudeniyaWater polo is the best team sport.
for weight loss, in accordance with the recommendations of the Harvard

You lose 350 calories in 30 minutes of playing water polo, if you
weigh 80 kg, and 270 calories, if 60 kg. Football, beach volleyball and
basketball are also quite effective events in
fight overweight.

But nevertheless water polo and football take the first places on speed
burning calories among various sports.

So, with a weight of 80 kg, you will lose 700 calories per hour if you
playing water polo, 620 calories per hour playing soccer, and 575
calories per hour, playing basketball or beach volleyball.

If you weigh 60 kg, the number of calories you lose is
water polo 540 units, football 480, for basketball and beach
volleyball 430 units, handball 418.

Individual sports for weight loss

sport-dlya-pohudeniyaIndividual sports are better than
team because in team sport for weight loss you are not
be able to lose more than 800 calories per hour.

In addition to jogging and cycling, individual sports
allow a person with a weight of 80 kg. burn more than 800 calories in
hour, and include boxing (835), canoeing (815), speed skating
sports (1040), cross-country skiing (1000) and squash (780).

You will burn a little less than 800 calories per hour if you
swimming in butterfly style, with a weight of 80 kg, 700 calories – breaststroke and
freestyle, and 563 on the back.

Judo, karate, kickboxing and badminton also occupy a very
an important place in the list of various sports for weight loss by the number
calories consumed.

And help burn about 440 calories in 30 minutes if you
weigh 90 kg, 370 calories, weighing 80 kg and 300 calories if you
weigh 70 kg. Good luck in the fight against excess weight!

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