What is Russian twist and how to do the exerciseright?

Many people think of how to pump up the press to
show off in front of others or have strong abdominal muscles.
Therefore, in this article we will consider an effective exercise. Here
you can find out what a Russian twist is, how to do it correctly,
possible variations, and also you will find general tips and advice
to improve the quality of training.

What is Russian twist and how to do the exercise right?


  • What muscles can you pump?
  • Pluses exercises
  • Performance technique
  • Variations
  • General rules and recommendations
  • Common Mistakes and Safety


What muscles can you pump?

Russian twist or twists torso – an effective exercise for
development of abdominal muscles due to the fact that it is based
on static voltage and in addition has dynamic elements

The main goal of the exercise is the development of superficial and deep
oblique abdominal muscles. In addition, the Russian twist provides
involvement of synergistic muscles:

  • external hip rotator;
  • large lumbar muscle;
  • square lumbar muscle;
  • iliac rib muscle.

Among the stabilizers involved in cornering
torso, celebrate:

  • big gluteus muscle;
  • spine extensor group;
  • great (mostly tension goes to the sternal and clavicular
    heads) and small chest muscles;
  • trapezoid (muscle fibers of the middle and lower third);
  • triceps muscle of the shoulder;
  • rhomboid;
  • middle and posterior deltoid muscles.

Мышцы при русском твисте

Pluses exercises

Among all the benefits of the exercise, it is worth noting that a person
when doing it:

  • Develops the power of the oblique abdominal muscles and other components of the abdominal
  • Develops the muscles of the bark.

The muscles of the cortex are a separate group of muscles responsible for stabilization.
pelvis, hips and spine.

  • Forms cubes.
  • Develops posture.
  • Gradually gets a narrower waist.
  • Strengthens the lower back.
  • Improves overall body coordination.

Performance technique

Russian twist – exercise of moderate severity and does not require
special level of preparedness. But experienced coaches strongly
It is advised to pay attention even to trifles, so that the
The exercise brought the desired results in the shortest possible time. For
correct exercise is necessary:

  1. Prepare a platform for training. To
    do this, we lay the mat on the floor and sit on it. At the same time you need
    understand that during the execution of the Russian twist only the buttocks
    will be our fulcrum.
  2. Tighten the rectus abdominis and tear away from the surface.
    legs and torso.
    Lower limbs should be
    slightly bent at the knee joints, and the upper – straightened
    and reduced to the body. Last in relation to the plane of the body
    need to keep straight and at some angle. So we took
    the original position, keeping that person gets persistent
    статическое напряжение на группу мышц брюшного press.
  3. Go to dynamic movements. For этого
    inhale and, without changing the position of the lower extremities, exhale with
    turning the case to the right. At the moment we stay at one point and
    burn through the abdominal muscles. After we return to the starting position and
    make an identical movement, but to the left. Repeating
    the required number of times.

Clearly see how to properly perform the above
movement, you can in this video.


To повысить интенсивность напряжения, используются различные
Russian twist variations:

  • Perform an exercise with fixed
    The essence of the exercise is that the partner either
    a device that will help immobilize the lower limbs
    cornering will allow the latter to focus on more
    intense body movements.
  • Performing a knee lift. This variation
    allows slightly, but to complicate the exercise. By doing
    turning to the side, a person needs to bring closer to the body and
    take the side of the same half to the side opposite to the hands
    body. You can also supplement the torso turns with a “bicycle”.
  • Russian twist on fitball. For выполнения
    we lay back on the ball, arrange our feet wider than shoulder level, so that
    they stood exactly and firmly on the surface. Bend your knees under the straight
    angle, arms stretch in front of the body. Next, perform turns

By doing последней вариации стоит помнить о том, что
fitball is worth rolling over the back of the shoulders, and the final
amplitude will determine the parallel position of the hands to the floor.
For этой разновидности упражнения характерна большая безопасность
in relation to the spinal column.

  • Execution with additional burdening. For
    more complications can be taken into the hands of small dumbbells, pancakes from
    barbells, weights or other convenient to hold on elongated
    hands weighting. If you decide to take a significant weight, bend
    arms in elbow joints for easier execution.
  • Russian twist with pelvic twists instead
    This variation is used to shift the center.
    напряжения на нижнюю часть брюшного press. With the occupation of the original
    body positions will now be on the surface, and legs raised up
    and bent at the knee joints at right angles. To support
    balance, hands can be spread apart. Next, move the knees,
    as they did with the body, to the left and right sides. Watch out for
    so that the loin does not bend.
  • Russian twist with T-barbell. Perform in
    standing position, with legs bent at the knee joints,
    located at shoulder width. T-bar in the initial position
    keep straight ahead in straight arms. At the same time hold the neck
    for the end closer to which the pancake / pancakes are located. Remember
    what to do the exercise is with your back straight, without bending
    in the lumbar region, keep the abdominal muscles in constant
    (static) voltage. Hands with a barbell translate to the side
    at the extreme possible point, twisting the hull and thighs.

General rules and recommendations

To получить как можно больше от упражнения, стоит
follow these recommendations:

  1. By doing русского твиста не раскачивайте корпус
    back and forth, try to keep it straight.
  2. Reaching the end point, linger for a couple of seconds and
    produce a peak contraction, further straining the muscles
    брюшного press.
  3. Keep your legs on the weight, not dropping them to the floor.
  4. By choosing a low torso, you can achieve
    maximum stress on the right muscle groups. The main thing is to keep
    this angle throughout the whole approach.
  5. To провести больше повторений, вам следует правильно
    breathe rhythmically.
  6. If you feel the progress – use weighting.
  7. Begin to perform Russian twist with 4 sets of 20 repetitions
    (20 folds on each side).

Выполнение русского твиста

Common Mistakes and Safety

Russian twist can do absolutely everything – and experienced athletes
and newbies. Mistakes and injuries are rare, but to ensure
maximum safety and correct execution, it is worth remembering

  1. The deviation of the head back during the exercise can
    lead to redistribution of tension and stretching of the neck muscles.
  2. Pressing the chin to the chest can have the same effect
    as in the situation above.
  3. Performing Russian twist is not recommended for people who
    have back problems of various origins. As in the first
    two cases, twisting the torso can harm the spinal
    post and posture of man.

In order to avoid mistakes the first trainings are recommended.
under the supervision of a coach or a more experienced athlete.

Despite the fact that there are many different exercises on
development of abdominal muscles, Russian twist is considered one of
best, because it allows you to stress stress and increase either
reduce the intensity of the load due to the wide variation.

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