What is metabolism and how to speed it uplose weight?

What is metabolism and how to speed it up

It’s easy to explain, then metabolism is the rate at which
your body turns food into energy and consumes this energy. Have
people with fast metabolism calories taken with food quickly
burn, and those who have a slow metabolism, calories are spent
slowly and easily converted into fats.

Смузи с имбирем

The very speed with which you spend energy has little effect on
weight loss. It doesn’t matter whether you are fast or slow
getting less calories than you spend, you can lose weight out
depending on the rate of metabolic processes.

However, the truth is that people with fast metabolism can eat
a lot and not get better. While the slow sufferers
forced to limit themselves and constantly count calories. what
do? Haveскорять метаболизм.

The most effective ways to increase consumption

Author of the book “Gather courage and lose weight,” Ph.D. Dr. Lieberman
suggests the following methods to increase the flow rate obtained with
пищей calories. By following these guidelines, you can increase
energy consumption by 20-40% in just 4 weeks:

Squirrels for breakfast

Be sure to eat protein foods. Omelet or cottage cheese
for breakfast will not cause a sharp release of insulin, such as a roll,
and not make you feel hungry in an hour. well and
breakfast in itself forces the body to speed up the burning processes
calories, так как является сигналом к началу активного периода
of the day

Walking in the morning

Add physical activity to your morning. Not necessary
do exercises – 30 minute walk to the metro station or to
work also allows you to speed up the exchange processes. And not
be sure to move on an empty stomach. Efficiency
физкультуры не уменьшится, если перед ней вы съедите  белковый

Fractional nutrition

Learn how to split meals – there are often, but in small portions.
Dietary advice as old as the world still operates, believe me!
First, snacking often and slowly, you do not leave the cells
muscle tissue without power. Therefore, they do not signal in
brain about the onset of “great hunger”, which means you have more
chances to keep yourself in hand and not pounce on any food in
within reach. Benchmark are the 3 main methods
food and 2 snacks, with an interval of 2, 5-3.5 hours between them.

More squirrels

Do not ignore protein products. Even if you are a vegetarian,
make sure that enough protein is present in
every meal. Protein food helps to tighten muscle
tissue and increased energy consumption even at rest.

Strength training with the mind

Practice at least 2 times a week. Strength training is not
increase the volume of the body (which we absolutely do not need, because we lose weight,
а не наращиваем мышечную массу),  если подобрать правильный
mode. Complexes of exercises and training for power endurance
(for example, hot iron or kettle bell workout – say these smart
words to the trainer) will help to tighten muscle tissue without increasing
excess volumes. В итоге, вы будете сжигать на 20-30% calories больше
during the day than your unsportsmanlike girlfriend of the same weight.


Drink enough water. Dehydration triggers hormone release
cortisol, and he, in turn, helps to slow down

No stress

Avoid emotional overload and stress. Yes some
people really lose weight from stress because they lose their appetite.
But absolutely everyone faces increased levels of cortisol and
slowing down of metabolic processes.

Aerobic exercise

Try to gain at least 3-4 hours of aerobic activity in
a week It does not matter what it will be – walking, running, dancing or
fitness classes – aerobics helps improve heart function,
and speed up the process of burning fat.

In general, the rules for accelerating metabolism may well complement
almost any correct diet. Combine health.

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