What is Menovazin solution used for?

What is Menovazin solution used for?Menovazine the solution is a combined preparation for external use, which has anesthetic properties. Use it and in complex therapy as an antipruritic agent. A drug removes any pain because it is present in the composition several components that block the nerve impulses. Для чего применяется Menovazine раствор, и насколько препарат effective?

The form выпуска и состав раствора Menovazine

If you believe annotations, MENOVASIN alcohol solution is drug with local analgesic and irritant effects. The form the release of colorless, transparent medication with menthol odor – in glass bottles of 40, 50, 25 ml. Besides the fact that the drug содержит этиловый спирт (70%), в состав Menovazineа входят три active ingredients:

  • Procaine – an anesthetic with a short active phase;
  • Benzocaine – an anesthetic that provides prolonged blockade nerve endings;
  • Menthol (cementol) – a substance of organic origin, which irritates the cold receptors of the skin for the weak anesthetic action.

What is used solution: indications for use

According to the instructions for use, anti-inflammatory, дезинфицирующий Menovazine раствор применяется для обезболивания на local level with:

  • muscle pain (myalgia);
  • pain when nerve damage (neuralgia);
  • joint pain (arthralgia).

Menovazine раствор помогает во время лечения заболеваний, associated skin itching: various dermatoses, dermatitis, since is antipruritic remedy. This is an anesthetic medicine. indispensable for pain during sciatica, superficial bruises, arthrosis, arthritis. A drug также применяется для снятия первых pain in injuries, because the coolness of menthol, which is part of it, gives quick anesthesia on the painful area.


Как использовать Menovazine раствор: инструкция

The instructions for use say that the solution is applied to injured skin externally. At home, the facility is smeared on the area above the wound or skin inflammation, then rubbed. Course medication is prescribed by a doctor, but on average for maximum efficiency is recommended to do the procedure at least three times a day to improve the patient’s condition. Not desirable use alcohol solution for more than one month. Therapeutic course as necessary can be repeated after 14 days.

With hemorrhoids

The indications indicated that it is recommended пользоваться раствором Menovazineа при комплексном лечении геморроя and even rectal cancer. Before you use the solution for these goals, you should be sure to consult your health care provider. a doctor to clarify the dosage. Способ применения Menovazineа в solution for external hemorrhoids (for internal use can not be otherwise alcohol will have a negative effect on the mucous membrane):

  1. Dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 3;
  2. Apply to the outer node with a cotton swab after defecation and cool shower;
  3. You can not affect the mucous membranes;
  4. If after a minute the place of application does not stop itching, you should remove the solution with a damp cloth and replace it with a more gentle analogue

Cough and runny nose

Хотя Menovazine раствор не предназначен для лечения насморка или cough, official medicine does not deny its positive action with these diseases. To get rid of the disease, enough 2-3 procedures, because menthol, which is part of the drug, has warming properties, improves blood flow and acts on cough receptors. To make rubbing with menovazin, It is necessary to apply a small amount of the solution on the chest. and back, then wrap up with a warm rug and go to bed.

With herpes on the lips

Судя по отзывам людей, Menovazine раствор – это очень эффективный drug in case of herpes on the lips. Some people treated disease in just one day. To cauterize a beginner or aggravated herpes, you need to moisten a cotton pad in the solution and treat the affected area as often as possible. If the rash just started, then the next day they will pass with continuous applying the drug.

For earache

Раствор Menovazine для многих людей с заболеванием уха дал positive result. Compresses with him quickly removed inflammatory processes, anesthetize, have a warming effect act. To do this, take the gauze, fold the rectangle in several layers, and in the center make a cut to the size of the ear. Пропитайте ее Menovazineом, нагрейте над крышкой горячей кастрюли, put it on a sore ear and press it down. Place a piece on top. cellophane, wear a scarf, leave a compress for the night.

With bruises, bruises and swelling

If your legs hurt your joints or muscles, there are bruises, bruises, or растяжение связок, то поможет Menovazine раствор. For elimination pain, wet a cotton swab with the drug and attach to problem place. After a few seconds there will be pleasant chill, then calm and after 1-2 minutes of injury hurt cease altogether. Repeat before bedtime until complete recovery.

With hair removal

The solution has a freezing effect, therefore, often используется при hair removal. With caution the drug should apply to the deep bikini zone because the high content Alcohol strongly dries the skin. Если Menovazine попадет на слизистые shell, there will be an unpleasant burning reaction. Before epilation wadded cotton swab wipe the desired location. The solution will give a cooling and analgesic effect.

With поясничном остеохондрозе

A drug помогает от боли в спине, ведь по своим pharmacological properties of procain (novocaine) in a short time creates an anesthetic blockade at the site of osteochondrosis. Menovazine used as an independent anesthetic, and in combination with other drugs. Cotton-coated solution swab on the lower back, will work in 1-2 minutes.

With головных болях

When blood pressure rises and your head starts to hurt or dizziness occurs, then get rid of discomfort поможет применение Menovazine раствора. The manufacturer claims that the pain will go away in just one procedure. To do this, rub the alcohol with a solution of the head from ear to neck and lie on your back. During 15-30 minutes headache will go away.

With варикозном расширении вен

Согласно описанию препарата, Menovazine отлично помогает при varicose veins. The solution reduces the swelling of the legs, removes the feeling of pain and gravity in the lower limbs and relieves pain in the vessels. To to achieve such an action, it is necessary to apply the medicine on the dried skin with light massaging movements. Menovazine должен soak in quickly and relieve discomfort.

With бессоннице

If you suffer from insomnia, then moisten a cotton swab in the solution, wipe the neck to the back of the head, from one ear to the other. So you can quickly fall asleep without sleeping pills and side effect of inhibition in the morning. The tool will slow down nerve impulses, blocking their further development, and menthol will give pleasant relaxation and tranquility.

For injection

В медицине распространено применение раствора Menovazine при conducting injections. It is the perfect drug as disinfectant therefore it is used even at home conditions, if there was neither alcohol nor special alcohol wipes. To сделать инъекцию, протрите Menovazineом place the injection and then repeat the procedure after it.

Contraindications and side effects

If you do not exceed the dosage, the side effects of the drug will not be. Much attention is required the use of drugs for ребенка, ведь при передозировке Menovazine может вызвать понижение blood pressure and dizziness. Absolute contraindications for the use of drugs are pathologies such as anus fissures, hemorrhoidal bleeding, thrombosis, proctitis and any skin lesions (wounds, fissures, eczema).

Можно ли Menovazine при беременности?

Использовать Menovazine при беременности и грудном вскармливании можно, поскольку раствор Menovazineа при местном нанесении не проникает в кровоток. However, its long-term use may lead to some side effects: drowsiness, general weakness of a woman. Поскольку сроки применения Menovazineа у беременных короткие, то такие состояния почти не встречаются.

Special instructions < / h2>

Withменение спиртового раствора без отслеживания дозы может привести к ожогу кожных покровов. A drug не влияет на управление транспортом или на занятие опасными видами профессиональной деятельности. Срок годности раствора Menovazine – 2 года при температуре не выше +15 градусов. In the pharmacy, the drug is dispensed without a prescription, but if you use medicine for a child, then it must be under the control of a pediatrician.

Price < / h2>

Сколько стоит Menovazine раствор? The price in rubles varies, depending on the manufacturer, region of sale and price policy of the outlet. The cost of the drug in pharmacies in Russia (specifically Moscow) – from 10 rubles for 40 ml (Kirov pharmaceutical factory) to 15 rubles for 40 ml (Kirov pharmaceutical factory). Если купить Menovazine раствор в Украине, то препараты местного производства будут по цене от 4,50 до 7,00 гривен за 40 мл.

Analogs of the drug < / h2>

  1. Anestezol (rectal suppository). Withменяются для пациентов, страдающих геморроем. Оказывает, вяжущее, противовоспалительное, анестезирующее act.
  2. Artifrin (injection). Комбинированное средство, оказывающее местноанестезирующее act. Causes vasoconstriction, prolonging anesthesia up to 45 minutes. < / Li>
  3. Amprovizol (aerosol). Оказывает местное охлаждающее, анестезирующее, антисептическое, противовоспалительное act. It is indicated for thermal or sunburn, dermatitis and in the complex therapy of stomatitis. < / Li> < / ol> |

    Reviews < / h2>

    Анна, 27 лет: Читая отзывы о растворе Menovazine, я все больше убеждалась, что это лучшее средство при болях в пояснице. After buying the drug, I was convinced of this after the first time, when neuralgia picked me up. The solution is excellent relieves pain, absorbs well, very pleasant smell of menthol, and most importantly – low cost.

    Евгений, 45 лет: С эффектом раствора Menovazine познакомился, когда после многодневной работы на ногах заболели суставы. There was not enough money for expensive gum types like Fastum. Я купил копеечный Menovazine, и после первого нанесения понял, что не прогадал. The solution is excellent помогает и от спинных болей, когда после тяжелого физического труда без прострелов не обойтись.

    Екатерина, 19 лет: Нашла очень интересное применение для раствора Menovazine – удалять волосы в подмышечной зоне. She took the bottle from her mother, put some money on her palm, then soaked her armpit. Epilation was quick and painless, because the drug contains anesthesin and novocaine. I advise everyone, since no irritation was observed after shaving! < P>

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