Siofor 500/850/1000 for weight loss

Siofor is the international name for a drug that intended for the treatment of diabetes. The composition of the funds includes substances that reduce blood glucose levels and have on lipid metabolism stimulating effect. Siofor promotes lowering cholesterol, stabilizing body weight, therefore used to reduce pounds. Let’s see how safe is it to lose excess weight with this medicinal drug, and how to take Siofor for weight loss.


What is the prescribed drug?

Siofor is designed to lower blood glucose levels before or after meal. The drug does not stimulate a strong decrease in sugar, because the secretion of the pancreas in the application of this drug is not is activated. Medicine Siofor prescribed for diabetes mellitus 2 degrees to adults and children after 10 years. Antidiabetic means prescribed and persons overweight, if Physical exercise and diet therapy proved to be ineffective. Siofor has a different form of release of 500, 850 or 100 mg, and used drug in monotherapy, and in combination with other medicines.

Can I take pills for weight loss

Siofor для похудения принимают люди, которые знают о действии drug. Judging by the reviews, for the month, some lose up to 10 kg overweight without resorting to tough diets and exhausting training in the gym. While taking the tablet reducing appetite, a person consumes fewer calories, leaves excess fat. People who have taken these diet pills claim that lost all sweets, flour, and more pulls to fruits and vegetables.


Mechanism of action

Широко используют Siofor при ожирении благодаря влиянию drug on the metabolic processes of the body. After all, with a shortage insulin glucose cannot penetrate inside the cells independently, because of what the sugar level increases. And if the receipt carbohydrates do not stop, there is an urgent need for them processing, and the body begins to form fatty tissue. Fat doubly inhibits the production of insulin, resulting in a person obesity develops.

Фармакологическое действие Sioforа заключается в том, что его active ingredient Metformin controls the production process glucose, increasing the sensitivity of its receptors, slowing down the speed absorption of incoming carbohydrates. Fat burning process done by increasing the amount of free fat acids and increasing the concentration of glycerol in the blood plasma, which enter muscle tissue to utilize fat sediments.

Как принимать Siofor 500/850/1000 for weight loss

siofor-1.jpgAT каждой упаковке Sioforа находится инструкция, в которой указан the composition of the drug, the scheme of its use, the duration of administration (as take a long time), daily dose and course of treatment. Consider this potent medicine and before drinking it for weight loss on your own, you need to consult a doctor to avoid negative health effects.

Tablets are taken without chewing, with a large amount of water. The dosage is prescribed by the attending doctor, based on the diagnosis, степени ожирения и переносимости drug. Initially prescribed Siofor 500 для похудения (как принимать и отзывы похудевших вы check with your doctor). The smallest dose – 1 tablet per day, and the largest – 6 pieces, which are divided into several techniques. ATыводится лекарство из организма вместе с мочой через 6-7 hours

Таблетки Siofor 850 и таблетки Siofor 1000, согласно аннотации, take, starting with 1 piece per day, gradually increasing dosage up to 3 pieces at night or after dinner. In the treatment abdominal type of obesity (abdominal fat) may increase dose. How long you can take the drug, only a specialist will say. Without consultation with the doctor can not be independently increase dosage.

Compatibility with alcohol

Лечение Sioforом эффективно для похудения, но не подходит людям, suffering from alcoholism. Argued that the use of unsweetened Liquor serves as a hypoglycemic agent, but this is not true. Alcohol is not a medical indication to treat any diseases. On the contrary, doctors recommend to refuse admission. alcohol for those who want to lose weight, because, in addition to getting used to and overdose, when taking alcohol there is a need for food, which is rarely low-calorie.

Что касается взаимодействия алкоголя с Sioforом или Siofor лонг, then the consequences may be irreversible. When used together alcohol can block the production of glucose and cause a serious condition, up to a coma of the patient. If you want to lose weight с Sioforом, но раздумываете при этом, сколько пить спиртных drinks are allowed then you should give up on either desires, either from another. Security is more important than problems with figure.

Side effects and contraindications to use < / h2>

Как и любое другое лекарство, Siofor имеет побочные действия и противопоказания. If you experience diarrhea, nausea, bowel disorder, metallic taste in the mouth or stomach pain, it is better to refuse this slimming drug, and then consult a doctor than can be replaced. As for contraindications, then taking Siofor for productive weight loss is prohibited for the following category of people:

  • pregnant and young mothers during lactation; < / li>
  • with diseases of the liver, kidneys; in oncology; < / li>
  • with hormonal imbalance; < / li>
  • patients during the rehabilitation period after surgery. < / li> < / ul>

    Pros and cons of taking Siofor for weight loss < / h2>

    Excellent effect for losing weight Siofor gives those people who have a strong craving for sweets. If your fullness is associated with an addiction to fatty and fried foods, then you should consider other methods for losing weight, because Siofor is intended for people suffering from diabetes. Therefore, before making a decision on the admission of Siofor 500, watch the diet, find out what causes hunger, so as not to harm health.

    If you know how to use Siofor 850 or Siofor 1000, then the best and safest way to lose weight will be a comprehensive strategy for losing weight with this drug:

    1. Regular exercise. < / li>
    2. Balanced nutrition. < / li>
    3. Getting rid of stressful situations. < / li>
    4. Drink plenty of water. < / li> < / ol>

      Analogs of the drug < / h2>


      Although the majority of Siofor is recognized as the best way to lose weight among drugs, but not everyone is eligible. There is an opportunity to lose weight with the help of such medicines as:

      • Formetin < / li>
      • Gliformin < / li>
      • Glucophage, < / li>
      • Metformin. < / li> < / ul>

        These analogs of pharmacological action are similar to those of Siofor, but there are some differences. Gliformin and Formetin are an excellent alternative, as they have a similar effect on the body when losing weight.

        Siofor, glucofage or metformin – which is better and what is the difference? < / h3>

        Metformin and Glucofage are imported substitutes for Siofor. If the pharmacy you will not find one of them, feel free to replace the other. The ineffectiveness of any of these medicines is explained only by errors in the diet, the regimen of administration and doses, and the need for combination with other medicines that will complement the action of antidiabetic drugs.

        How much does Siofor 500/850/1000 cost in pharmacies? < / h2>

        Depending on the location of the city, the price of Siofor in pharmacies will be different. As a rule, the larger the settlement in terms of population, the higher the prices. Thus, in Moscow, the cost of this drug will be the highest, and if you look for Siofor in an online pharmacy, you can make the purchase cheaper. So how much is the packaging of a popular medicine for weight loss?

        • Siofor 500 mg price – 250-500 rubles . < / li>
        • Price Siofor 850 mg – 350-400 rubles . < / li>
        • Price Siofor 1000 mg – 450-500 rubles . < / li> < / ul>

          Opinion of nutritionists about the effectiveness of the drug < / h2>

          The opinion of professional nutritionists about the use of Siofor for weight loss and its analogues was divided into two groups. Some argue that the slim figure will quickly provide proper nutrition, and medication should be resorted to only in extreme cases of obesity. Others are not opposed to using an antidiabetic medicine as an appetite blocker, but only after a detailed analysis of the eating habits.

          Doctors Reviews < / h2>

          Tatyana Karimova endocrinologist < / strong> : “I prescribe antidiabetic drugs for patients to normalize carbohydrate metabolism, and I don’t know how much other people have lost weight with Siofor. But, since the active ingredient in this medicine is metformin hydrochloride, which reduces appetite, it is possible to use it for weight loss. ”

          Alexander Ivashkovich fitness doctor < / strong> : “I am totally opposed to medical weight loss, but some of my patients shared their experience in weight correction with the help of Siofor. I must say that the reviews are positive, but before taking the medicine, go for a consultation with your doctor. “


          Reviews lost weight and results < / h2>

          Feedback No. 1 < / strong>

          Three years ago, I got so much better that I still can’t watch photos of that time. I read reviews on the Internet, and I took the risk of drinking Siofor 500. At first, I did not like the reaction of the organism: nausea appeared, but it passed on the third day. She lost 12 kg over the entire course.

          Alina, 27 years old

          Feedback No. 2 < / strong>

          Siofor was prescribed to reduce blood glucose, because I have diabetes. I didn’t know what the drug was and how it worked, but what was my surprise when the weight began to slowly but surely decrease. I lost 5 kg in a month “

          Olga, 37 years old

          Feedback №3 < / strong>

          After I quit smoking, I recovered strongly, so I decided to lose weight with n using Siofor. True, I sat on a low-calorie diet for six months, so the result did not take long to wait – minus 10 kg ”

          Konstantin, 41 years old

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