What is interval running?

Interval run is a common form of training. is he
found use in athletes and people who want to gain
beautiful figure. Its name speaks for itself. Training
is to alternate the degree of stress, limited
intervals. Let’s take a closer look at all the details.

What is interval running?


  • Action on the body and the rules of running
  • Training program
  • Interval running on a treadmill
  • How to conduct training (video)


Action on the body and the rules of running


  1. Interval jogging workouts help burn more calories by
    compared with a uniform run.
  2. Strengthens muscles, including gluteus and calf.
  3. Helps to improve the cardiovascular system.
  4. Develops endurance.
  5. Interval slimming can be done on the street,
    so on the treadmill.


Of course, the virtues caress the ear, but there are a number
contraindications for which you can not engage in this type

  1. Spinal injuries, joints.
  2. Phlebeurysm.
  3. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Basic rules and recommendations

  1. Classes include 5-15 cycles. One cycle can last from 6
    minutes to two hours.
  2. It is necessary to warm up, warm up as much as possible.
    muscle. Warm up do two times: the first before running, the second after
    run running.
  3. Such a run is enough 3 times a week, not
    overdo it.
  4. Food before exercise is imperative
    eat two hours before class.
  5. Breathing when running should be uniform, if it gets lost,
    then slow down.
  6. In order not to be distracted by extraneous noises, run under the pleasant
    positive music.
  7. Place for training may be different, but if there is
    opportunity, give preference to forest or park, with a large
    the number of plantings around. Plenty of fresh air favorably
    affects the body.
  8. Eat healthy food if you want to give exercise

Training program

There are three types of interval running:

  1. Repeated run. This program is designed for
    long distances, it is about several kilometers. All the way
    divided into equal segments and runs at a speed dependent on
    individual features of a person. Take a distance to start
    4 km and break it into intervals of 1 km. After every kilometer
    rest, returning your breath to the same rhythm, and return to the run.
    Total will be 4 segments of 1 km. You can increase the distance
    if you feel you are handling a load.
  2. Интервальный спринт. This view helps to develop
    endurance and speed. You alternate fast and slow speeds.
    at a distance. Run 1-2 km, breaking the total length
    distances to sites of 200 meters. And the first 200 meters you
    run at an average jogging pace, and the next 200 meters in
    fast pace, and so alternate the entire distance.
  3. Темповый бег. It is considered the most difficult type, since
    It is based on a constant increase in speed on the segments. Divide
    1 km to areas of 200 meters, try to run each section
    faster than the previous one.

Choose for yourself the best option or try each. When
one kind of bored, you can go to the other. So, you will always have
opportunity to diversify training.

Good to know:

Interval running on a treadmill

Interval jogging is not always possible
take advantage of. For example, in winter, the beginning runner is difficult and
It is not safe to run, given this time of year. Then help
comes interval running on a treadmill. We give the program
trainings for this case:

  1. Run 1 minute at your usual pace, then spend 3 minutes
    fast walking or jogging.
  2. Start with a minute walk, then go jogging,
    run 5 minutes. In the last step, go to the fast 8 minute

How to conduct training (video)

The motivational story tells how to do
warm-up, right feet and how to run at different paces.

You can think up the program of interval running on a treadmill
track or running on the street. Subject to all rules set forth in
article you comprehend the basics of interval running and will achieve
results. Good luck!

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