What is good breathing exercises oksisayz fromMarina Korpan

Among the variety of sports programs and directions I would like to
выделить не совсем обычную, но уже ставшую хитом,  дыхательную
gymnastics called oxysize.

The creator of this training system, Jill Johnson and her
follower Marina Korpan argue that oksisize is the best
A means of losing weight from all types of fitness.


What is particularly attractive in oxydesign is that it does not
will require you to super efforts or purchase additional
equipment. For practicing enough own body and only 20
minutes a day, and the first results will be visible in a week.

Any breathing exercises are good for health. Active
saturation of tissues with oxygen improves their work, prolongs
youth and makes your look fresh and radiant. In oxysaise
breathing exercises combined with gymnastics, aimed at
Correction of the most “problematic” women’s areas – the abdomen and thighs.


How does Oxisis work?

The process of splitting fat is impossible without the participation of oxygen,
only he is able under certain conditions (low-calorie
food + physical load) cause a decrease in fat cells.
A sufficient supply of oxygen accelerates metabolic processes, including
number and burning of excess sediments.

In addition, a special breathing technique (by the belly) produces
peculiar massage of internal organs, due to which it improves
digestion, exercise the abdominal muscles and all organs begin
work better If breathing is also accompanied by exercises,
That weight loss will go much faster.

Master the proper breathing technique

Before you start classes, you need to master the technique
breathing. You need to breathe the stomach, as do little children.
First take a deep breath, filling the belly with air, then
take three short extra breaths, then exhale and
make three “dovydhoha” to completely empty the stomach. In the same
time, it is necessary to do simple at first sight exercises,
mostly static – the tension of the abdominal muscles and keeping them in
this position. There are about 10 exercises in the complex oxyseize,
each needs to be done three times, which will take 20-25 minutes a day.

Argue that for weight loss just three times a week
do exercises on the system oksisayz and all – you lose extra
kilograms without restrictions in food and hours spent in the gym.
In fact, not everything is so simple, classes will require a lot of you
effort, both moral and physical. Pulling in and out
belly is not an easy task, and some even complain
dizziness during exercise.

The exercises themselves are done in a static mode, that is, the muscles
you need to keep in tension, and about food restrictions
forget will not work. Therefore, still have to sweat, but the result
worth it. The volumes will really go away, a waist will appear and
normal appetite. In addition, oxysize improves complexion,
helps fight edema. In general, like any other species
fitness, it is also beneficial and has a significant
support in the difficult task of finding a beautiful body.

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