What is energy binding

What is energy binding

Any communication causes communication on the energy
level This is a kind of contact that remains on the thin plane, after
stop communicating. But this relationship does not last long, and if a person
no longer arouses interest, emotions, both positive and
negative then the contact on the thin plane
is interrupted.

Another thing, if after the contact a person continues
remember the interlocutor, his image, as well as constantly overcome
thoughts of him then this is evidence of education
energy binding.

How and why bindings are formed

Binding at the energy level is formed when a person
becomes addicted. Such a relationship may arise not only
from another person, but also from objects, goods, for example, money,
events, things of the past.

An energetically attached person loses his
independence, will, your way. Peace of mind more and more
more continues to be lost and the person becomes irritable and

At a higher level, every soul is independent and free, but
when strong binding occurs, it causes some dissonance and
loss of energy, which can lead to various diseases. how
rule this process proceeds unconsciously.

The energy binding on the thin plane is a tube with flowing away
energy, the color of which depends on the chakra and the person who is testing
of emotions.

What is the difference between the energy channel and the binding

Through this channel there is an energy exchange between people, and they do not
experiencing a breakdown after contact. Energy flows from one
individual to another and in the opposite direction. Concerning
binding, then everything is obvious, energy goes in one direction,
that is, from one person, and from the second in the opposite direction –

When channels are created, it is completely normal and does not carry
any damage to the energy and mental state of people.

Binding is an addiction, as already mentioned,
however, the binding is not always negative.

Some bindings are necessary and useful, such as, for example, in
normal degree between parents and children.

What are the bindings

There are artificially made bindings, and the most vivid example is
love spell. When the magician conducts such a rite, it is built, from
future bewitched to the customer of such an action, binding,
hooked or knotted to a specific
chakra. All this can be seen on the thin plane.

A bound person will be very dependent, but the soul
will try to break free from her exposure.

After such a rite of speech can not be about love, bewitched
simply suffers, loses energy, but leaving the bewitched is not

A person can independently and unconsciously do
energy binding by a large emission of negative or
positive energy. So, if a woman is obsessed with owning a man
and on this occasion constantly worried, angry, jealous and
experiencing other emotions, then she creates dependence herself
from this man.

A man on an unconscious level will feel a flow of energy and
astral attack from a woman. In this case, you need to let go
man, it will help recuperate.

It happened that as soon as the woman let go
lover, not the mind, namely the soul, the man experienced that
energy is no longer flowing to him and was looking for contact with

But relationships that were originally created on dependencies are not
bring happiness and peace.

But the strongest bindings occur between children and
parents, where there is a place of repression of the individual. It may be
total control of parents, their excessive care. In such conditions
It is very difficult for the soul to fulfill its true purpose. Such
families, children only after growing up and starting an independent life
gain true emotional freedom.

Energy reference examples

  1. Resentment. This feeling can be attributed to
    the strongest that takes away health. This is due to the fact
    that the offended very often returns to the thoughts of the offender,
    giving him your energy.
  2. The desire to help, save. Most people
    They consider that they have good and it is good. But often by this
    quality start to use and pull with helping more and more
    more, although in fact they can handle their own problems.
    Helping thinks that without his support will not do and generously
    gives energy to the detriment of itself.
  3. Revenge. Thinking about revenge, making plans in my head,
    one can seriously harm oneself by such binding.
  4. Guilt. This is the punishment of oneself. Often
    a person just thinks about what he did, but it’s in the physical world
    does not change that creates a strong binding.
  5. Call of Duty. If a person had some
    support, then simply enough thanks. No need to feel
    owe it to someone, it leads to a loss of energy.
  6. Repression of true feelings. Many family
    couples live because of habits, responsibilities to children, property,
    trying to hide their true feelings and relate to each other
    benevolent, although deep in the soul they are unhappy, because
    you can’t fool yourself. This binding does not develop as a person.
    neither wife nor husband, and children can also experience discomfort in
    such a family. Constant internal struggle with yourself can
    provoke large energy losses.
  7. Unrequited love. Even with
    positive feelings maybe energy binding which
    hurts. This can be attributed unrequited love, in which
    the flow of energy goes only in one direction, from the lover to
    lover. This binding can be attributed to one of the strongest,
    exhausting and vampire. It is worth remembering that while a person is not
    freed from such anchoring, it will not be able to meet the new
    mutual love

Some bindings are so strong, especially
based on negative emotions that can provoke
attraction in the next incarnation.

All karmic connections are based precisely not
bindings that were created in past lives. To clear
karma and get rid of the person, you need to forgive him, not to experience
no emotion to him, which will lead to destruction

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