What is bodyflex for weight loss?

Bodyflex is called a relatively simple method for
improving the shape, the essence of which is that the physical
exercises are combined with the correct rhythm of breathing.What is bodyflex for weight loss?


  • What is bodyflex breathing exercises and how is it right
  • Bodyflex: exercises for weight loss

When practicing body flex for an hour of exercise, a person loses order
3,600 kcal, which is ten times more than with aerobic exercise, and
five times the energy costs when running. At the beginning, during
workouts may cause dizziness. If it arose,
after completing the next stage – wait a few seconds, and
then continue.

The founders and supporters of bodyflex believe that throughout
life a person gets used to the wrong rhythm of breathing, which
is superficial and does not provide all cells and tissues
body with enough oxygen. Because of this suffer
metabolic processes, which inevitably affects the muscles.

Muscles become less resistant to stress and lose
the ability to fully relax and stress. To this
eliminate, it is recommended to perform special exercises.
Their secret is that they are combined with deep breathing.

Bodyflex differs significantly from power loads and other
weight loss methods. It becomes clear already at the first lesson that
This technique is a movement that does not cause fatigue,
expected from the exercises. Due to the enrichment of the body with oxygen
the metabolism is normalized, and also excess fats are burned. let’s
take a closer look at what bodyflex is.



What is bodyflex breathing exercises and how is it right

Bodyflex does not require much time: standard
complex just 20 minutes. No weight loss is required.
supplement exhausting diets. On the contrary, she herself contributes
normalization of appetite.

The implementation of this complex is carried out in 5 stages.

  1. Этап первый: состоит в освобождении
    airway from excess air. After the usual breath
    slowly, without jerking, exhale the air from the lungs. For easier
    control of this, pull a little lip forward.
  2. Этап второй: после того как воздуха, который
    you can exhale, do not remain – close your mouth. Then with force and
    very quickly draw air through your nose so that the whole breath takes
    about a second or even two. During this time, try as much as possible.
    more to fill the lungs. This moment is of great importance.
    because he is responsible for the success of the entire class. After
    its ending you must clearly feel that your lungs
    completely filled. Noise at breath do not be afraid – it should
  3. Этап третий: не выпуская воздуха, выпрямите
    neck and back, tilt your head back a little. Close your lips and
    get ready to exhale. Exhale sharply, in the diaphragm, at the beginning
    breathing in, opening your mouth as if you are doing it involuntarily, and your mouth
    open, unable to restrain airflow. If everything is correct
    to do, then at the beginning of the exhale the sound you make will remind
    something like phh. It may not turn out from the first attempt, but with
    time you master it.
  4. Этап четвертый: цель данного этапа – добиться
    prolonged breath hold. While you are not breathing, lower your head,
    to face was sent to the floor. Tighten the press by pulling in the abdomen,
    so that it seems like all the organs located at the top
    parts of the abdomen are moved to the chest. Count to 10.
    It is necessary to count “one thousand, one thousand two”, but not “one, two”.
    Exercises bodyflex and perform, with a drawn in the abdomen.
  5. Пятый этап – расслабление. Relieve tension
    from the press taking a breath. After того как вы долго задерживали дыхание,
    the air must go to the lungs with force. The sound at the same time reminds
    sob. And then – exhale through the mouth and inhale through the nose, which
    culminate in another exhalation involving

Try to do the exercises as described with all
nuances, achieving full compliance. It is not so easy. BUT
for correct breathing will need to be supplemented with exercises!
Practice is also needed because the stages of breathing should be alternated.
one after another, smoothly, continuously, and not with the pauses set aside for
page turning. For a while, it will be necessary to spend
learn the correct sequence of stages and their features, without
which they lose their meaning.

At first, it will probably be difficult to pull the belly in so much
strongly as required. Dont be upset!

Assistant for better press tension will be
proper breathing: if you breathe out as much as possible, it will be easier.
The validity and interrelation of each stage is the reason that if
one of them is done halfway or wrong, then the goal of the workout
will not be achieved, and further action will be useless.
Take classes in good faith.

During the third stage, releasing air from the lungs, you can
feel the urge to cough. This is normal. One to two weeks after
the onset of training is usually characterized by the fact that breath holding
on long enough to faithfully perform
втягивание живота, недостаточon. Lack of oxygen causes burning
желание прервать тренировку и как следует onдышаться. It’s yours
a weak cardiovascular system, and the lungs that make the stomach so
for a long time did not let breathe in full force. All this will pass. Practice.
Бодифлекс для похудения

The best time of day to do the exercises are
morning hours Делать упражнения следует on голодный желудок. After all
to eat before the food is much easier than after.

Женщиonм после родов следует engage бодифлексом не только
because it allows you to achieve body shaping, but also in order
to speed up the return of the normal organs of the gastrointestinal tract,
breathing, heart and muscle.

The technique is relatively young. Its author, following the regime
training, after the birth of the third child, in a short time
brought myself back to normal. Будучи изonчально полной, оon сумела добиться
losing weight and putting in order the muscular system.

As with any technique, bodyflex has its own contraindications.
Among which is a recent surgery,
osteoporosis and other diseases of the skeletal system, malignant
новообразования, повышенonя температура тела, травмы и др.

Bodyflex: exercises for weight loss

Pay attention to several exercises that you can
perform, having mastered proper breathing. They provide
тренировку большинства скелетных мышц onшего организма, в том числе
neck and face muscles. This last circumstance distinguishes bodyflex from
других методик, которые onправлены только on тело. Cosmetic
the element is only a plus for women. BUTктивный образ жизни

  1. Лягте on живот, упираясь коленями и ладонями в пол. When you
    обретёте устойчивое равновесие, смените опору с ладоней on локти.
    Также лежат on полу предплечья. Extend one leg, leaning it
    sock on the floor. Do not bend the knee. Raise your head so that
    look ahead. In this position, go to the stage of the indented abdomen.
    Head down. Slowly lift the leg, which was stretched,
    up. Носок должен быть onправлен в пол, пятка – up. Strain
    strongly gluteus muscles. Keep voltage until
    count to eight. After этого можете опуститься и вдохнуть.
    Repeat the exercise three times on both sides.
  2. Встаньте on пол, 35 см расстояние между ступнями. Arms
    his hands are turned to the thighs and lowered along the body. Tip
    onиболее выступающего среднего пальца расположите не более чем on 2
    см выше колеon. To do this, you need to bend the torso slightly. Your
    the position should look like you were frozen at that moment
    when they were going to sit down to rest. Do 4 stages of breathing and
    go to the main posture after breathing out and
    belly up Assemble the lips into a tube without pulling them forward.
    Взгляд onправьте up. In parallel, lower your lips a little
    way down. Потом высуньте язык, onсколько это возможно. Lips with this
    stacked in a straw. Count slowly to eight. Relax.
    Repeat this exercise 5 times.
  3. Лёжа on полу. Lean your hands on your knees. Put your foot in
    сторону, не отрывая правой ступни от пола, чтобы оon была
    перпендикулярon телу. Perform the necessary breathing steps.
    Поднимите вверх ногу, которая была отведеon в сторону: не сильно,
    no higher than the buttocks. Having done this, try to keep the level and not
    сгибая колеon, провести её вперед, стараясь приблизить носок как
    can be closer to the head. Count to 10. Расслабьте все мышцы.
    Repeat with each leg 3 times.
  4. Лёжа on животе. Feet together, put your socks on the floor. Arms
    расположены параллельно телу ладонями up. Slightly upturned
    head, chin touches the floor. Do breathing exercises
    and pull in the belly. Bend your knees and press them against your ankles. Not
    отпуская рук, onчиonйте медленно разгибать колени. At the same time with
    This removes the upper body and chin from the floor.
  5. Лёжа on спине, ноги согнуты в коленях. Lean on your feet
    пол, поставив их on расстоянии 35 см друг от друга. Raise your hands
    vertically. Дойдите до этапа втягивания живота, не onклоняя
    heads. Pull your fingers up as high as you can.
    behind the upper body. Relax the neck muscles, let the head
    будет слегка опрокинута onзад. Then lower in the reverse order
    all raised body parts. Когда они окажутся on полу, повторите.
    Вытянувшись, досчитайте до 10. Relax. Repeat exercise
    three times.

That’s all that we wanted to tell you about the method of losing weight
�”Bodyflex.” Пользуйтесь ею on здоровье и для создания красивой

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