What if you like a guy: do you needtake the first step? The tactics of the right actions, if you likeguy

Чт, 23 июн 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Youthful love – natural and sometimes very strong

If it came for the first time, the girl may become confused.

What to do if you like guy?

Act or wait? Uncertainty is painful.

If you act, how?


What to do if you like guy: как его привлечь?

First of all, determine the strategy. The minimum task is to attract
attention of a young man, to interest him. Maximum task –
hold interest and tie long and serious romantic

Now you need to decide on tactics. How to win the heart
boyfriend? First of all, make sure that it is free. If you are young
a person is a girlfriend, then it’s dangerous to act as a parting person: if
relationship lovers are strong, it will cause ridicule or anger. Neither
neither does women’s self-esteem.

What to do if you like guy хорошо знакомый: сосед,
colleague, classmate? Discard doubts and apply those
women’s things that act smoothly on representatives

• Flirty. Yes, no matter how trite it sounds, but feminine
coquetry awakens interest in men. It is important not to confuse the thin female
playing with clandestine: this is unacceptable for smart men.

• Helplessness. It is important for a man to show his strength, and therefore
“I myself” behavior will not bring together.
Ask for some little things that are not very burdensome.
young man, but at the same time will show its importance. In the end
After all, you can simply ask for advice in some typical
�”Male” case. By this you will show at the same time that a young man
you are not.

• Eye contact. The look has a huge attractive
by force. Forcing a man to look into your eyes and do not look away
a little longer than is customary between strangers. Conversations
about “the spark that flashed between us” – not empty words.
If anything is capable of igniting a spark, it’s the eyes.

• Femininity. The image of your boyfriend is not exactly what you need for
the emergence of romantic feelings. If you unexpectedly appear before
a young man in a new image, he can see a girl in another
light You can ask casually what type of female beauty
he likes and try to copy the ideal. Hairstyle, shoes,
style in clothes – every little thing matters.

• Verbal stroking. The psychological term is actually
means a simple thing: learn to say something nice to a guy
as if stroking his words. Slightly thinner than candid
a compliment, a little more than friendly praise. Use the reception

• Touch. It is not by chance that thousands of people describe a sudden
the emergence of feelings with the words “our hands accidentally touched
and…”. Indeed, touches are no less impressive than
verbal stroking. Of course, do not miss the chosen one for
that horrible and constantly touch him with your hands. But insignificant
�”Accidental” touch can actually change

Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your joy of meeting a guy.
Are you embarrassed and blush? No problem! This will show the young man that
he is interesting to you. And this is very good: he can revise himself
your attitude. And if secretly nourishes warm feelings, then it’s quite
can offer a new stage of relations.

What to do if you like guy, с которым вы формально не
familiar with? The most important thing is to arrange an acquaintance. You can act
through girlfriends, buddies, social networks. If you have the courage, no
it’s okay to come up and get to know yourself (although
This is the most extreme option – everything should look as good as possible.

Gone are the days when the girl could not take the initiative. World
changing rapidly and there’s nothing wrong with
suggest a joint trip to the cinema or a cup of coffee in the near

Do not do this meaningfully. Something easy, to anything
non-binding phrase, easy invitation – everything should be
as natural as possible. And no panic if he refused!
First, it will not forget about the invitation. If busy today,
then he can invite you tomorrow. Secondly, it can be
just not your man, and with him it is better not to tie any

What to do if you like guy: как его удержать?

It’s one thing to make a person see himself from the other side
like him and start dating, and quite another – to keep
arisen sympathy. No matter how insulting, but pretty girls
people around – the sea, and stay for it to someone special sometimes
not easy. Что делать, если guy нравится настолько, что хочется
always be with him?

It is important to find common interests. Despite being male and
female energy is different and is fueled from different sources
the presence of common topics for conversation is simply obligatory. Otherwise, the amount of yin
and yang really gives … an empty result, and a young man
will lose interest.

If you can say something clever about the interests of the guy,
will be at all wonderful. Therefore, be keenly and sincerely interested.
what the elect lives and breathes. Learning about his hobbies, hobbies,
Try to keep abreast of news on this topic. So you can
speaks one language. Romance and friendship at a young age –
almost synonymous. So be friends with your beloved boyfriend
much more interesting than loving one that is far from his

The second important point – be sure to listen to your partner.
If the girl does not consider the guy’s opinion to be something important, if she
constantly speaks herself and considers his silence normal, then
the danger of destroying the emerging relationship is very great.

What to do if you like guy и вы хотите быть с ним как
can it take longer? Create conditions so that next to you he
I felt comfortable, confident and happy. Jokes and laughter
best assistants in establishing trust, close, close

This does not mean that you need to constantly giggle or tell.
read jokes online. Enough to pay attention to something
funny or funny, laugh at some common situation. If a
you understand each other’s jokes – it means everything will be fine. Simply
perfectly! Nothing fosters strong sympathy.
better than a similar sense of humor.

But the first to admit to strong feelings, explained in
love is by no means impossible. The initiative should only come from
young man. The man is a hunter by nature. He must conquer
a woman, and she – to obey and give him your love. If a
do the opposite, then the interest will fade away instantly, after all
there will be nobody.

What to do if you like guy и чего делать нельзя

In addition to the taboo for love confession, there is a lot more that
sensible girl who wants to keep love and
To turn it into love, to do in any case should not.

• Quickly settle for physical proximity. Hard to say,
can the twentieth date be considered a sufficient reason for this,
but the first or even the fifth is definitely impossible. The period of courtship will lay
основу долговременных relationship. Despite the rampant
�”Emancipation”, for a man it is important to know that next to him –
self-respecting pure woman, that he is for her – someone special.
Therefore, a candy bouquet period should be enough

• Allow yourself to make critical, mocking, harsh remarks and
general criticism (especially in the presence of mutual friends or
relatives). This behavior is unacceptable, a man will accept it
as a humiliation (and will be right), and on this romantic page of your
life with this guy will be written to the end. Gap

• Demonstration of its relevance to other men.
The strategic mistake of unsure girls is to try to fill
to the price due to sms or online messages from the mythical
fans. This is stupid, and it will end badly.

• Ревность столь же непродуктивное и гадкое feeling. If a вы
you will harass a guy with constant interrogations and calls, for a long time he
will not tolerate. If a основания для ревности есть, пытаться
it is senseless to go ahead; if not, it is insulting.

• Obsession. If a девушка постоянно напоминает о себе, шлет
emoticons and messages thirty times a day, it seems cute
first two days. Then begins to annoy.

Delicacy, respect, sincere interest – this is the basis
длительных и счастливых relationship. What to do if you like
guy, который не проявляет к вам ответных чувств, несмотря на
hints and even direct words? Forget about him as soon as possible and not
be tormented by vain hopes. A life так скоротечна, что нужно
take the best from her: joy, happiness, positive. And this is only possible
in the event that sympathy is mutual.

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