What if the wife does not know how to cook? Canto find a way out or to divorce: if the wife does not know how to cook

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Wife’s ability to cook healthy and tasty food is a guarantee of strong
the health of her husband and all households.

But cooking doesn’t bring much pleasure to everyone.

And then in the house conflicts, misunderstandings, mutual

Tasty and satisfying food in the house. What if the wife does not know how

How nice to eat dinner after a long and hard
labor day. But in order to ensure a full
meal many men prefer to get wives who
default should be able to cook well.

What if the wife does not know how to cook? Such an attack may
happen to everyone. It is difficult to argue that there are untrained
young ladies who will never learn the wisdom of magic
the kitchen. Many simply do not want to try for their second
halves. But how does this woman’s condition affect her
household health, as affects the psychological climate in
the house?

It is said that a well-fed man is an agreeable man. Often so
it is. Husbands come home after a hard day in
the hope that they already have a hearty dinner and a joyful wife.
Often they are waiting for heated food and tired all day long

Not everyone will like this picture. Many women do not
consider it necessary to prepare complex dishes on their own and feed their
Native fast food. Such food is harmful
for health, especially for children. What to do in this
case? It is best to inquire about the skills of the future wife in
preparing your favorite dishes in advance.

If during the period of love euphoria for a man has almost no
whether his woman can cook, when it comes to
family life – it will be one of the most controversial issues
who can even destroy a family.

What if the wife does not know how готовить — советы

Often, the problem of the inability of a woman to cook tasty and healthy
Food for the whole family is interconnected with a lack of desire to do this.
Psychologists say that to develop a situation like this exists
many factors. For example, the deterioration of interpersonal relationships
between husband and wife.

If during the period of courtship a man was flooding his beloved
with compliments, attention and gifts, she prepared for him
delicious. But when the period of tenderness ended – the woman decided
that eat delicious and satisfying time to stop. What if wife
не умеет Cook? Stimulate her desire to learn it. How?
First it is worth finding out the reasons why she refuses
cooking this or that dish.

If the reason lies in the fact that she really does not know how
do, then you can offer to learn this, maybe even
together. This will allow fruitful time for the whole family. If a
the woman completely refuses to cook the man’s favorite dish –
this means that she thus manifests a hidden protest.
He could have worked out as a child as a child
mother’s behavior.

Perhaps, once the husband had the imprudence to afford a sharp
saying to the food she cooked, and now the wife is just
does not want to spend more time on his cooking. Such
development of events is not beneficial to anyone of the pair. Anyway,
The situation should be discussed with his wife and in case
a controversial question will really open up – it’s worth it again, already together
try to resolve the conflict. Sometimes just enough brought
the apology and the wife the next morning already brews her husband’s favorite coffee and bakes him
cherry pies.

Men should remember that forcing his wife to cook
various dishes are just not worth it. It will humiliate her and destroy her.
relationships that are already undermined by frequent conflicts. Also
do not force a woman to eat those dishes that
she does not like, but cooks for family members. This is coercion, which
only hurts.

If a женщина готовит невкусно, не стоит унижать её, очень многим
not given to master the wisdom of good and healthy cooking
food. This situation is largely influenced by culinary.
habits that were in the family of a husband and wife. Men are often looking for
in their wives habits of their moms, but do not forget that these are two
completely different person. Anyway, с проблемой стоит
fight together Learning to cook delicious is never too late.

What if the wife does not know how готовить — точка зрения

Scientists have long established that water has a crystal structure.
The information received in it changes the structure, which can lead
to various consequences. For example, scientists have proven that prayer
restores the structure of water and swear words – destroy.

So when, while cooking, the wife scolds
husband, offended and angry at him – the dish changes its flavor
quality. That is why there is a sentence that the dish
cooked with love and taste has love. And indeed even
oatmeal, cooked with the soul – much tastier than porridge, cooked
in a hurry and without positive emotions.

The one who is engaged in energy practices – reliably
knows how important the role of women is in the family. If a мать, она же жена в
good mood – scandal in the house will not, but if she has
bad mood – expect trouble. Similarly with food. Often
There are cases of poisoning of whole families with quality products.
power supply. What is the reason for this? Due to the food
the negative energy of the woman passes over and the food becomes poison.

In order for his wife to learn how to cook tasty and satisfying – her
not enough to learn cookbooks. She should learn family
psychology. What if the wife does not know how to cook? Teach!
Teach to appreciate yourself and all family members. It stimulates a woman to
self-development and will push for delicious experiments in the kitchen that
important to ensure a long and carefree family
of life.

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