What if I want my best friend? howcorrectly express your feelings and how to behave if you want yourgirlfriend

Ср, 13 июл 2016 Автор: Екатерина Шилова

Sometimes it happens that a long and strong friendship turns into
something bigger and suddenly you catch yourself thinking to us that you want your best
girlfriend. And this is completely normal. Yes, that’s right, you don’t
it seemed.

What to do in a similar situation?

Options for possible behavior are many. But if similar
feelings cause you discomfort, the feeling that with you “something is not
so, then the first thing to do is to accept them.

how принять в себе то, что хочешь свою лучшую girlfriend

how известно, сексуально влечение к человеку своего пола
called homosexuality or bisexual if
a person has similar feelings to representatives
the opposite sex. Why do you need to take such feelings? because
that so we are all arranged that we feel a desire for
другим людям и не обязательно the opposite sex. In countries
post-Soviet space different people today differently
belong to homosexuality. Often this is negative or
cautious attitude caused by lack of information. but
it is very easy to fill it by reading modern research,
opinions of leading psychologists, sociologists, public figures and
many other authority figures.

In short, the statistics tell us that in all
world, regardless of region, country, religious belief or
other things, in every society from 3% to 10% homosexual and
bisexual people.

Today there are two versions of the “nature” of homosexuality. AT
according to the first, the attraction to a man of his own sex in some
of us already laid genetically. This opinion is confirmed
by some people who were aware of their homosexuality with
early childhood and some species of wildlife that
practice same-sex contacts. Another version suggests that
homosexuality is a social construct, that is, something
formed by society and the environment. how подтверждение —
people who are aware of the attraction to representatives of their gender in more
late age. how ни странно, эти две версии абсолютно не
contradict each other, which is why many people allow
the authenticity of each of them.

Что делать, если я хочу свою лучшую girlfriend

how считает большинство психологов — чувства достаточно тяжело
keep within yourself and sometimes even harmful. Therefore, the only
A healthy way to cope with this situation is to express

ATопрос в том, что сделать это можно совершенно разными
in ways.

ATот некоторые из них:

1. ATыражать эти чувства говоря о них подруге, оказывая знаки

2. ATыражать чувства через творчество, какую-то activity.

3. Direct feelings to another object (another woman,

howой из этих способов применить — зависит от конкретной
situations, sexual orientation of the woman and many other factors.
Below we take a closer look at each of these methods and their possible

Если хочешь свою лучшую girlfriend — дай ей понять это

Of course, this is a very risky way and it will not suit everyone and not
is always.

Before taking any serious steps “feel
the soil. ” Talk to your beloved woman about her attitude to lesbianism.
You can go quite far away, tell a fictional story about a certain
a person who turned out to be a lesbian and look at the reaction. Or
offer together to look at a movie in which there is same-sex
love line between women and watch the reaction.
Try to act carefully and naturally, that does not cause

If you see a very positive reaction, then you can act
farther. how именно — на ваше усмотрение. ATсе люди проявляют свои
feelings are different. It cannot be said that in the relationship between
women courtship is very different from typical
heterosexual couples. Warm glances, light touches,
hugs, kisses on the cheek – all this can be used. But always
need to be attentive to the feelings of another woman, notice how
she responds to your attention if she likes it.

Another way – you can talk with your girlfriend directly and tell
her about her feelings. This is quite a serious step that requires
internal effort and confidence. It is necessary to understand that the reaction can
be different.

but по опыту многих людей, сделавших камин-аут (coming-out от
English – get out of the closet, talk about your sexual
orientation, gender identity, etc.) very much depends on
mood specifically for you.

You need to speak with confidence, in your tone and voice indicating that you are
yourself are completely normal with your feelings, then
a woman listening to you will take them calmly.

how бы там ни было, последствия от камин-аута могут быть
different: from recognition of mutual feelings to negative reaction and
it needs to be considered. Do not be afraid that your girlfriend will
heterosexual and friendship will collapse. Real friendly
Relationships can always be maintained through the efforts of both parties.

Well, if it turns out that your beloved bisexual and
lesbian, then you can safely act. But! Do not forget that if
she also likes women, she is 100% likely to answer
to you in return No need to be intrusive or overly persistent,
be attentive to the woman.

Если я хочу свою лучшую girlfriend — то вдохновляюсь на другую

It often happens in life that our feelings are not
are mutual. Well, what if you look at it differently?

It is not necessary to demand this reciprocity from a girl, because this is
some degree of selfishness.

If your desire or love does not pass you can send
use them as a source of inspiration. Of course,
it is not always just given and requires some effort and work on
by myself. Try to understand what you can love without expecting from a person.
senses of feelings, feel these emotions inside and enjoy
by them.

how говорят медики, во время романтических чувств наша
The endocrine system produces many hormones, among which are
hormones of happiness:

• dopamine, which among other things is responsible for dedication
and concentration;

• Serotonin causes a feeling of satisfaction;

• adrenaline mobilizes the body’s resources, making it capable of
vigorous activity.

If you learn to manage your feelings, then you can
achieve in the activity you are interested in. ATы можете заниматься
creativity: write music, poetry, draw. If the art direction is
this is not yours, then the resources of the body can be put to work on
labor-intensive projects, self-improvement.

You may have the strength to attend various trainings, lectures,
start learning languages, master a new kind of activity.

If reciprocity does not “shine” you, accept it and take it from
their feelings maximum benefit for themselves.

ATозможно, вы настолько увлечетесь любимым делом, что для грусти
and suffering will be no place.

Если я хочу свою лучшую girlfriend, то, возможно, не только

The monogamous way of life dictated by society forces us
believe that it is only possible to have romantic feelings
to one person, otherwise there’s something wrong with you.

AT объективной реальности все совершенно по-другому. ATы можете
love as many people as your heart allows, stocks
energy, time and energy. So if an awareness comes that you want
свою лучшую girlfriend, а взаимность маловероятна, стоит оглянуться на
the world around. See how diverse it is and the people living in
him howие разные могут быт характеры, поведение, улыбки, взгляды.
Feel how exciting it is to learn others
inner worlds.

ATозможно, вы отыщите других женщину или мужчину, симпатичных
you. The main thing to remember when using this method is that the whole world
does not converge on one woman, which is impossible by one person
replace all variety of characters, types of construction
relationships, impressions and emotions. Take it and very
It’s likely that soon you will be able to discover the deep,
meaningful and valuable relationship with another person.

how видите, способ решить ситуации очень много и не существует
no hopeless option. Apply the strategy that
closer to you and your particular situation. Remember that the world around us
interesting and varied and to know it completely not
enough for a lifetime, so you should never spend this valuable
time for suffering and negative emotions. Love and be loved!

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