What helps Terbinafine ointment?

От чего помогает мазь TerbinafinTerbinafin ointment is a fungicidal, antifungal drug, showing pharmacological activity to all fungi that affect the human body. Terbinafinum apply from fungus nails, mucous membranes, hair. The drug successfully fights with yeast, mold and other types of fungal infections. For what else is this drug used, what course treatment and whether there are contraindications to it?


Форма выпуска и состав мази Terbinafin

Выпускается Terbinafin в четырех формах: таблетки, спрей, крем, ointment. The ointment has a uniform white consistency and characteristic odor. Release form – tuba, volume 15.3 g and banks orange glass 30 g. All forms are packed in cardboard packs, containing detailed instructions on the use of the drug.

Мазь Terbinafin создана для наружного применения. Active the substance is terbinafine hydrochloride, the mechanism of action of which based on the destruction of the cell membrane of the fungal cell. Auxiliary components in the composition of the ointment:

  • polysorbate 60;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • cetyl alcohol;
  • sorbitan monostearate;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • cetyl palmitate;
  • isopropyl myristate;
  • purified water.

pharmachologic effect

Патентованное международное названия препарата: Terbinafin (Terbinafine). Drug of local application possesses wide spectrum of activity against fungi, so the indications for its application is extensive. Terbinafin принадлежит к группе allylamine, so even a small dose of the drug has fungicidal effect on fungal activity.

When applied to the skin terbinafine hydrochloride does not have influence on the metabolism of human hormones and is not active in relation to absorbability of other drugs. Ointment based Terbinafinа абсорбируются в кровь после нанесения не более 5 %, exerting a minor systemic effect on the body.


What helps ointment: indications for use

The purpose of the drug is carried out by a doctor. According to the instructions for the application of ointment conducts antimicrobial action, therefore, effective for any fungal pathologies caused by pathogens:

  • Microsporia.
  • Candida skin.
  • Trichophytosis.
  • Rubrofitia.
  • Epidermofitiya.
  • Multicolor versicolor.
  • Mycoses stop.
  • Yeast infections causing diaper rash.
  • Fungal diseases of the nails (onychomycosis).
  • Mycoses of the scalp.
  • Dermatomycosis.
  • Thrush (candidiasis).
  • Chronic dermatophyte smooth skin.

Instructions for use and method of use

Terbinafin мазь наносят тонким слоем взрослым и детям после 12 years externally on the affected areas of the skin 1-2 times / day. Before applying the drug, skin patches should be clean and dry. If diaper rash is treated groin, under the mammary gland, between the buttocks or in interdigital spaces, the place of application must be covered gauze bandage for the night.

The duration of therapy is on average: the treatment of the fungus nails – 1 time / day for 2 weeks; dermadecosis of the feet, legs, torso – 1 time / day 1 week; pityriasis versicolor, candidiasis of the skin – 2 times / day 2 weeks. The scheme of application for children from 12 years, adults and elderly people is no different. If after the above term ointment does not help get rid of the problem, you should consult a doctor and make adjustments to the diagnosis.

Contraindications and side effects < / strong> < / h2>

Мазь Terbinafin при беременности не запрещена к применению. Although no teratogenic properties have been identified in medical studies, pregnant women should use the drug according to strict indications. Terbinafin МФФ с грудным молоком выделяется незначительно, поэтому маловероятно неблагоприятное воздействие на новорожденного в период грудного вскармливания (лактации).

If during the drug treatment side effects such as poor appetite, weakness, headache, nausea, dark urine, light feces or jaundice have appeared, then the ointment should be stopped and consult a doctor. Among the side effects can also be observed allergic skin reactions: itching, acne, redness, burning.

Terbinafine-based ointment should be used with caution in people with renal or hepatic insufficiency, psoriasis, vascular disease, endocrine diseases or impaired blood formation. К абсолютным противопоказаниям к применению мази Terbinafin относят такие состояния, как непереносимость компонентов лекарства, острые заболевания печени, хронические заболевания почек, детский возраст до 3 лет.

Special instructions < / h2>

If ointment gets into the eyes, severe irritation of the mucous membranes can develop, so careless treatment should be avoided. With irregular use of the drug, there is a high risk of recurrence of infection. Judging by the reviews of doctors, in the first days of therapy, the severity of clinical symptoms is always reduced, but this is not a reason to interrupt the treatment.

Price < / h2>

Сколько стоит Terbinafin мазь? The cost in pharmacies in Russia ranges from 70 to 90 rubles per tube 15 g. Price depends on region, manufacturer and supplier. For example, in Moscow, ointment is easy to find cheaper, and in remote areas of the country the drug may cost a little more. In Ukraine, the average price of ointment is 25-30 hryvnia. You can buy the drug in pharmacies of any country without a prescription.

Аналоги мази Terbinafin

  1. Tebikur. Синоним Terbinafinа, предназначенный для лечения грибковых поражений кожи, разноцветного лишая, кандидоза.
  2. Lamisil. Effective analogue (substitute), which is indicated for mycoses of the scalp, yeast lesions of the skin, onychomycosis. < / Li>
  3. Dermazole. Effective with fungal infections, helps to remove dandruff, reduce the biosynthesis of androgenic hormones. Apply the drug for systemic treatment of infections caused by microorganisms that are sensitive to ketonazole. < / Li>
  4. Atifin. The action of the drug is aimed at the treatment and prevention of skin fungal infections: the feet are flexible, inguinal athlete’s disease, pityriasis versicolor. < / Li> < / ol> |

    Reviews < / h2>

    Julia, 20 years old < / strong> : Faced with a fungus on her legs. They advised Tebinafin ointment, but I doubted if I didn’t know if it was hormonal or not? But, having studied the annotation, she calmed down and began to apply the drug daily to the site of the lesion 2 times. Has got rid of a sore for a week. From the unpleasant moments I want to note that during the treatment there were purple nails after the ointment, but not for long.

    Лариса Петровна, 39 лет: Появилось на теле пятно, после посещения врача поставили диагноз: лишай и прописали Terbinafin. Препарат недорогой, но я не знала, что лучше, Terbinafin мазь или крем. I chose the cream, because I did not find any difference in price and description, but it is less greasy. Method of application and dosage used strictly according to the instructions, but the tool did not help me. It is a pity only spent time.


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