What girlfriend are you? Take the test and find out.

Fri, 15 Jan 2016

An interesting, psychologist-developed women’s test
friendship. Is there a female friendship? On this account, each has its own
opinion based on personal experience and beliefs. Anyway,
everyone dreams of a good and reliable friend. But to be one for
others are not capable of everyone. Can you be friends? Can they
rely on you close people? On the nature of your friendship will tell
This simple psychological test. For every answer: a) – 3 points, c)
– 2 points and c) – 1 point.

1. Call. Girlfriend sprained foot, asks urgently to take her to
clinic, and you – entry to the hairdresser. Your answer: a) What
hairstyle?! I’m on my way. c) Glad to help, but now absolutely
once. I’ll come as soon as I free myself. c) Sorry, but not
can. Keep me updated.

2. Do you often come to the rescue of people? For example, you give in
place in the transport, lend outfit or water the flowers at
neighbors when they are on vacation. a) Quite often. And this is not for me
pounding c) Sometimes. Ready to help if I see that people can
case bail out me. s) Almost never. I don’t want to stumble on

3. Your feelings when you find yourself in the center of attention? but)
It becomes somehow uncomfortable. c) Quite a common situation – I am
got used to it. c) And it may not like it?

4. A friend in colors talks about her vacation in the Maldives, and
you have nothing to surprise her. Твои действия:but) Живо интересуюсь всеми
details. She so long dreamed of this trip! C) I listen,
I nod – she needs to share her impressions with someone. c) changing
the topic is very selfish to talk about rest when others are all
summer spent in the office. Which flower symbolizes you?
friendship? but) Синий. c) Green. c) Red.

6. What do you think, for what reason are your colleagues considered?
but) Я хорошо выполняю свою работу и стараюсь помочь другим. c) I
I can build relationships with people. c) I am a professional.

7. Can you come to visit your friends without warning? but)
Yes, but only if necessary. c) Of course I am sure
will always be welcome. c) Excluded, this is not the case with us.

8. A friend has lost your movie disc, for which you are
�”Hunted” for several months. Твоя реакция?but) Not страшно, я же его
already looked. b) Forget it, but I advise you to be more careful. c) Without
insults – she should buy me a new one.

9. You know that your girlfriend needs money, as yours sounds.
sentence? but) Ты порадуешь меня, если возьмешь эти деньги. b)
Take it, you rescued me too often. c) This is all I can
to help.

10. In the store, a friend looked at the dress, but it was obviously
is full. Ты обратишь ее внимание на эту деталь?but) Постараюсь мягко
convince her not to make a purchase. c) I keep silent – this is her choice. c) If
she really liked the outfit, then I will say that she looks

11. Which pair of qualities characterizes you most? but)
Kind and sympathetic. c) Fun and soulful. c) Emotional and

12. In your opinion, which geometric shape is more
отражает твой характер?but) Треугольник. c) Square. c) Circle.

13. What is the most accurate quote to you? but) Единственный
a way to find a friend, become one yourself. c) Old friend, better than new
two. c) Only one thing is harder than finding friends is losing them.

14. In just a couple of months, a friend bought an amazing
form, and now all friends do not get tired of giving her compliments.
Твои действия.but) И я в числе одаривающих комплиментами! She is –
well done. c) Great! I will adopt her method and we will go to
gym together.c) It is unlikely that I would be pleased with such a stir
around her looks.

15. Can only friendship connect you with
представителем противоположного пола?but) Почему бы и нет, мне даже
it seems that friendship is safer than love. c) Of course! Guys know how to be friends
for real. c) There is no such friendship.

32-45 баллов Ты – Настоящая подругаТвоим
friends lucky and that’s a fact. You know how to get along with people and seriously
treat this relationship. That is why you have real
friends with whom you have warm and sincere feelings. Friendship
your list of vital matters has a special place. Acquaintances
you are respected How different? You think their problems are yours.
and in which case she is ready to come to the rescue. You are not afraid openly
talk about your feelings, know how to smooth corners and do not hide offense.
Friendship is holy for you. And that’s why you won’t let them trample
such a relationship and very hard tolerate the betrayal of a friend.
You’re wise enough to turn down an apparently stupid request and not
indulge whims, but if it comes to a serious situation, on
you can always rely on. Do you have the ability to understand
people You will not allow yourself to manipulate. But not worth it
resist the dangerous temptation to manipulate others. Not
get offended if one of your friends suddenly forgets to say the usual
�“Thank you”, they actually know that a friend like you is
настоящее сокровище.21-31 баллов Ты – Требовательная
Ты достаточно коммуникабельный человек, quickly
you converge with people, but not always such relationships outgrow
in true friendship. It can interfere with how fear (fear of offending and
to lose a friend if you suddenly do something wrong) and desire
manage others (be in a relationship). But it is important to remember
that friendship is an equal communication. Perhaps the problem is that you
be friends from a position of strength: one of you tries to dominate,
make decisions and set the tone for communication. And hardly such a situation
things will lead to strong and sincere friendship. Psychologists give
strategic advice: to seek understanding in a relationship with a friend
trust, not change of impressions and self-affirmation. You sometimes
It seems that in your communication something is missing? Perhaps warmth
and trust? It may be worth being more attentive and indulgent to
to others, to try to put yourself in their place – and look
there will be less room for empty grievances and unnecessary disputes. However,
such a friendship has great potential – you just have to arrange everything
in their places. If you learn to be equal, then friendship
принесет больше радости и понимания вам обеим.15-20 баллов
Ты – Эгоистка
Ты считаешь, что у тебя нет настоящих
friends? Maybe. But the reason for this should be sought, above all,
in itself. Maybe you are too focused on your person?
Friendship involves some self-sacrifice and ability
open up to another person. Psychologists believe that about friendship
remember only when you yourself need some kind of help. BUT
вот думать о других тебе совершенно once. Another one
difficult to overcome: you need to be at all costs
first. In everything and everywhere. Therefore, enjoy the success of others more often.
all your strength. But not worth it отчаиваться! Still can
to fix. Analyze several controversial situations that
did you have a girlfriend – what would you be if you were
she treated you like her. You might notice that sometimes
behaving like a spoiled child. Change! For example, when
joy will happen to your close person, smile and sincerely him
congratulate Scientists have experimentally proven that a simple smile causes
the influx of endorphins, which give us a sense of well-being and
pleasure. Stop building between yourself and potential
friends impenetrable walls. Sometimes smiles are enough to
avoid quarrels or direct the conversation in a positive direction. Notмного
effort and you all must succeed!

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