What foods are good for human liver

People don’t think about the health of the liver as often as they do about the heart. but this important organ is the gray cardinal of human organism, and its diseases are often incurable. Liver – natural filter that lets further useful or neutral substances. Vital function of the body with part of the body impossible, and operations on her transplant do little. To maintain health, it is advisable to think more often what products beneficial to the human liver, and keep track of what elements come from food in the stomach.


Useful products for the liver: a list

The main function of the liver is to flush out blood toxins, which get the body with food. It works like a vacuum, absorbing harmful substances. The slightest poisoning can change the structure organ. To его поверхность на протяжении всей жизни оставалась smooth, you need to know what foods the liver “loves” while consuming their food more often:

  1. Морские водоросли. Protect the liver from toxins and harmful chemicals. Contain huge the amount of selenium – a trace element, a powerful antioxidant, which prevents the body from being destroyed.
  2. Лук. Contains unique compounds effectively fighting cancer cells. Frequent use of onions protects against liver cancer.
  3. Яйца. Although doctors do not recommend to use A large number of chicken eggs in food, completely abandon them also impossible. The liver is constantly producing cholesterol, which is already contained in eggs, and their use allows the body work with less load.
  4. Семена кунжута. Able to protect against oxidation the liver. Used in food, if the seeds are raw, they need fry without oil.
  5. Артишок. The product cleans, strengthens and восстанавливает клетки the liver. Artichoke Active Ingredients promote the production of bile, fight free radicals.
  6. Фенхель. Contains a large amount of vitamin With and fiber, protects against chemical compounds. Desirable use as a spice in intoxication. Fruits stimulate cell repair, and the roots – have a cleansing effect.
  7. Имбирь. Promotes the flow of bile, brings benefit to the liver, protecting it from the ravages of alcohol. But if there are stones or inflammation of the pancreas then  need to use with caution.
  8. Фасоль. Contains enough protein to completely replace the meat without harm to the body. After all, animal protein negatively affects the liver, although it is necessary for normal functioning. Vegetable protein in beans and other legumes, digested much easier.
  9. Рыбий жир. Contains Omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione, necessary for the human body, increase the flow blood, strengthen the heart, therefore, are used as an additive in болезнях кровообращения, сахарном диабете и патологиях the liver.
  10. Семена льна. Have a large number nutrients, fiber, fatty acids, so remove toxins and are a strong choleretic agent. Cleansing The liver occurs along with other digestive organs.
  11. Garlic. Improves liver function, reducing levels bad cholesterol. It is used to cleanse the body from parasites, reducing putrefactive bacteria in the intestines. Garlic activates the formation of enzymes, allicin and strong – cleans the blood from toxins.
  12. Брокколи. Source of energy and vitamin E. For maintain the health of the sick broccoli liver recommend use 4 times a week with garlic. Is powerful antioxidant
  13. Белокочанная капуста. Included in the list of useful foods, has a beneficial effect on liver function, contributes to cleansing, normalizes blood cholesterol levels, improves digestion.
  14. Цветная капуста. Promotes excretion токсинов  (канцерогенов), увеличивает количество природного absorbent. The composition contains vitamin A, salts of magnesium, iron in easily assimilable form. For therapeutic effect, it is recommended to use daily in any form.
  15. Капуста кале. It has a positive impact functioning of the liver and intestinal microflora. With regular use can stimulate the digestive system, remove toxic substances, helps with inflammation pancreas.
  16. Брюссельская капуста. Helps the liver function normally by promoting detoxification. In modern nutrition is valued as a rich source of vegetable squirrel.
  17. Листовая капуста. It has high cleansing properties. It contains many essential fatty acids. acids, which makes it useful for the cardiovascular system. Nutritionists include this product in a therapeutic diet for diseases. liver and for prevention.
  18. Базилик. Included in the list of herbs for treatment the liver. Butрмализует в организме метаболические процессы, поэтому его рекомендуют к употреблению при очищении крови from toxins. Basil is useful fresh.
  19. Петрушка. Pay attention, she is rich vitamins C, P, A, B12. Enough 50 g of parsley with olive oiled daily to prevent cell aging, protect печень от  воздействия токсинов и свободных радикалов, to support immunity at the proper level.


What products are suitable for cooking

Fish and meat are included in the list of products that are useful for work. liver, because it is the main components of the diet of many people. But as fatty foods should be excluded, you must choose low-fat meat and fish varieties:

  • sea fish: hake, cod;
  • turkey meat;
  • beef;
  • chicken

We must not forget about kefir, ryazhenka or yogurt, even if not very favorite product. They are an important source of protein and digestible amino acids. For normal functioning of the liver daily it is useful to drink low-fat yogurts, clabber, airan, eat cheese, low-fat cottage cheese and other dairy products. Do not drink food milk – you need to drink it separately.

Salads from fresh vegetables and fruits – a source of healthy minerals, vitamins, vegetable proteins. The basis of the diet should include:

  • red beets;
  • green apples;
  • bananas;
  • spinach;
  • walnuts;
  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • pumpkin and other melons;
  • avocado;
  • citrus.

Drinks < / h2>

Drinks play an important role in the liver. We all already know what harm the body does alcohol, strong teas and coffee. What you need to drink to improve liver function:

  1. Green tea. It contains antioxidants that help filter the blood. < / Li>
  2. Compotes from dried fruit or fresh fruit. Saturate the body with nutrients. < / Li>
  3. Herbal tea. It has a therapeutic effect. < / Li>
  4. Mineral water with healing salts. Optimizes metabolic processes, helps with any liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, obesity). < / Li>
  5. Natural juices (in the morning on an empty stomach). < / li>
  6. Rosehip decoction. < / li> < / ol>

    Harmful products for the liver < / h2>

    Avoiding liver overload is easy if you exclude certain foods from your daily diet. The enemies of the body are lard, butter, margarine, mayonnaise. Also not the most useful products – spicy spices, smoked meats, pastries, fatty foods.

    If there is a risk of developing liver disease, it is advisable to exclude from the diet vegetables with a sharp smell of radishes, cilantro, radish. Sour foods also do not benefit, therefore, from the cranberries, kiwi and other better to give up.

    Even if you eat healthy foods, but overeat daily, especially at night, you should not hope that you will keep your health for a long time. Moderation in the diet will allow the liver to work without stress.


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