What ears are burning – national signs andmedical symptoms. What to expect from life, if your ears are burning, leftor right

Чт, 04 фев 2016 BUTвтор: Юлия Haveлиткина

Folk omens make our life pleasantly predictable.
Itching left hand – wait for an emergency profit. Sparrows bathe in the dust –
take an umbrella, the rain will start soon. Cilia fell – to the gift. BUT
that’s what ears are burning?

Excitement, shame, brainstorming, cursing the ill-wishers – here
most popular interpretations. BUT все же, к чему горят уши? Folk
omens accumulated for many years and modern scientific knowledge
allow you to answer this question quite accurately.

What ears are burning

Let’s start with the popular signs. If your ears suddenly lit up,
there are several options:

• someone is talking about you;

• you will soon meet someone who thinks about you very much, with

• someone thinks about you;

• the weather will change soon.

If there is strong fever without additional “symptoms”, then
сомневаться в том, что про вас именно думают или
, не приходится: проверено столетиями. BUT вот
the context of these conversations depends on who does it.
Human energy is able to perceive equally negative,
and positive. Therefore, if the ears are burning, only the power of emotion is unambiguous. BUT
that’s what they say – good or bad, depends on what
ear burns stronger.

Folk omen regarding weather changes links the two
sensations: heat in the ears and severe itching. And if the person was born
in the summer, soon warmer. If fever and itching at the same time feel
�”Winter” birthday boy, wait for a cold snap.

Tip! If you want to know who exactly
wash you bones or with terrible force thinks about you, just
go through all the possible candidates in a row. As soon as you mentally
touch that person, the heat will stop.

What is the left ear burning

The left side is traditionally the region of the heart, the soul, and therefore
многие приметы связывают ее с негативной энергией.
Therefore, mother-in-law, sarcastically explaining to young daughters-in-law, what is burning
left ear superstitiously spit … right! Over the left shoulder. Distilled off
evil spirits.

And rightly so. According to national signs, if caught fire
левая мочка, то вас нещадно бранят, злословят по
about and for no reason, in general, diligently pour negative
energy. If the energy envelope is weak, then such an effect
may affect health. Especially if a bad person in
face smiles, and behind the back gives vent to his anger, gossips,
uses dirty words.

It is not enough to know what the left ear is burning for. Need to be able to give
отпор незримому врагу
. What can be done:

• wash off the negative with water. Water is very powerful
energy assistant she has incredible power
purification and recovery, both physical and mental. Can
do with drenching limbs or even just washing
(remember how babies are washed away from the evil eye – the same principle);

• if there is holy water, you need to wash it three times, it is necessary
grabbing the top of your head. If you know a prayer, read it.
After washing with holy water is not wiped – the moisture should dry
in a natural way. Along with her, the heat will go away;

• instead of prayer, some people read slander. If you
This method works – please read.

By the way, the Dutch use a peculiar way of making
zyazyuchnogo man silenced at a distance. True, they are not
ponder what the left ear is burning for, as they consider
a sign of slander behind the back ringing in the left ear. But this particular!
So, if there was an unpleasant sensation in the left ear,
нужно просто прикусить мизинец. At the same moment
the gossip bites his dirty language too. So much so that chatting and
Slander about you for a long time he does not want.

What burns the right ear

As to what the right ear is burning to, the proverbial wisdom is also not
limited to one option, there are several:

• friends say something very good;

• one of them is trying to contact you, to meet, but not at all
can not do it and therefore distressed, maybe even

• they just talk about you in a neutral context;

• someone praises you;

• waiting for good lime;

• friends tell the truth about you;

• Someone is rushing towards you, and the meeting will take place soon.

Правая сторона — это всегда что-то хорошее,
correct, and therefore do not worry about what is burning
right ear. For something good. If you really want to know who it is
you are so needed, who says kind words about you or needs
urgent conversation or meeting, mentally sort out all the relatives and
friends The principle is the same as with the left ear: when you get to
the right person, the ear will stop burning.

Can провести некоторые параллели между народной приметой о
what the right ear burns to, and scientific research. Scientists
They say that when adrenaline is released, it begins to burn.
Therefore, strong joy, fear, excitement, shame – any strong
emotion can provoke just such a physiological
the reaction.

What ears are burning: приметы по дням недели

There is a fascinating way of divination in the days of the week. But on the cards
or bean and on … ears! Or rather, on what day they are

1. Понедельник: утренний жар — кто-то сильно
jealous, day or evening – there will be a quarrel.

2. Вторник: для влюбленных знаменует печальное
separation, for single people – slander and deception.

3. WITHреда: уши горят с утра к долгожданному
a date or meeting, in the afternoon – to the appearance of the envier, in the evening – to
a new romantic adventure, easy flirt or full
love affair.

4. К чему горя уши в четверг? To good
the news.

5. Пятница: свидание, о котором вы долго
dreamed, finally happen.

6. WITHуббота: вечерний жар — к беде. Morning or
daytime means nothing.

7. Воскресенье: к прибыли независимо от времени

If the sign is good, just wait for a joyful event. BUT вот
If burning ears foreshadow trouble or trouble, you need to try
cope with a bad reaction, calm down and concentrate.
Forewarned is forearmed.

Why do my ears burn from a medical point of view

Modern science, which in the last decades trying
understand why so often completely unscientific folk omens
prove to be more accurate measuring devices and tube
research, has an opinion and about burning ears.

Why do my ears burn from a medical point of view? there is
несколько гипотез
, подтвержденных с разной долей

Мозг работает в усиленном режиме.
BUTвстралийские ученые, проведя ряд серьезных исследований, пришли к
concluded: there is a direct relationship between the brain surge
activity and flaming ears. Enhanced blood flow to the brain
stimulates the blood flow of all tissues of the head. Therefore, teachers on the exam
It is worth looking at the students more closely. Whose ears are burning
he prepared long and carefully. BUT вот бледноухие ребята могут быть
not ready for the lyrics. Honestly, a very flimsy theory.
Otherwise, why are there excellent students whose ears are not at all
are burning, and Losers, whose right and left fires
an ear?..

Haveши просто обморожены. Yes if man
spent an hour or so in a hard frost, without covering my head as it should,
light frostbite is guaranteed. Another thing what is
an event in Russia, for example, is not uncommon. The body itself is beautiful
learned to restore blood circulation in a frozen place.

Жар в ушах — физиологическая реакции на жару.
Why do my ears burn from a medical point of view? Because so
the body is trying to cool, to give away excess heat due to the tide

Легкая вегетосостудистая дистония. Simply
speaking, there is not enough water in the body, and therefore the normal
blood flow. The brain does not receive adequate nutrition, responding to the delay
in that way.

Особенности строения кровеносной системы и кожной
. Redheads and thin-skinned people – the first in the group
risk. The brutal idea that all redheads are rogues and often crooks and
cheaters, it is from here. Just people with such delicate skin
vessels are located very close to the surface of the dermis. BUT потому
any, even the slightest excitement, can cause ugly
spots on the cheeks or neck, redness of the ears.

BUTллергия, постоянные сбои в работе каких-то
internal organs. It is worth paying attention to your health if
ears are constantly burning. Something is clearly wrong. Reaction most often
causes alcohol, spicy foods, medications, products
beekeeping, cocoa, hot tea, coffee.

Повышенное артериальное давление — тоже одна
of the most formidable will take, why the ears are burning from the medical point
view. Poor circulation can cause redness of the ears, and
if it is accompanied by an intense heartbeat, headache,
feeling of heaviness in the head, pressure on the ears, diagnostics is needed. Her
can be done independently at the primary level – using
tonometer and regular measurements in the morning during the week. If a
persistent violation, you must immediately go to the doctor. WITH
pressure is not joking.

Заболевания внутреннего уха, нелады с
eardrums. Symptom of violation – constant burning
ears for several days, accompanied by itching,

Инсульт. This is one of the signs of a dangerous
rush of blood to the brain. A very dangerous sign, especially
if a person is prone to hypertension, constantly nervous, experiencing
stress, falls into an aggressive state. Need immediate
hospitalization and full examination.

Why do my ears burn from a medical point of view? There are a lot of reasons
and some of them require serious examination, and sometimes –
immediate medical care. No need to treat this
recommendations with a smile. Our life is made up of little things, and each
can be fatal.

Ears are burning: how to protect yourself from the evil eye

Burning ears – one of the signs of the evil eye.

WITHуществует немало способов защиты от недоброжелателей и
just smart people.

Маленькое карманное зеркальце, которое нужно
put the reflective surface out. WITHчитается, что все зло
will be reflected from mirror protection and will get not to you, but to the one who

Оберег. They are many: from wood, natural
stone, cloth, bone, glass beads, twigs, threads. Not important
the subject itself and faith in that he can help. Try it.

Психологический прием, который по сути схож с
wearing a mirror. It bears the name of mirroring and is used.
as a mental defense. You need to set yourself a hypothetical
the villain is a mental block, visualizing it as a large mirror or
mirror barrier, a wall that reflects all evil. Negative
sendings go back and harm the villain himself.
The method works great.

• If a вы знаете, что человек, который находится рядом с вами,
potentially dangerous in terms of energy, can jinx it, or
you are in a closed space with a lot of
people, you can protect yourself in a proven way. WITHкрестить
руки или ноги
, приняв закрытую защитную позу. If a это
hard to do, you can just close the large and index
fingers forming a protective ring.

Ears burn: how to remove excitement

If a жар в ушах сопровождает любое волнение, и человек об этом
knows he needs to master some effective way
calm nerves, relieve tension. Especially if you have to
really exciting event – a performance on a big
audience, wedding, diploma defense, etc.

Common methods:

• soothing herbal tea;

• pharmaceutical light preparations: valerian, motherwort, glycine;

• warm bath or shower;

• long walks;

• reading your favorite book with a funny or kind plot;

• a good series with your favorite hero;

• friendly chatter;

• fitness room or dance class;

• shopping.

It is usually recommended to have a glass of brandy in therapeutic
dose. But you have to be extremely careful with her. Most people
such therapy causes, on the contrary, a rush of blood to the head.
Soothe, perhaps, soothe. But may well cause the ears
flare up.

What to do with the physiology: fight or make friends?

WITHправиться с физиологической реакцией организма на холод, жару,
excitement is very difficult. If a вы сильно отморозили уши, например, то
any temperature difference will cause redness in the future
skin on the frostbitten place.

The same goes for a long stay in the open sun. Have
people who by work are subject to constant insolation and not
cover your head, you may experience a chronic overdose
HaveФ-излучения. Therefore, in the evenings they will definitely burn

Causes a reaction and a strong temperature drop due to
thermal procedures: sauna, steam room, swimming pool, shower – all this
may cause fever in the ears. Of course, the reaction will pass by itself,
but to speed up the process, you can use cool compresses,
soothing creams, lotions.

The question arises: if the burning of the ears is caused by physiological
reasons due to increased brain activity, is it possible
start the reverse process? For example, rub ears to raspberry
colors on the exam to trigger blood flow and start the brain on
full coil? Will it help get a good mark on
control or exam?

Strange as it may sound, but yes: it can help. True if
there is something to help, that is, some knowledge is embedded in the brain. Not in vain
there is an easy way to cheer up with a massage of lobes and
ear shells. Really invigorates, makes you gather, and at the same time
boosts the body’s immune defenses. It is no coincidence that the ears
ground in the first place in order to bring to life
a person who has lost consciousness or is dead drunk.

Can просто энергично растереть уши ладонями до ощущения жара,
and this will be enough to concentrate on the task. Can
to be, it is from here that another student omen grows:
you need to scold and scream the examiner for what it is worth.
WITHчитается, что такая ругань на благо — экзамен будет сдан
required Here also parents and best friends try, bonfire
student how much in vain.

BUT это уже — из области народных примет. Ears are burning, it means about you
badly or emotionally speak, scold, remember, dream
talk or meet. On the exam, it turns out, this is exactly
need to stimulate brain activity due to tide
blood to the head. So folk signs can not be used
only to predict your future, but also in order
to correct it.

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