What dreams of clear water and actions with it.Basic interpretations: why dream of clear water

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Dreams often determine the future of a person.

But few know how to interpret them.

In this question the dream will come to the rescue.

Why dream of clear water – they also indicated.


Why dream of clear water – the main interpretation

As you know – the human body is eighty percent
consists of water. The first element that occurred on Earth is
there was water. So why dream of clear water? Water is considered to be
an element that carries the female energy, from it came life on
the planet. It is a symbol of purification, rebirth in

Dreams, which is water – they talk about the subtle spiritual plane
man, that he needs to cleanse the spirit and mind of various
negative. Particular attention should be paid to what
manifestation in a dream appeared water:

• You began to swim, splash in a natural source;

• You are bathed in water;

• You dream about taking a bath or standing under a shower;

• You only wash your hands and face;

• In the dream, water appeared as it slowly flows out of the faucet;

• Dreamed water drops from the ceiling;

• Dreamed of drinking water from a spring;

• I had to see a drowned man, to sink myself in a dream;

• Dreamed how you dive and swim;

• Wade through water;

• Pass over the bridge.

Variations of developments in a dream about water can be a hundred,
so you should carefully look at all the details
dreams and not miss any. It is important to remember the sensations
who visited you during sleep. It is worth noting that most
dream dreams of clear water are interpreted as the possibility of an offensive
A new stage in life, the acquisition of new valuables,

What dreams of clear water from which you are not
are touching

What dreams of clear water from which you are not are touching?
It is worth considering separately each of the possible
options for the development of events in the dream:

• The vast sea, its vast expanses of water, it does not matter
whether it is calm or raging, at night or during the day
– such a dream promises a favorable period in life;

• River in a dream – it reflects the state of human life. If a
the water in it is stormy and clear – life will be filled with emotions and
pleasant events, with health everything will be okay. If a вода
muddy and weakly flowing – then a streak of bad luck will come in life and man
worth taking care of your health;

• Flooding in a dream – you are fighting the injustice of this
the world;

• If a вам приснится, что ваш дом затапливает, вода капает, а то
and pours from the ceiling – it’s useless to resist the situation, you
lose anyway;

• If a вам явилось во сне что наоборот, вода, затопившая дом
starts to move away, leave it – everything in your life will get better,
health will get stronger;

• Look at the water from the bridge – you look at your actions with
parties. If a вода прозрачная — значит ваши поступки правильные, не
bear harm to others;

• See how water drips from the tap or the soul – to the financial
losses, your money gradually flows away from you;

• Waterfall – dreams that life will soon become saturated
emotions and new achievements, the lie will leave her and fears will not

• To see boiling water in a dream – to boiling passions and

• Most likely quarrels will be associated with close people.

It is worth further emphasizing that the sea is
dream personifies the energy of nature. The sea promises exclusively
positive events in life. Even if it is stormy, but the water at
this is transparent – such a dream promises liberation from prejudice,
exemption from problems. Purification of human energy.

What dreams of clear water with which you adjoined

Сны, в которых вы таки are touching с водой – имеют также
diverse interpretation, and they carry a lot more information
than dreams in which contact with water did not occur. Worth a special
they pay attention to the quality and quantity of water.

It is worth remembering all the little things and the details of the dream, as in them
hidden the main implication of sleep. Most dream books indicate
that plunging into clear water – such a dream promises purification of conscience
and human life from unnecessary events and people.

• Swim in a dream in a reservoir – such a dream says that if water
transparent and cool – in life everything will be easy, without
special problems;

• If a вы во сне плаваете в водоёме, но вода в нём становится
muddy and the wind is rising, which causes it to rage – it is worth
expect major problems that will come into your life after
favorable period;

• If a вы моетесь во сне под душем или окунаетесь в ванную —
it means that you will wash off the shame, suspicions, offenses, obstacles.
If a вы приболели — такой сон сулит практически мгновенное

• If a вы омывались во сне прозрачной водой и вдруг она резко
became muddy and dirty – wait for slander and quarrels, they are practically
impossible to avoid, but you are to blame for their occurrence

• To swim precisely under water according to Miller’s dream book – to blessing
above, to the strong defense of higher powers;

• Drink clear water from dishes – to victory over difficulties,
a way out of the impasse will be found;

• Holy water, which you sprayed in the church in different dream books
interpreted differently: in some it is a symbol of faith and purification, in
other advice to visit the temple and repent of their deeds, to get
blessing for further righteous life;

• To wash in a dream, to wash hands – to the desire to wash off shame and
lies, perhaps a person will commit a heinous act, which will
much to regret;

• If a вам приснилось, что вы плещетесь в прозрачных водах — вас
expects success in love, you will definitely meet your second
mate, for those who already have a pair – this dream foreshadows
improving relationships, renewing feelings;

• If a вы пытаетесь перейти вброд бурный поток, но вода в нём
transparent – you will fight the disease and very successfully;

• If a вы черпаете воду во сне, а она прохладная и прозрачная —
you will swim in luxury, you will be paid a salary, you are expected
quick win;

• If a же вы поливаете что-то водой во сне — ждите финансовых
losses, they will be solid and cause a lot of damage.

In any case – dreams of clear water basically promise.
acquisitions and positive changes in a person’s life.

What dreams of clear water according to Freud’s dream book

In Freud, a very peculiar interpretation of what dreams
clear water. For a young girl to swim in clear water –
bathe in the attention of men if she splashes water from the bath
while swimming – gossip will be shaken about her.

If a молодой девушке снится, как она погружается под воду и
swimming – changes in her life are possible, but she should want to
so they come true. Otherwise there was no point in plunging into the vital

If a девушке приснится, как она рожает в воде — наяву она
can really get pregnant and after giving birth to healthy offspring.
A man to see in a dream how his wife swims to him on the transparent
smooth surface of the reservoir – to positive changes in relationships. They will get stronger
and will certainly please both.

If a незамужней девушке приснится сон, в котором она плещется в
bathroom – it is time for her to look around, someone clearly wants
get her attention. But if at one moment the water becomes
dirty and muddy – she should not engage in fleeting ties they
can badly affect her reputation and her life in general.

A man bathed in a turbulent stream of clear water – to have
male strength and good health, he will not have a rebound from women.
A man to cope on a boat on the river – to the possibility of finding
families, if he already has a family, it means that he will receive
great pleasure from communicating with native people.

To a pregnant woman to see in a dream how her beloved swims to
her boat on the clear water – wait for surprises and pleasant
News, large gifts are possible. But if she dreams that he
can’t swim to it in any way – this indicates a possible break
relationship and initiates their man.

The world of dreams – the world of unreal beautiful pictures that are
man is often at the right moment to
warn of danger or point out that everything will be fine. TO
what dreams of clear water – often to positive events and
changes. The more water in a dream, the better. The brighter it becomes
life and global change. To believe in dreams, whether to listen to them
– a personal matter, but how nice it is to know that soon
your life is changed for the better.

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