What dreams of bananas: what do they say to us dream booksMiller, Freud, Vanga and others. Interpretation of dreams about bananas

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Bananas in a dream by most dream books are interpreted as a symbol
masculine and sexual relations.

For more accurate interpretation, remember as much as possible.
details of sleep, its plot and own feelings.

Trying to figure out what dreams of bananas are and what they can
to foreshadow the dreamer in real life.


What if bananas dreamed?

Most of the world’s dreamers determine the following
treatments for dreams with bananas:

  • if a woman dreamed of beautiful, ripe fruit is a sign
    that she is beautiful and healthy. If you also went to
    dreaming a grove with bananas – this means that you have success among

  • if in a dream you see magnificent palms, from which you simply
    delighted – it is a symbol of beautiful, pure love;

  • if you get lost in a grove with bananas – this means that you
    expects a difficult, fateful choice in real life;

  • dreamed rotten bananas – to the occupation of the case, which will not bring
    desired profit;

  • saw in the dream the undone fruits – a sign that you do not
    It is worth waiting for support from the side, and decide for yourself

  • fruits lying in a dream are a sign of a short relationship with
    opposite sex;

  • bananas lying in the fridge testify to your
    the intention to postpone important matters until a later date;

  • see sliced ​​bananas in chocolate – expect
    dating a nice person;

  • to contemplate in a dream these fruits without peel – to a successful transaction and
    good returns;

  • cut in half fruit – a sign that you need
    financially thank the person who gave you sensible

  • If you see a bunch of fruits in the store – expect problems.
    Seeing one banana in the window means you have to solve everything.
    problems on your own, other people will not help you;

  • if there are brown spots on the fruit – to quarrel with his
    second half. If the peel is completely brown, however,
    the fruit itself is quite suitable for consumption – it means that someone from
    familiar to you men, regardless of external indifference, nourishes large
    feelings for you;

  • if you see small fruits in a dream, this is a sign
    the fact that you really lack attention from men, large
    fruit, on the contrary – you are surrounded by a large number of boyfriends;

  • buy bananas in the store – expect help from someone from
    people close to you;

  • buying fruits in the market – to financial difficulties;

  • if you carry fruit in a bag, it’s a sign that you don’t
    It is worth anyone to report on their future plans or projects. If
    you carry them in your hands – expect close cooperation with
    the person to whom you feel antipathy;

  • gathering fruits in the jungle – to show initiative and leadership
    in family;

  • tearing fruit at your dacha means that you decide
    tasks need moral support from relatives and friends;

  • if you dreamed of a banana that was grown in the house – a sign
    material security and wealth;

  • if you are harvesting fruit in the neighbor’s garden – expect to visit
    good man.

The type and condition of the fruit

For a more accurate definition of sleep with bananas, you need to determine
their appearance and state in the dream.

1. To see a bunch of fruits in a dream – to big problems in real
of life. Married people who are unfaithful to their second
half, to be exposed and big changes in life, such
like an abrupt change in lifestyle or loss of a partner.

2. Ripe fruits in a dream promise the appearance of undesirable scandal and
clarify the relationship, and guilty of them will be determined himself
dreamer. If bananas are not yet gone, this is a sign that the dreamer
take on newer, risky and excessively responsible
a business.

3. If you saw in a dream rotten bananas – this is a sign that
that you will not willingly participate in some dubious
event. Also, such a dream suggests that
subconscious level you are not satisfied with the current work therefore,
it may be worth thinking about changing it.

4. The appearance in the dream of undisturbed bananas says that it is worth
define for yourself life priorities and long-term goals so
as it became clear that the current hopelessly outdated. For young
girls like a dream can mean they shouldn’t
rush to start sex life, as this may lead to
unpleasant consequences.

What are the dreams of bananas in Miller’s dream book?

According to Miller, such a dream is a symbol of uninteresting
work, which is also poorly paid.

  • acquire bananas – to communicate with the person who you

  • to see a big bunch of fruits – problems in business because of
    employee insecurity;

  • eat a delicious, sweet fruit – you get a big
    satisfaction from the work done, but it will not bring
    the income you expected;

  • if you dreamed about how you collect the fruit – to bad
    situations that will bother you for a long time.

Why do bananas dream of Freud’s dream book?

Sigmund Freud believes that the banana symbolizes the male
the beginning, that in his dream book is interpreted unequivocally as a phallus. Exactly
for this reason, most of the predictions with bananas are intended
for women.

  • Eating a banana is a sign of satisfaction from sexual relations,
    which you currently have;

  • to peel off this fruit – the desire to deprive a man of his
    male power;

  • The under-reached banana is a feeling of self-dissatisfaction and
    timidity, incomplete confidence in their own male strength;

  • eat a large number of bananas – to lead promiscuous sex
    a life;

  • woman satisfied eating banana – full sexy
    mutual understanding with a partner in real life;

  • peeling a banana peel – anticipation of the upcoming meeting with
    a person who is clearly sympathetic to you;

  • rotten banana – big health problems are possible, in
    in particular, with the urogenital system;

  • plucking this fruit from a palm tree is a desire to establish leadership,
    dominate the bed over your sexual partner. Woman who
    saw such a dream, may believe that the phallus insults her
    female dignity. To a certain extent, a dream like
    считает Sigmund Фрейд, может быть воспринят как признак

What are the dreams of bananas in the Vanga dream book?

  • the appearance of a banana in a dream is a sign that the current
    the moment you have a faithful and devoted partner whom you always
    you can trust;

  • eat in a dream this fruit – a sign of great curiosity that
    может повлечь за собой серьезные Problems;

  • to see a rotten fruit – a symbol of wasted time on
    неприбыльное a business. If there are many fruits, expect betrayal from
    friend or companion;

  • see a grove with bananas in your dream – a symbol of successful love

  • to pick fruit from a tree – to improve financial condition.

What are the dreams of bananas in Tsvetkov’s dream book?

  • to see this fruit in a dream – to change the second half and
    friend betrayal;

  • eat a banana in a dream – expect that your detractors
    will try to “wet up” your reputation, beware

  • selling bananas in a dream is empty dreams and hopes;

Interpretation of dreams about bananas по Лоффу

  • eating fruits in a dream is a symbol of wonderful sexual relationships with
    its second half;

  • tear fruit from palm trees – the desire to present yourself to a person with
    the best side;

  • banana peel – a symbol of dissatisfaction in sex.

East Dream

  • to see large, fresh clusters of bananas – a sign of strong
    health and longevity;

  • gathering fruits in the basket – expect serious achievements in business
    sphere and material wealth in the future;

  • eat or serve fruit on the table – to get income or your
    share in the business;

  • to see spoiled bananas – to unnecessary hassle, waste
    of time.

Modern dream book

  • see a banana – expect to meet and communicate with you unpleasant
    business partner. Also, such a dream can be a symbol of sadness and
    sorrows that you cannot tell anyone;

  • eat fruit in a dream – a harbinger of the beginning in risky and
    problem affairs where you have to bear the burden
    responsibility on many issues, quarrels on your initiative;

  • rotting fruit – to unpleasant affairs;

  • selling fruit is a harbinger of what your hobby is
    any person is absolutely unpromising;

  • tearing a banana from a tree – the desire to get leadership,
    dominate the relationship.

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