What does traditional medicine offer fromcholesterol plaques. Cleaning vessels with folk remedies: exactlywon’t get worse?

Чт, 29 окт 2015 Автор: Анастасия Жарикова

Folk remedies that promise quick cleaning of all vessels
forever, in physicians they cause only an ironic smile, and in particular
cases – sarcastic denials.

People who “found” themselves in their vessels
atherosclerotic plaques, or patients with cardiovascular
diseases, looking for an explanation of the problems. On TV, from
online publications, from friends often heard loud statements: “All
problems from toxins, slags and “high cholesterol!”. What if
the assertion is supported by a known name, then it is already undeniable

If there is a problem, there will be a “solution”. Hearing about the harmful
cholesterol and toxins, people quickly diagnose themselves and
begins to be treated by all means at hand, despite the obvious
the absurdity of most of them.

The most popular means of cleaning the vessels of traditional medicine: what
really works

Indeed, toxins of different nature have on the body
harmful, often irreversible, impact. There is in appearance
cardiovascular disease and the effect of cholesterol, due to
a number of related factors, it actually leads to
atherosclerotic plaques. World traditional medicine is still
pores can not help atherosclerosis patients get rid of “growths”
on the vessels completely and forever. But there are folk remedies that
promise 100% effect.

Lemon and garlic: washing out atherosclerotic plaques

Popular recipe. Grind 300 grams of garlic,
pour 24 lemon juice and insist 24 days in a cool dark
place Every time before use shake. Take before
bedtime, dissolving 1 teaspoon in 100 ml of water. Treatment course two
of the week.

This is only one of the least secure ways of countless
Lots of recommendations for the use of lemon for cleaning vessels.

Will there be a cleansing. Contained in
lemon vitamin C, which focuses on this tool
neutralizes free radicals, prevents cholesterol from oxidizing,
preventing plaque formation on the walls of blood vessels. Lemon,
used in moderation really helps
proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. But
daily excess of the norms of use is fraught with a number of unpleasant

Daily consumption of more than 1 gram of vitamin C can

• anxiety;

• impaired kidney function;

• insomnia;

• pressure increase;

• violation of the menstrual cycle;

• sexual dysfunction;

• change in the exchange of electrolytes.

Consider that ascorbic acid is not only contained in lemon,
a and in all fruits and vegetables that should go into your
daily diet

Side effects do not necessarily manifest – it all depends on
individual body reactions. In addition, citric acid
together with garlic irritates the gastric mucosa, provoking
or exacerbating diseases of the digestive tract.

For two weeks of treatment according to the above prescription, blood vessels
not cleaned up, but most likely there will be no harm
the concentration of active ingredients is not too high. But если
do not dissolve the recommended teaspoon of lemon mixture in water, then
You can earn a burn mucous.

Cleaning the vessels with garlic tincture

Как готовить средство: в стеклянную емкость
lay out 350 grams of chopped peeled garlic, pour 200
grams of pure alcohol, tightly close the lid. Put in the dark
cool place for ten days. After that, strain and put
for two more days. Tincture is ready.

Take in diluted form: add three to 50 grams of milk
drops of the drug, drink 30 minutes before meals three times a day. Healers
offer to drink tincture before it ends, and even made a scheme
dose adjustment for each day. From what considerations is selected
dosage is not indicated in the product, but warn that
tinctures can hurt the kidneys. Such a “cleansing” is advised to
once every five years.

WITHхема приема такая: со второго дня в каждый
taking “medication” is added one drop (it turns out 3 in
day) until the number on the fifth day rises to 15. C
the sixth day there is a decrease in the same way, on day 10
there will be three drops again. Then until the end of the tincture to use 25
drops three times a day.

Every day during treatment drink at least two and a half.
liters of water (“to cope with the kidneys”), it is better to add juice.
Required intense physical exertion, as well as the exception
alcohol, fatty, spicy, salty and pickled foods, coffee and
strong tea.

Does the method make sense? Unequivocally
there’s a meaning! But речь лишь о второй части способа. Traditional
Medicine recommends for the prevention and initial stage of treatment
It is the increase of physical activity, the elimination of potentially dangerous
food, increasing fluid intake and failure
from bad habits. Usually, these measures are improving overall
body conditions and cholesterol levels are reduced.

As for garlic, it really helps to reduce
level cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory and
antiviral effect. But среднестатистический человек в
standard diet with food sufficient amount

The amount of garlic offered by the authors of the method,
greatly exceeds the volume, easily digestible digestive tract. Main symptoms
�”Overdose” in this case – bloating, belching and gas. Besides
this may well be an allergy or manifest
непереносимость составляющих garlic. Heat treated
garlic does not have such “side effects”.

Fasting means cleansing?

Временный полный или частичный отказ от пищи в
Traditional medicine is traditionally considered beneficial to the body.
The method is argued by the fact that from the outside the stomach constantly gets
with food harmful elements, and in the period of fasting the body spends
energy to cleanse all suspected toxins. Authors
there are a lot of methods of fasting schemes, and each of them repeats about
advantage of its timing and principles.

What really. Human
the body has a complete cleansing system of unnecessary or
toxic substances. Healthy kidneys and liver are completely eliminated.
waste to the outside without additional assistance. If not
alcohol or narcotic intoxication that brought the liver out of
working, then with proper nutrition and physical activity vessels
will be perfectly clean without hunger strikes.

Starvation in chronic diseases can cause them.
severe exacerbation, especially applies to the digestive tract and cardiovascular

A true helper atherosclerosis prevention: beets!

Popular recipe. Mix fresh juice
beets with honey in equal parts. Take three times a day, 100 ml.
after meal. Рекомендуемый курс — три of the week.

Will the remedy work? Beet
contains a variety of vital substances for humans:
folates, carotenoids, flavonoid antioxidants, betaine and glycine. WITH
point of view of the anti-thrombus effect and the prevention of atherosclerosis
Beetin is interesting in beets. Thanks to him, you can protect yourself from
peripheral vascular diseases and even myocardial infarction. Effect
will be only from the fresh product, but not immediately drink the juice – he
should stand about two hours.

What is dangerous. Nuance recipe in the amount of
ingredients. Both 150 grams of beet juice and 150 grams of honey
every day nothing good will be brought to the body, especially on
over such a long period of use. Not only to
In the middle of the treatment, allergies are guaranteed, at least for honey, but also
such a volume of beet juice pretty harm the body.

WITHредство противопоказано при:

• hypotension;

• osteoporosis;

• urolithiasis;

• diabetes;

• diarrhea;

• gastritis with high acidity;

• gastrointestinal diseases.

Green tea – an innovative means of cleaning vessels?

Fragrant and come to taste lately to many
gourmets green tea recognized by the world’s doctors strong
antioxidant that really fights toxins and reduces
likelihood of atherosclerosis. �”Bad” cholesterol
significantly less produced in the blood of people regularly
use green tea. But к сожалению, он не способен очистить
vessels from existing plaques.

None: neither drug nor folk remedy
today remove atherosclerotic plaque
is impossible.

Ученые смогли изобрести препараты, которые снижают level
blood cholesterol. These are statins, fibrates and polyunsaturated fatty
acid. It is the statins, when taking them for more than two years, can
reduce the area of ​​the plaque in the vessels, but no more.

The only way to protect yourself from atherosclerosis is to
healthy lifestyle: moderate exercise,
balanced diet with a predominance of vegetables, fruits and fish, and
also a complete rejection of alcohol and bad habits.

Follow these recommendations, and the issue of cleaning vessels
folk or other means will not interest you.

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