What does the stork dream about: what do they say to usMiller, Vanga, Lofa and others. Interpretation of dreams about the stork on the roofor in the sky

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Since ancient times, the stork was the guardian of the family hearth,
herald of happiness and prosperity.

The appearance of this bird in a dream is a symbol of happy
marriage and family well-being.

Trying to figure out what the stork is dreaming about
the dream may foreshadow the dreamer.

What if storks dream?

Most dream books treat a dream like this:
in the following way:

1) if you see in a dream two storks on the roof of your own house
– this dream should be interpreted as a comparison of birds with a married couple,
that is, you and your wife, and you expect a long and
happy family life;

2) to see a stork walking on the lawn – also
positive sign promising happiness in the home and healthy, beautiful

3) if you are in a dream trying to catch this bird, but all attempts
in vain is a sign that your wishes will probably not be
to be executed. If you still managed to do it – it is a symbol
fast matchmaking, chances are that your children are planning
create your family;

4) if you see storks strolling on the lawn with
the rest of the birds are a warning that your
detractors are going to set you a trap and if you don’t
be vigilant and careful, the probability is great in her
get there. Also a dream like this can worsen

5) to see a flock of these birds – a sign that you should expect
dirty trick from their enemies;

6) if you have a stork dreamed before a trip – this is
good sign, promising easy road and a great rest;

7) if this bird was seen in a dream by a person who was unwell
the child is the forerunner of the fact that no more worries are needed, so
how the baby will soon recover;

8) a dream in which you see a stork curling on the roof of a house – this is
a sign that all adversity is over, and very soon to your home
peace and tranquility will come;

9) if you saw a wounded bird in a dream – this is a good sign,
promising you a meeting with an influential person who will help in
promoting your business. Thus, you can expect serious
changes in life, your financial situation will improve significantly
and stabilized;

10) to see in a dream a stork flying in the sky – also
auspicious sign promising the dreamer a quick material profit,
and she will come as if from nowhere, that is, you for her
receiving will not need to put any effort at all (this
may be a gift, a prize or an unexpected inheritance);

11) if you are not watching a bird flying in the sky, but in
other people’s companies are a sign that the profits that you
will get, have to share it with someone else (it may be
people close to you or companions);

12) if you feed a bird in a dream – this means that you have
will solve all your difficulties on your own, and very soon you
be able to live peacefully and happily again.

What foreshadows?

Also the stork dreams can have the following

1) to see two storks together – a favorable sign. For idle
human, he means the coming marriage, for family – the birth

2) if you see a bird that sits in its nest – this is
means that you left your failures and hardships in the past and are ready
to a new stage in your life;

3) if you saw a dead stork in a dream – this is a sign that
that you will very soon quarrel with your other half,
that ultimately results in the fact that you will not live under one

4) to see this bird with a broken or broken wing is
warning that you should be very careful because you
in danger. For a more accurate interpretation of this dream cost
remember your actions in a dream. If you tried to prove help
bird – this means that you should expect positive changes in
of life. If you ignored the injured bird – expect
множества проблем как в бизнесе, та и в личной of life.

What does the stork dream about in Miller’s dream book?

Psychologist Gustav Miller treats sleep with the advent of this bird as
harbinger of positive changes in the life of the dreamer. It means,
that very soon you will be favored by fate and all your affairs will go
up the hill that will bring peace and well-being to your home. Also at work
promotion is possible, which will also affect your
material condition. In addition, this image promises to receive
good news and perhaps the birth of a child in the family.

A single man who saw this bird in a dream was probably
it’s time to start a family and children, a dream
is a kind of reminder. Perhaps the girl with whom
young man have some kind of relationship, and there is the second
half what he is looking for.

When a person is already married, but the children still have
before that, a dream could mean that it was time to do it.
If the children already have it, it means that they should be given more
your attention, without forgetting about other people you love,
because they really need your care.

What dreams of a stork on the dream Vanga

See this bird on the roof of your house, according to the Bulgarian
clairvoyant Vanga – a good sign, promising your family soon
future long-awaited peace and tranquility.

  • Seeing a wounded stork in a dream is also auspicious.
    a sign promising to meet you with someone who will be your
    patron and helper in all your endeavors that
    subsequently bring you new status in society and improve your

  • if you saw this bird in the sky – this is a sign that it is very
    Soon you will get a solid profit. It can be as big
    inheritance from unknown relatives, and winning
    a round sum in the lottery;

  • if, besides you, others watch the flight of a stork in the sky
    people – this means that you must share your
    sudden wealth with someone else, otherwise this money
    can play a cruel joke with you;

  • feeding birds in a dream is a sign that you will in the future
    will be able to overcome some serious problems that this
    the moment you are unable to decide;

  • if you feed stork chicks, it is a signal that you
    it’s time to worry about your children who really need yours

What is the dream of a stork in the dream book of Lofa

If you believe the dream book of Lofa, then sleep with storks is direct
sign of the future pregnancy of the dreamer woman. If a man
single and lonely, such a dream can be interpreted as the beginning of a new
a project that will be very successful and bring the dreamer the expected

What dreams of a stork on the dream book Lagutina

  • Dreamed of a stork in a nest descending onto the roof of a house
    or walking on the lawn – auspicious sign, promising peace
    in family;

  • see this bird flying in the sky – expect good luck, your problems
    will soon be able to resolve;

  • watching a stork far away is feeling indifferent
    there may be problems with other people, including relatives
    personal life;

  • if you see how the stork sank to the ground and you approached him
    – your subconscious tells you that you should not live with illusions,
    it will not lead to anything good;

  • to see two storks in the nest – for marriage, a happy family,
    the appearance of the firstborn;

  • seeing these two birds in the sky is a sign that your mind
    prevails over the heart, try to balance them;

  • to dream of a white stork – to the spiritual or financial
    acquisitions, useful acquaintances, new discoveries. If you
    saw a black stork – a bad sign, promising a loss of funds, bad
    lead a lot of problems.

Interpretation of a dream by the dream book Smurov

  • The appearance in a dream of two storks curling a nest on your roof –
    A sign that you and your second half promise a long and
    happy life together;

  • to watch the bird walking on the lawn – also
    auspicious sign promising a happy marriage, the birth of the firstborn and
    family well-being;

  • see a stork flying overhead and take
    unsuccessful attempts to catch him – a sign that your cherished
    desires are unlikely to come true. If you still managed to catch a bird –
    This is the forerunner of matchmaking.

  • to dream of storks walking along the lawn with cranes –
    expect traps from detractors;

  • to see a flock of storks in the sky is also a bad sign, promising
    gossip and trouble from your enemies;

  • if you saw a stork in a dream while thinking about your children – this is
    means that in the future you will be very proud of them.

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