What caused the allergy to strawberries in a child. howrecognize and treat strawberry allergy: symptoms andeffects

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One of the most long-awaited summer strawberries not only
tasty, but also very healthy.

In addition to vitamins A, E, B, H, PP, it also contains a large
the amount of antioxidants that are extremely beneficial to the body.

Only 5-6 strawberries, able to satisfy daily
the body’s need for vitamin C.

Strawberry allergy: causes

Strawberries are superior to most vegetables in their properties.
berries, as well as citrus. It contains a huge amount
beneficial minerals and substances such as fiber, folic
acid, fluorine, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and others. Strawberry
has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and is beneficial for
cardiovascular diseases.

But, unfortunately, the beneficial properties of this summer berry, or rather,
rich in vitamins, flavonoids, essential oils and
pectic substances can turn into an allergy for real
a problem. Everyone is so convinced that fruits and berries grown
in summer, they have great health benefits
a person that does not even think that they can harm.

Meanwhile, strawberry allergy is a very common
a problem that affects not only adults, but also children. AND
The reasons for this are as follows:

• Strawberry способна накапливать в себе химические вещества,
which are used in its cultivation and storage, and which
they may also be allergens;

• Strawberry fruit, which has a rather loose and porous structure,
as a sponge absorbs all the pollen from plants that bloom in
the moment of ripening berries. And, as you know, pollen itself is very
a strong allergen that many people suffer from. Wash off completely
berry pollen is impossible;

• Strawberry увеличивает уровень гистамина в организме, который
increases the chance of an allergic reaction if a person already
There is a tendency to other allergies.

• With care, you need to use strawberries for those who
there are people who are prone to allergies, as well as those who have
problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in particular gastritis and ulcers. In addition to this, not to
provoke an attack of strawberry allergy, it cannot be combined with
dairy products. Dairy protein contained in any
milk product itself is strong enough
an allergen.

how распознать аллергию на клубнику

The main symptoms of strawberry allergy can be identified if
shortly after strawberries were eaten
swelling and itching in the mouth, tingling and pricking in the throat.
Often there is tearing with a strong redness of the eyes,
runny nose, severe sneezing. Also recognize strawberry allergy
can be on rash on the skin that looks like a hives, and at
this very itchy.

In some cases, the reaction to strawberries may be so
strong that a person will develop anaphylactic shock. how
it usually occurs during secondary contact with
продуктом-an allergen. When an allergen enters the human body,
there is a production of substances that are responsible for
inflammatory reactions. As a result, the blood flow decreases.
pressure, the blood vessels dilate, the lumen narrows in
airways, rales, walls of blood vessels are heard in the lungs
easy to pass blood plasma and edema occurs, heart rhythm
gets off. The person who has experienced such a reaction becomes
excitement, palpitations become more frequent, there is a strong cough. Can
Quincke swelling occurs, covering the face, throat and causing
choking attack. Anaphylactic shock is an extremely dangerous reaction.
organism for an allergen, it can literally in 2 minutes cause
stroke. Emergency medical care in such a situation is vital
necessary for the patient.

Allergy to strawberries in a child: how to avoid it

About 10% of children suffer from food allergies. If parents
the child is susceptible to the above berry allergy, rather
In all, the symptoms of a strawberry allergy will also manifest in a child
(runny nose, heavy breathing, swelling of the mouth and throat, itching, rash
on the body). More serious manifestations of allergy to strawberries in a child
expressed in violation of the chair, vomiting, convulsions. Also like u
an adult, anaphylactic

If there is a possibility that the child may experience
allergies, in any case it is not recommended to include strawberries in
menu child up to 1 year. After a year, literally one by one in
the day can be given to the child, not forgetting to observe possible
symptoms of allergy to strawberries. If symptoms are absent,
You can gradually increase the amount of strawberries. Worth remembering
that an allergic reaction can occur within a day.

The best and most effective method of treating food allergies
is taking antihistamine drugs. They are not
только предотвратят тяжелые effects, но и уберут уже
present symptoms. To determine the correct dose,
is necessary consult a pediatrician.

If your child is allergic to strawberries, try
check the composition of all products, including various beverages,
cosmetics, medicines to make sure that they are not
there is a dangerous baby allergen.

Most products that are designed for children
older than 6 months, they contain strawberry puree. Despite
what, pasteurized berries, only in very rare cases
can cause an allergic reaction, it is worth showing
caution, and each new product to try in small

According to research, it is known that the allergen is contained in
red pigment berries. Therefore, to feed the child choose varieties
white strawberries. Also, do not give the child to eat strawberries, if
the baby has gastritis, an ulcer or gastroduodenitis.

What is dangerous allergy to strawberries during pregnancy

Strawberry не самая лучшая ягода для женщины, находящейся в
положение, но это не значит, что ее is necessary полностью исключить
from the diet. Eating these berries during pregnancy should
Be aware of some of the nuances.

Strawberry allergy during pregnancy is not only dangerous for
future mother, but also for her unborn child. Extreme
it is undesirable to use these berries in the first weeks of pregnancy,
since strawberries can provoke uterine contractions that
will lead to the threat of miscarriage, and in later periods – to
premature birth.

After 22 weeks of gestation, the fetal immune system becomes
more sensitive to foods that are present in the diet
pregnant To reduce the risk of strawberry allergy
have a child in the future and reduce the risk of diathesis, better
eliminate strawberries from your diet during pregnancy.

how правильно лечиться и как оказать первую помощь, при
strawberry allergies

how распознать аллергию на клубнику, и какие симптомы при этом
are already known. Now consider how to provide first aid.
to the victim.

1. Thoroughly rinse the place of contact with the allergen (the entire mouth
cavity, skin, lips) plenty of warm water;

2. If an allergic rash appears on the skin, then
Directly to areas with a rash, you can attach a cold
compress to reduce itching;

3. Take antiallergic drug (Suprastin, Zyrtec,
fexofenadine, Claritin, etc.);

4. Если состояние больного не улучшается, is necessary обратиться
see a doctor or call an ambulance brigade.

Если симптомы strawberry allergies носят тяжелый характер, то
there is difficulty breathing, throat cramps, nausea, pain
in the stomach, dizziness, loss of consciousness, heartbeat quickens and
прочее, is necessary:

1. Call an ambulance brigade;

2. Если человек в сознании, то ему is necessary дать
antiallergenic drug, if it is impossible, then you need
make an injection of an antihistamine. Antihistamine shots
используют, если is necessary быстро снять аллергическую реакцию.
If an allergy attack caused anaphylactic shock – you need to
You can quickly put a shot Prednisolone or Dexamethasone. These
drugs are anti-shock and will help increase blood pressure and
eliminate puffiness that can cause suffocation;

3. The patient should be laid down and set free from tight clothing.
(unbutton buttons, belt) so that it does not interfere with the free

4. If the patient has vomiting, turn it to the side.
This will reduce the risk of vomit entering the respiratory tract;

5. If the heartbeat stops and there is no breathing.
is necessary принять реанимационные меры, такие как искусственное
breathing and indirect heart massage. Делать это is necessary до приезда
medics or until the lungs and heart function
will recover.

To avoid complications from an allergic reaction later on,
even with minor symptoms, it’s worth asking for
professional medical care, especially if an attack of allergies
happened in a child.

In severe allergic reactions, the patient should
hospitalize In this situation it is very dangerous to deal with
self-medication. An experienced allergist will select the best course
treatment, which is likely to include a special
hypoallergenic diet, completely eliminating from the diet
allergen product.

Studies have shown that people who
adhered to a hypoallergenic diet for a long
time, were able to reduce the body’s hypersensitivity to
provoking product.

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