What can you eat after six in the evening?

Anyone who forbade himself to eat after six can read this article.
and breathe freely. You can eat after six. Although not all in a row.
 What did you hope for?


It is known that many nutritionists advise losing weight not to eat after
six in the evening. Experts insist in the afternoon
the body’s ability to spend calories is reduced.
Вечером человек готовится  ко сну, все естественные процессы в
body slows down, energy is no longer consumed, and for the most part
stored in reserve in the fat depot – on the hips and abdomen.

One of the most famous experts in weight loss, nutritionist
Alexey Kovalkov believes that fat will be much faster
be kept in reserve if you refuse yourself dinner in the evenings and

Если вы не едите после шести вечера до семи-восьми утра,  –
Kovalkov says, you are in fact starving for 13 hours.  But as
It is known that any nutritional deficiency is understood by the body as an offensive.
hunger and begins to create reserves in the body – body fat. Behind
it is a lipoprotein lipase enzyme that directs fat
acids in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Activity of this enzyme
rises dramatically with any prolonged food restrictions.
The action of this enzyme is so effective that if you have not eaten
more than 10 hours, almost all of the next day the food you eat will be
transform into fats.

Therefore, it is possible to eat in the evenings, but, of course, not to hell.
Alexey Kovalkov advises cooking for dinner a light salad from
зеленых свежих овощей с небольшим количеством нежирного
cottage cheese.

Kovalkov recommends that his patients eat at night just 2
boiled egg whites. As you know, egg protein in composition
Amino Acids – Perfect. It is well absorbed, creates a feeling

If in addition to low-calorie salad and egg whites you want
something else, just try brushing your teeth. This is a ritual
symbolizing that your mouth is clean and closed for food.

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