What are the benefits and harms of pushups, simpleexercises familiar from school. As with the benefit and without harm tohealth perform pushups

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Pushups are one of the most effective exercises for maintaining
body tone and muscle development, performed even at home

As you know, working with your own weight is positive.
affects the development of the muscular system, and, even being a beginner
You will be able to develop good muscles.

Despite its simplicity, this exercise involves everything at once.
muscle groups that will improve the overall condition of the body.

Pushups: appointment, technique, types


Pushups are a pretty good alternative to a gym.
room for those who do not have enough time to visit it. With their
With help, you can raise the overall tone of the body, as well as very good
pump up the muscles of the arms and chest. In addition, push-ups are beneficial
for the spine, loading and strengthening the muscles that hold it.


Classic push-ups look like this:
it is necessary to lie down on your stomach, place your arms shoulder-width apart and
rest your palms on the floor. Then you need to squeeze your weight. With
lowering down requires an angle between the forearm and
biceps at 90 degrees – not necessarily touching the floor with his chest.

Существует несколько простых правил, которые
should be remembered when performing this exercise.

1. First, push-ups need only with a flat back. From heels
there should be a straight line to the top of the head, you can not bend
neither in the buttocks area nor in the back. Otherwise efficiency
this exercise is simply lost.

2. One should keep breathing – on the ascent exhalation is made, with
lowering inhale.

3. Loads should not be too large, but be performed.
exercise should be regular, preferably at least 3 times a
a week


There are many different types of pushups.
They differ from each other mainly in what muscles will be
receive the main load when performing as well as intensity
loads. Below are a few basic types of pushups.
and benefit.

• Classic push-ups. This position can be called basic in
push ups. With выполнении этого вида хорошо прорабатываются
triceps, deltoid muscles, and chest muscles. Feet are on
pelvis width, and arms slightly wider than shoulder level.

• Push ups from the knees. This is a lightweight version.
classic pushups, and recommended for beginners.
The starting position is the same as in the previous version, only
knees are on the floor.

• Pushups with narrow arms. This option is more detailed.
and works deep into the muscles of the triceps. Starting position as in
the first option, only the hands are at chest level and directed
forward. At the exit, you need to withdraw your elbows back and press
forearm to waist.

• Pushups with wide arms. In this case, more
chest muscles are worked out in detail. Hands must be put on
width twice the level of the shoulders. Palm unfolds
out. Drop down until the right angle in the elbows.

• Push ups with cotton. Use it to train
explosive muscle strength. In addition, it is great for those
Who practices martial arts – increases the strength and speed of impact.
The initial position and method of implementation is the same as
классических push ups. During the lifting phase it is necessary to sharply
push off and slap your palms in front of your chest, or more
difficult option – behind the back.

• Push upside down. This method is used to increase
load. You must put the foot on a chair or any other
elevation, but the rest of the technique is the same as in
classic version.

As you can see, there are quite a few kinds of pushups that
differ only in some details.

Pushups: what is the benefit for the body

Pushups are good for health for many reasons. First, with
they can be used to improve the work of the cardiovascular apparatus, and
improve the circulatory system. This will raise the overall tone.
organism, as well as serve as prevention for many diseases,
associated with the work of the heart and blood vessels. This is especially important for those
who prevail sedentary lifestyle with minimal exercise.

Regular classes, including pushups, allow
develop the muscles of the chest, triceps and shoulders. The rest of the muscle groups too
are involved, but weaker. In addition, like any other physical
load pushups can help in the fight against obesity. it
exercise is worth doing if you do not have enough time for
visit the gym. The body’s stamina will also improve, and
even metabolism.

The benefits of push-ups for the body are enormous, but this can be
reach only if you carry them out correctly.
Despite the seeming simplicity, it has several nuances, with
not respecting which you not only will not advance in the results, but
and can even worsen the condition of your body. Therefore very
it is important to observe the correct technique.

Pushups: possible harm to the body

Do not forget that pushups, like any other physical
load, can bring health not only benefit, but also
play in the opposite direction. Harm pushups can be

• First, push-ups should be excluded from people prone to
high pressure. Due to unnatural posture
performing and receiving a load at the same time may arise
body ailments.

• Pushups can be harmful if you
you have not prestreated your muscles and joints, or you have quite
fragile bones. Remember – you work with your own weight, but
for the joints of the hands is quite a serious load. Therefore not worth it
never forget the warm-up and do not need to overdo it

• With регулярном выполнении отжиманий без каких-либо других
exercises you can sip your chest muscles. it может создать
aesthetic unattractiveness of your body.

• Moderation in loads is also necessary in order not to achieve
called overwork. In this state, you will feel the overall
body weakness, malaise and soreness. Therefore always
observe the measure, even in sports.

As a result, we can say that the harm from push-ups is possible only when
non-compliance with elementary rules. In other cases, it
exercise will be a great helper in your homework

Pushups: contraindications and restrictions

There are several contraindications that are better to follow in order to
Do not harm your body even more.

• Do not perform this exercise in case of curvature, injury or
other problems with the spine;

• Pushups are also best eliminated for those who have injuries or
inflammations in the elbow, shoulder joints, and wrists.

• With избыточном весе лучше всего начинать с более легких
variant of the exercise. Since you work with your
its own weight, your joints and bones will be
serious load.

For the rest, this exercise has no contraindications.
It is rather difficult to get harm from push-ups – it’s only important to comply
proper technique, warming up joints and ligaments before performing
and do not engage in contraindications.

Push-ups for children: useful or harmful

Many parents strive from childhood to instill in children
love of sport, but it’s not always possible to give it to
any section. In such cases, you can start by doing
легких упражнений в домашних conditions. Considering that pushups are
This is an exercise in which you have to work with your
its own weight, specific contraindications for its age
no execution. But you should be guided by the feelings of your
child – with any of the above contraindications and
restrictions should limit the implementation of this exercise.

If the child is completely healthy and has no problems with
health, then push-ups will bring him great benefits, and can
become an excellent option for his workouts. Teens pretty
well susceptible to strength training, and when receiving loads from
at a very early age they will be able to train strength and endurance
of your body. But do not be too fanatical to
this case is best done at least when your
the child has already begun to attend school, and it is worth starting with lightweight

Pushups: harm and good for losing weight

Very often the question is asked in many forums:
push-ups for weight loss? If you put the question sharply – something harmful
for this they certainly will not. They, like any other load
make the body burn calories, though in much more
minor amounts than running or other cardio

For losing weight you can note the following benefits for the body when
performing pushups:

• Regular exercise can improve your metabolism. Than
your metabolism will work better, the faster it will burn
unnecessary fats.

• With исходной стойке в выполнении отжиманий напряжены все мышцы
body, including the abdominal muscles. Therefore, doing this
exercise, you can tighten your body – your muscles will become less
flabby and more fit.

• With the help of exercises you can get additional
muscle mass, the maintenance of which will leave additional

However, speaking critically, push-ups are not the best.
way to lose weight. They certainly will not be for you superfluous, but they
will become more effective only with proper combination with

Harm push-ups with weight loss can occur only in girls.
Since this is a rather hard exercise, you will
pump up your muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest. And for this reason, they
will seem much more visually. For the rest, the harm from
this exercise for losing weight almost none.

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