What and how to apply Radevit ointment

Radevit мазьRadevit An ointment is a drug that contains substances that have therapeutic effect on the skin. Acne and wrinkle problem all people without exception. Particularly prone to inflammation of the skin covers of the woman in the period of hormonal failure, before the menstrual cycle or with improper functioning of the sebaceous glands. Оптимальное решение кожных проблем – это применение мази Radevit, which will protect the epidermis from external environmental influences environment, moisturize, nourish, maintain skin elasticity.


The composition of the ointment and therapeutic effect

На вопрос, гормональная или нет мазь Radevit, дерматологи unequivocally answer that it does not contain hormonal components, so it can be safely used for the prevention and treatment of skin diseases. This drug contains vitamins, skin regeneration:

  • Vitamin A (retinol palmitate). Slows down the aging process promotes cell regeneration and renewal, protects against dehydration.
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate). Improves appearance epidermis, increases the protective function, is involved in the synthesis collagen, which makes the skin elastic.
  • Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). Contains elements that promote normalization of metabolism in the cells, due to which the lesions on skin heal faster.

фото тюбика мази Radevit

Помимо витаминов, Radevit мазь содержит и вспомогательные components: emulsion wax, liquid paraffin, glycerin, butylhydroxyanisole and butylhydroxytoluene, purified water and ethanol. Form release: aluminum tubes of 10, 20 and 35 grams Ointment is stored no more than 2 years from the date of issue at temperature not higher than 25 degrees.


От чего помогает Radevit: показания к применению

Radevit мазь имеет множество основных и дополнительных indications. Many reviews are heard from women who use it. pharmacological properties for effective rejuvenation, for skin softening and therapy based on glucocorticosteroids. The main indications for use include the following diseases:

  • burns of varying degrees;
  • psoriasis;
  • dermatosis;
  • cracks in the skin;
  • erosion on mucous membranes;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • contact, allergic or atopic dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • ichthyosis

Кроме того, Radevit эффективен при сухости кожи, способствует normalization of keratinization, desquamation, regeneration. Ointment stimulates regenerative processes, so her cosmetologists It is often advised to use healthy skin care to maintain the natural moisture by keeping it long youth.

Инструкция по применению Radevit мази

The drug contains detailed instructions for use, in which indicated as it should be applied to the skin. Ointment наносится наружно thin layer on the cleaned affected area twice a day. If a the remedy is used for cosmetic purposes for prophylaxis, then наносить Radevit следует на очищенное лицо на ночь.

What and how to apply Radevit ointment

If a процедура проводится на сильно шелушащейся коже, то use of an occlusive dressing is allowed. In case of wounds, cracks or other defects before applying the drug treated with any disinfectant. The most optimal while applying the ointment – the evening before bedtime. In this case, intense cell division will occur in the early morning when the skin is most needs active ingredients.

For lips

Lips need moisturizing, especially in the cold season. Most лучший друг для сухих губ – мазь Radevit. She will save them from beriberi, infections and the negative impact of the external environment. To preserve the beauty and youthfulness of lips, apply the preparation with thick layer for 15 minutes daily, after which remove its excess. After Such a procedure sponges will be well-groomed, even without applying gloss and lipstick.

From facial wrinkles

For the skin of the time does not pass without a trace – it gradually fade away. Accelerates the aging process a lack of vitamins and biologically active compounds. Использование мази Radevit для Face wrinkles will improve metabolism in integumentary tissue, keeping in intercellular space water. Beauticians recommend starting wrinkle prevention after 25 years, because during this period begins decrease the activity of skin processes.

What and how to apply Radevit ointment

Radevit не является панацеей от старения кожи, но при an integrated approach to the problem will be able to preserve youth for a long time. Apply a small portion of the ointment after a shower to cleansed steamed skin overnight for 30 days, avoiding the eye area. You will satisfied with the radiant appearance of the face, saturated with vitamins.


В косметологии широко используют Radevit от ожогов, в том числе and solar. However, it should be remembered that the ointment does not have in its composition of UV filters, so after application in sunny weather may cause the formation of age spots. Use drug overnight, putting it on the problem spot thin layer. In a few days you will get rid of burns, stains and other discomfort.

Acne and Acne

Radevit активно используется в борьбе с угревой сыпью и прыщами. Ointment быстро заживляет ранки, генерируя new layer of the epidermis. Already on the second day after application, you will notice that the pimple is gone, itching No, and in its place a new skin has formed. Stain from a wound or The jam will disappear after 3-5 days of daily use. For this apply ointment on the affected areas with a thin layer 2 times a day to complete disappearance of the problem.

What and how to apply Radevit ointment

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

Prohibited the use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in the period of inflammatory processes and with high sensitivity to its components. Не рекомендуется нанесение Radevitа более 3 месяцев подряд, чтобы не появились побочные эффекты: раздражения или воспаления. After 2-3 месячного курса следует сделать перерыв сроком в 4-5 недель, после чего курс разрешается повторить. Противопоказано применение Radevitа при приеме ретиноидов, гипервитаминозе, аллергических реакциях. For children, the drug is prescribed only as directed by the doctor.

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