We swing the pectoral muscles at home withoutsimulators

Men no less than women follow the beauty of their bodies. For Many benchmark male beauty is Arnold Schwarzenegger or American bodybuilder Bob Levafi, so they spend hours ready to work out in the gym to get the right shape. But what if sports equipment for some reason not available? Let’s talk about how to pump up the pectoral muscles houses.


Effective breast training is impossible without knowledge. anatomical location of the pectoral muscles. Thoracic (pectoral) the muscles are divided into 2 groups: shoulder girdle with upper limbs and own muscles (diaphragm, external, internal), which fill the intercostal space. Emphasis when training the chest is always done on the first group, which includes:

  1. Anatomy грудных мышцLarge pectoral muscle. This is a massive muscle with a fan shape, which occupies most of the anterior chest wall. Via the big muscles of the chest arm drops, rises and turns inside. Pectoralis most fit for growth muscle mass.
  2. Малая pectoral muscle. This is a flat triangular shaped muscle, which is located under the pectoralis major. Her teeth attached to the shoulder blade, and the main function – to pull forward, inward and down the shoulder blade. When the scapula is fixed, the small muscle raises the ribs.
  3. Anterior gear muscle. It is wide flat muscle located on the side of the chest. It is attached to the medial edge of the scapula, and begins from the upper ribs. Its function – pull out, inward and rotate the blade, to participate in raising arms vertically. 

Muscle fibers are unique because they are in different directions. run, so the workout program should include them study from different angles. It can be much more efficient to pump chest at home, if before setting the training program to evaluate shape your pectoral muscles. Performing certain exercises is easy. affect the increase in a particular thoracic region.

Home Workout < / h2>

Breast training is energy-intensive, and in order to not waste energy, you need to know how to pump your chest muscles at home. No matter what reasons you are not allowed to pump chest in the gym, if you decide to work out at home, you can even pump up the pectoral muscles with one push-up. The main thing is to make the right training regimen. Beginners should be aware that any strength exercises on the chest will harm a beautiful figure if they are performed daily.

In training, the pectoral muscles work intensively, so they get microtraumas. The restoration of the fibers, both for beginners and high-level athletes, must necessarily take place so that protein is produced and a new muscle mass is formed.

How many times a week do you need to pump your chest muscles? Exercise be sure to postpone until the muscles cease to hurt, so the optimum amount of study of the thoracic is 1-2 classes per week. The number of approaches for all exercises do not exceed 4. Novice athletes will be enough and 2 approaches with a rest for each exercise. If at the beginning approaches are given with difficulty, do one approach. The number of repetitions should not exceed 15 times (for beginners – 6). So, how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home to succeed:

  • Exercise regularly. < / li>
  • Correct nutrition if you need to remove fatty tissue. < / li>
  • Paying attention to the study of the chest, try not to forget about other parts of the body, so that the figure looks harmonious. < / li>
  • Increase the load gradually to ensure growth and develop the strength potential of the pectoral muscles, to remove excess fat. < / li>
  • Make movements during training slowly and smoothly to prevent muscle stretching or other injuries. < / li>
  • Properly breathe, because incorrect breathing during dynamic exercises will lead to heart problems. < / li> < / ul> |

    Training Plan and Program < / h2>

    When asked how to swing the chest correctly, it is not easy to answer, because the pumped chest section is the concept, the meaning of the question, how to swing your chest is correct, it’s not easy. For худосочного парня небольшие очертания уже будут смотреться красиво, а крупному мужчине рельефности, а тем более тяжелых мышечных плит добиться намного сложнее. Moreover, each athlete has its own physiological features, some of the pectoral muscles are bulky and protrude forward, while others are developed along the edges, creating a distinct, clear outline. Basic exercises on the top or bottom of the chest are pushups from the floor and bench press. It is possible to pump up the chest at home with regular push-ups, especially since there are many ways to exercise.

    If you wring out correctly to pump up the pectoral muscles, then you will work through the upper chest and triceps of the arms and delta, providing beautiful proportions of the upper body. In the static position will be involved the muscles of the back and legs and additionally there is a reduction of the press.

    Push-ups for the pectoral muscles < / h3>

    The basic technique of push-ups for the front surface of the chest looks like this: take a prone position on a flat surface, place your hands shoulder-width apart, with your palms up. Feet abut the floor. Bend your elbows on the exhale, pointing the torso down. Any deflection is a violation; the hull must form a straight line during tilting. On the exhale, return to the starting position. Together with the thoracic, biceps works here.

    Push ups with narrow arms < / h3>

    Narrow push-ups work through the internal pectoral muscles and develop hand strength. For данного упражнения исходная поза – руки, расположенные близко друг к другу. The fingers of one hand should touch the fingers of the other. When you go down while inhaling, touch your hands with your chest, maintaining a second pause before you make a reverse movement upwards. Pushing up from the floor with a narrow grip gives a load on triceps and belongs to the medium category of gravity.

    Pushups on one arm < / h3>

    Take an emphasis lying down, legs apart, head straight, back straight. Bend one hand, move it behind your back, and on the other, keep balance so that you do not stagger or shiver. Direct your gaze to the floor and start slowly lowering your arm. When the floor is 15 cm, lock for a couple of seconds, then go back.

    Dumbbell bench press lying on the floor < / h3>

    Effectively push up the chest with push-ups is real, but the result will be better if you add an exercise to the bench press. Use for this dumbbell or barbell. Hold the dumbbells and lay your back on the floor. Bend your legs at the knees, and lift your arms with your palms forward upwards. Inhale and slowly lower your arms until you touch the floor with your elbows. Pause, then as you exhale, slowly return the arms with the dumbbells to their original position.