We meet menstruation with a smile: get rid ofmenstrual pain

Вт, 02 июн 2015 Автор: Шестакова Ольга
Pain during menstruation disrupts the usual rhythm of life, driving us into
special framework. Sometimes it becomes unbearable. Remains
just endure and wait for her to retreat. But there is a solution! To blame
in painful sensations during menstruation prostaglandin. it
hormone-like substance that provokes contractions of the uterus,
to remove from there all unnecessary.

It is these so-called “contractions” that we feel as pain in
waist and abdomen, sometimes so strong that I want to howl.
Sometimes as a “bonus” to pain, we get
dizziness, weakness, nausea and indigestion. Of course,
You can always take a pill, and get rid of the pain for a few hours.
But there are other equally effective ways to combat pain.
sensations during menstruation with the long term. But in
First you need to make sure that pain during menstruation is not
associated with gynecological pathologies and are individual
feature of the body.

Reception of special vitamins

During menstruation, the woman’s body is particularly lacking in magnesium and
vitamin b6. Low magnesium causes muscles to overuse.
strain, which only increases the existing cramps. Vitamin B6
will help to cope with apathy and irritability. Magnesium intake
supports ATP (adenosine triphosphate, promotes relaxation
muscle) at a high level.

To relieve pain during menstruation, start
take magnesium and vitamin B6 for 10-14 days before the start of menstruation. These
vitamin supplements will make uterine cuts less

Yoga to relax the muscles

Special asanas will help to cope with menstrual pain, and
also remove the blocks and adjust the hormones. First 24 hours after
The onset of menstruation is not recommended. Better start
perform exercises a few days before menstruation, then do
break until the second day of menstruation, and again proceed to
exercises. Each asana must be given from two to five
minutes Exercises should not cause discomfort and unpleasant
sensations. Breathe smoothly and calmly during the lessons.

We offer you a complex of asanas, which will help to cope with
nervous tension and pain during menstruation.

Exercise number 1: Virasana (Hero Pose)

Kneel down, placing your feet slightly wider than the pelvis. Under
buttocks put some blankets or a book. Sit between your legs on
support. Try to straighten your back smoothly. Discomfort in the knees or
back should not be. Underними руки вверх и потянись, через
Kneel them down for a few seconds. Take a deep breath and again
raise your hands. Repeat three times.

Exercise number 2: Adho Mukha Virasana (Pose of a Hero Face
way down)

After the first exercise, stand on your knees. Place your knees on
hips or slightly wider, the big toes should be
connected together. Sit on your heels and pull your whole body forward,
put your forehead on the floor. The sides should feel warm and light
stretching. Находись в таком положении в течение 2-5 minutes You do not
should feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. Watch out for

Exercise number 3: Suptavirasana (Pose of the hero in position

Return to the starting position from the first exercise. Slow
lean back, leaning on the floor with your hands. Drop down on your elbows. If a
you feel that you can go lower, lay on your back. If a
feel discomfort in the lower back, put a roller under it
towels or pillow. Stay in this position for 4-5
minutes Then smoothly return to the starting position.

Exercise number 4: Supta baddha konasana (posture related
угла lying)

it упражнение поможет справиться с болью внизу живота.

Sit on the floor, bending your legs and joining your feet. Under спину положи
rolled towel or blanket. Sit on your back, under
put your head and neck under the pillow. Put your hands on the floor, breathe slowly and
Relax. With each breath, the lower abdominal muscles will
stretched. Stay in this position for three minutes.

Therapeutic diet

Pain during menstruation is often associated with a lack of certain
beneficial substances.

Дефицит железа. During the menstrual period
bleeding we lose a large amount of iron. To make up
loss, beef liver, red fish, buckwheat,
pomegranates, prunes, raisins and apples.

It is important: that the iron is absorbed, do not use it together with
fermented milk products.

Дефицит кальция. Replenish calcium reserves
milk, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, eggs, soy and

Important: fermented milk products are better absorbed in the evening

Дефицит витамина Е. Витамин Е отвечает не
only for the condition of the skin and hair, but also for the reproductive organs. Them
All kinds of vegetable oils, walnuts, seeds, fish and

Дефицит магния. When the body is experiencing
lack of magnesium, we are craving for sweets. To not succumb
temptation, start the day with buckwheat, cornflakes, tomatoes, or

These days, try to give up alcoholic beverages,
strong coffee and tea. To avoid edema, temporarily exclude from
of his diet salted, spicy and smoked food.

Massage with essential oils

Справиться с приступом menstrual pain поможет массаж живота
and lower back using special essential oils.

Essential oil of rose, mandarin,
jasmine, neroli, lavender, orange and geranium. Essential oil
diluted in ordinary vegetable oil or cream. Start better with
small concentrations of essential oil. With good portability and
no allergy concentration can be increased.

Begin the first session with a minimum dosage: 3 drops of ethereal
oil per 10 ml of base. After several sessions, the concentration can be
bring to ten drops. Massage your lower abdomen and lower back
в течение 15-20 minutes

Herbal teas

Some herbal teas have amazing properties.
able to relieve menstrual pain. During menstruation replace
regular tea or coffee with herbal teas with mint, raspberry, oregano,

In addition, pay attention to cinnamon. She has a great
antispasmodic and analgesic effect. Add to glass
warm milk half a teaspoon of cinnamon and drink before bedtime.

Sex as a medicine

Good sex can work wonders. Regular sex
help women cope with pain and cramps, as well as positively
affect hormones and the nervous system. If a боишься
dirty bed linens – stock up on napkins or try sex
in the shower.

It is better to give preference to poses with a shallow penetration.
Fact: sexologists have proved that during menstruation a woman gets
more pleasure from having sex than usual. Libido this
period just rolls over. it связано с повышением уровня
estrogen in the blood.

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