We choose the time for training

vremya-dlya-trenirovokIs there a better time of day to practice?
physical exercise?

Before answering your question, which one should you choose?
the best time for training is morning or evening, let me
note one thing that exercise, regardless of time,
places and durations themselves are extremely
beneficial to your physiological and mental health.

Yes! After all, not only the body becomes more taut after
workouts but exercise also has a beneficial effect on
nervous system, expanding its functionality.

Studies of respiratory functionality, daily biorhythms,
body temperature and hormone levels say one thing – the most
favorable time for training about 4-5 hours after lunch. But
in the modern pace of life it is sometimes not possible to set aside time for
Workouts are clearly on schedule. There are many people who perform
exercise program late in the evening or even at night.

So let’s discuss the benefits of training in the article.
at different times of day, it will help you choose
own “best time” for sports.


The best time for training: expert opinion

Morning workout



• For most people who have chosen morning time to
training, it is easier to form a constant “need” for
physical exercises (i.e., adaptation to
loads). • Less distractions and, as a result,
forced breaks. • You can increase the time for physical
exercise, getting up a little earlier. • Perfectly accelerates your
the main metabolism, which makes it possible to burn more calories
during the day. • Gives a sense of physical energy for
a few hours after class. • Lower summer temperatures
period. • Air pollution is lowest in the first
half a day • In the morning, during loads, it is first burned.
line of fat stores in your body.


• Body temperature is at its lowest after
awakening, thereby reducing energy consumption and speed
blood flow. • “Cold” muscles may be more prone to injury –
be sure to spend a good warm-up and stretching the main groups
muscle before you increase the intensity of your workout. • If you don’t
like morning time for training, you will be hard to instill
yourself a habit of morning sport. • Since the body temperature and
hormone levels are higher at the end of the day, then the calorie burning rate
in the morning will be less effective. At noon



• Classes at lunchtime at a specific time may
easy to get into the habit. • You can conduct joint training with
colleagues at work, study. • Body temperature and hormone levels
higher than in the morning. • Training will help regulate the amount of food.
for lunch and help you avoid overeating. • Improves blood flow
to the brain, that is, makes you smarter. • Relieves emotional stress
from work, classes in the university, school.


• Time constraints do not allow you to get full
workout. Any duration is already good, but it’s better if
you can practice from 30 to 60 minutes or more. • distracting
factors that may not allow you to start training in
appointed time. • Studies show that the indicator
pulmonary functionality is the worst at noon. When easy
walking you may not notice the difference. But для энергичной
Workout 15-20% difference can be felt.

After lunch

Studies show that the time from 15.00 to 19.00 hours is
best time for endurance exercise and muscle building



• For most people, body temperature and hormone levels
reaches a peak at 5 pm, so training is 2 hours before
or after peak is best for stamina and build
мышечной masses. • Studies show that the lungs are the most
efficient at 4-5 in the evening. • Muscles are warm and flexible. •
The perceived tension in the muscles is the lowest – so
Thus, you will be able to perform more complex or faster
упражнения во второй half a day • Load helps regulate
the amount of food for dinner. • Relieve stress after work,
training sessions.


• distracting факторы, которые могут не позволить вам приступить
к тренировке в appointed time.

Evening training


• Muscles are warm and flexible. • Load helps regulate
the amount of food for dinner. • Relieve stress after work,
training sessions.


• distracting факторы, которые могут не позволить вам приступить
к тренировке в appointed time. • It is necessary from one to three
hours to relax after doing the exercises to have
able to fall asleep normally. • If you find problems with
sleep, you need to plan your workout earlier in time. •
Psychological and physical accumulated over the whole day

So what is the best time to train? Benefits from
exercise will only be when they are performed
consistently and regularly.

Therefore, the best time to exercise is that
will fit perfectly and fit your daytime
schedule. Experts agree that the decisive factor will be
after all, the duration and regularity of training, not time
days. Good luck to you!

The best time for sports is what they think

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